Tell me again: why did I start running?

This morning I had my first intervaltraining: 10 minutes warming up, 25 minutes running and over these 25 minutes 4 times 30 seconds of acceleration and a 10 minutes cooling down.

But it didn’t go very well at all. For the first time I started running I didn’t finish my complete training. I did do the accelerations but couldn’t make it the whole 25 minutes. Main reason: it was oppressive wheather. Its hot these days and when its hot its oppressive. I started at 9.30 am.

Which brings me to my title: why did I start? Well to get better health and condition and lose weight. But this morning I thought: I quit! But now its a few hours later and I will go running tomorrow evening. Tomorrow’s gonna be hot again so I’ll wait till about 9.00 pm before I go and hopefully do better than today.

Today is gonna be fun. In an hour I’ll leave for a high tea with my best girlfriend. It’s a late birthday gift from her. And after that I have to go to my brother-in-law whose throwing a birthday party. I think they’re gonna get Chinese food but after the high tea I suppose I won’t be very hungry. So that’s also the reason I start WW tomorrow. Today will be a bad bad day for dieting 🙂

Have a nice day!


3 responses to “Tell me again: why did I start running?

  1. Some days are rough. Don’t give up!

  2. Hi Fran. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I hate when it is humid out as well. That’s why I always run really late in the evening when it is warm. The humidity isn’t necessarily better but at least it won’t be as warm. Enjoy the birthday party.

  3. Humidity is a way of life on Long Island these days. When it’s not raining, it’s humid. It makes running more difficult, that’s for sure. Keep at it though. You’ll be running the times and distances you want before you know it. And just think how great running will be when the weather breaks and you get a nice, dry, cool day. I hope you enjoyed your great day!

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