A day in the life: July 27th 2009

Today was a good day regarding food and exercise. Stayed under my total of 20 WW points of the day.

Running: interval training. Interval was 24 minutes in which I accelerates 3 x 100 meters and 2 x 100 meters, I ran 3.48 km (2.16 miles) which is 8.7 km per hour (5.4 miles). Before the interval a warming up of 10 minutes and after a cooling down of 10 minutes.

What’s for dinner:
Today we kept it simple: a piece of rolled pork meat, potatoes and green beans.

First day at work after a holiday for a week, lots of colleagues on their holiday so it was very quiet which gave me time to read my emails. Made dinner when I got home and went running 2 hours after dinner.

Positive today was:
Had a good feeling about work today, it was quiet and did a lot.

Daily Tip/Quote:
Ask yourself: Can I give more?
The answer is usually: Yes.
Quote from Paul Tergat, professional marathon runner from Kenia.


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