Every monday I have a date! A date with my colleague and one of my best friends. Instead of having lunch in the cafeteria at work, we eat our lunch behind our desks and go for a walk of approx. 30 minutes. For us its also an opportunity to tell each other about our weekend as we don’t share an office together.

So every monday morning I put on my high heels and flip-flops in my bag and we take our walk. We skip our walk only when it rains or when one of us has an appointment around lunch. Every monday morning I look forward to our walk because its good exercise and so much fun.

This is where we walked today

Lunchwalk 1

Lunchbreak 2

Lunchbreak 2

Lunchwalk 1

I’ve toothache since last Thursday and it didn’t go away over the weekend. So I could see my dentist this morning and she took a picture of the teeth that hurts. It seems I have an inflammation which has to be treated by dental surgeon. This will take place at the end of this month and I’m scared to death. I fear every visit to the dentist. At this moment I’m taking antibiotics for the pain.

Even though I had pain today I still went running. I did an interval (see exercise schedule) and it went very well!

What’s for dinner

A minced steak with potatoes and salad with light Caesar dressing


2 responses to “Lunchwalk

  1. Looks like a beautiful walk. Way to use your time wisely!

  2. What a beautiful place to walk. When you can go someplace like that, who wouldn’t look forward to a walk. Even better with a friend! I hope your tooth feels better soon. I also hate the dentist but sometimes we just have to suck it up and go. Amazing that you went running with tooth pain! That’s dedication.

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