A day in my life: Monday August 10th 2009

I’m still fighting to lose the weight I’ve gained Thursday night at the tapas night. Every time I have a dinner or something else where I eat more than I usually do, I’m gaining weight. I only have to look at food and I’ve gained it seems.

Yesterday morning I did another 50 minute run and a bit faster than last week.

4 more weeks and my 10K training is finished, in 6 weeks I have my first 10K run so I’m ready in time. Every training I feel more confident about myself and I know I’m going to finish the 10K in September.

To keep running after this run I planned four more races, one on November 1st, this is a 6K run which is in the woods with lots of hills. I’m not used to that so it’s a challenge. The second one is a 10K run in my hometown, start is 5 minutes from my house. The third is a 10K run in the woods nearby the village I grew up and the area there is beautiful. And the last one is the Nike Ladies City Run in April.

I want to do two more races between January and April. In May there’s another run in my village which I want to do also.

Today I had a lunchwalk with my colleague and girlfriend K. for 30 minutes.

I did my intervaltraining immediate after work, before dinner and it went terrible. I didn’t finish the training completely: it was too hot, my legs weren’t cooperating and I couldn’t get my breathing under control. So I did only 2.7 km/1.7 miles in 21 minutes.

What’s for dinner:
Sunday smoothie: I forgot to make a picture but it was a smoothie of strawberries, nectarines and orange juice and it was delicious.

Yesterday I made chicken soup which we ate with bread. For dessert a bit of ice cream.

Today I filled a bread with minced meat, bacon, onions, salad and tomatoes. It tasted very well.

Yesterday was a relaxing day. After my morning run I made a meal plan what I always do on Sunday. And I’ve been working on one of my cross stitching works. Cross stitching is one of my hobbies. I don’t like to work at the same work the whole time so I have 11 works on which I’m working right now. It’s a lot I know and I probably will be working on it for years and years but that doesn’t matter: I’ve got the time. Yesterday I worked on this one:

Today was a working day, I had a lot to talk about with K. whom I didn’t see for 3 weeks. She returned to work today after a vacation in Washington and New York. And I’ve been running as said before. Tonight I’m going to watch Private Practice. They’re airing two episodes. We are somewhere halfway season 2, we’re always behind compared to the US.

Positive today was:
Talking to K. again, I missed her!

Daily Tip/Quote:
A man can fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.
Steve Prefontaine


6 responses to “A day in my life: Monday August 10th 2009

  1. Wow! I’m so impressed with your exercise and eating regime!

    Even after I lost all my weight (150 lbs) I’m still not a runner. Although I’d like to be one in my heart.

    I call myself a jogger, just because a real runner would laugh at my exceedingly slow pace!

  2. That sandwich looks yummy. Like the quote today…I’d love to blame somebody else for this weight I’ve gained, but alas, I can only blame myself.


  4. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and adding the comments.

    I dont enjoy espresso’s so its a machine I never had looked at, I love cappucciono’s and now with this new machine can have that…I love the different flovoured coffee by Senseo…the Vanilla and chocolate, creme liquier and vanilla…those kinds, not too hot on the normal brand tastes either.

    I am going to cook dinner now as later going to gym with heinz, normally I go in the morning and cook while he goes to gym…need a bit of a change – and my car has gone in for a service…

    Hope you having a good Tuesday afternoon…going to eat some fruit now…by the way…is most fruit free of points on weight watchers in Holland??
    In South Africa all fruit has a point value, but in Germany besides grapes and banana’s the rest are free.
    Am interested to hear about this from you.

  5. YUMMY Sandwich! I think I gain weight every time i see food too!

  6. The weekends are tough for me…I eat more or foods that I don’t normally eat. I always making it up for it on Monday and Tuesday.

    I used to crossstitch! I loved it so much but I graduated to hand quilting. I need to start a new project.

    Have a great day!

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