Back to normal

Back from Turino and back home. The city of Turino was a bit disappointing. We’ve expected more from it.
But the Bruce Springsteen concert made us forget that very soon: it was such a great concert! One of the best concerts I’ve seen of him and the Italians were so enthousiastic. It was a wonderful night!

I have to get back at work on Monday (only for 3 weeks and then I have again vacation but for 2 weeks then) but started counting WW points today again. I didn’t overeat while we were in Italy but I’ve hardly ate any vegetables and had no fruit at all. So for that matter I’m glad to be home where I can eat fruit and vegetables as much as I like.

Tomorrow I will also pick up my running schedule again. I’ve seen many people running in Turino. It was fun to see how people run and how fast they run and what kind of clothes and shoes they were wearing. Seeing them run made me wanna run there too but I didn’t have my shoes and running clothes with me.

So … back to normal it is: counting WW points, eat healthy and exercise!

I’ll leave you with a picture of my on the steps of a church in Turino:


One response to “Back to normal

  1. I just got home from a week of vacation, and I am so happy to be back so I can get into my regular routine. 🙂

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