I have a confession to make. My love said that I wouldn´t dare writing this on my blog and by this I prove he´s wrong.

I ate 3! donuts yesterday. I have no excuses, I just ate them.

Yesterday I had my dental surgery and before we left for the hospital I ate two. Later in the afternoon I´ve cut one to small pieces and ate that one too because it was soft and easy to bite.

I haven´t been eating any sugared things last week and the tricky thing of just eating 1 donut or something else that´s sweet you immediately want more.

Lesson I´ve learned? Eat as less sugared foods as possible and give the last two donuts to your partner which I did!


4 responses to “Donuts!

  1. Donuts are my downfall. Each time I take my kids to the grocery store…they ask for them and we never get them so when we do…I can’t resist.

    A once in a while treat makes them extra special!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. It’s not so terrible once in a while, especially if you manage to eat fruits and veggies and lean protein, etc. the rest of the day. But it sounds like it was hard for you to eat anything. Grrr..

    Hope your mouth feels better soon! And the important thing is just to know that today is a new day. =)

  3. Hope you are recovering fast from your surgery!

    I am right there with you… one donut most certainly leads to 3+. Without fail. Same thing with chips. And cookies. 😉

  4. Those sugared donuts from the AH are deadly. I definitely can’t stop at one.. so I guess it’s none 😦

    Also hope you’re nicely healing!

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