A day in my life: Monday August 3th 2009

Yesterday I had some chocolate and biscuits at my afternoon tea and a delicious dessert of too many calories. Today back to normal: eat my fruit and veggies and did my exercise.

Yesterday I’ve been to power yoga. Had done it once about two years ago and my plan was to pick it up from here. But I didn’t like it, I like Pilates more than this. So I’ve decided to add an extra Pilates training in my two-week schedule and replace this power yoga class with a fitness/cardio training.

This morning I got up a bit earlier than I’m used to and did my run for today before I went to work at 6.30 am. Reason is that it’s going to be hot here in Holland this week and I wanted to see if walking at this hour feels right for me so I can do it more often and it did. I might keep this up the rest of the summer.

Training result week 31: 5 workouts, total time 3 hours 44 minutes, calories burned 1.695.
Training result July: 11 workouts, total time 6 hours 33 minutes, calories burned 4.122.

What’s for dinner:
Sunday smoothie: made a smoothie yesterday of 2 oranges, ½ pineapple, juice of 1 lime and approx. 3 fl.oz of orange juice.

Sunday dinner: Vegetable soup with bread.

Dessert: see picture, I’ve used mascarpone (Italian cheese), whipped cream, sugar, biscuits and summer fruits as raspberry, red currents and blackberries.

Today I’ve made cannelloni filled with spinach, garlic and ricotta.

It might look like I don’t have a social life 🙂 but in the summer I don’t have many appointments: everyone is on a holiday, one of the reasons I don’t like summer that much. Fortunately a friend of mine asked of I and some other friends want to come to dinner next Thursday so I said yes. Looking forward to it.

Work is quiet, every day I’ve got less work to do. I’m glad I’m having a two week holiday in two weeks. When I return to work after that it should be busier.

Positive today was:
Did a morning runbefore work  for the first time.

Daily Tip/Quote:
I had as many doubts as anyone else. Standing on the starting line, we’re all cowards.

Alberto Salazar, three-time winner of the NYC marathon.


6 responses to “A day in my life: Monday August 3th 2009

  1. I love working out in the mornings! I feel so much better throughout my day

  2. Your eats today look sooooo good! Awesome work on the exercising this week! As for the social life, I only see my best friend once every few weeks… Mostly just me & the kids as hubby works midnights… Such is life! 😉

  3. That cheese looks amazing. Wow! The running sounds wonderful. I like to get up and get going in the morning too. That way it gets done!

  4. Thanks Fran! I bet your trip was fabulous! I just love Italy though we have never been to Turino.

    So happy to have found your blog! Make it a great day, keep pressing on!


  5. Your smoothie looks and sounds so refreshing! I will have to try it. And I love your fruit – the red currants look so pretty – what do they taste like!

  6. How did you like working out in the morning? I never thought I would be able to do it and now I prefer the mornings to any other time of the day. You get to spend the rest of the day being proud of yourself that you’ve already gotten your run in and you’re done! And can I tell you the foods that you showcase on your blog? YUM. I really wish we lived closer!

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