A day in my life: Wednesday August 12th 2009

I’m eating healthy the last few days. Tomorrow is my weight day so I’m curious if I managed to lose some weight after last week or maybe gained some.

Yesterday was a day of rest.

Today I had to do a run of 35 minutes but I decided that I had to run 5K (3.1 miles). I’ve got a perfect route for that. So I did and I did it in 36.05 minutes. I’m happy and proud because at my first official 5K run in June I did it in 37.33 minutes. So I’ve set a new personal record that’s 1.30 minute better than my last 5K.

What’s for dinner:
Yesterday I’ve made spaghetti Bolognese easy way which basically means it’s ready in 30 minutes.

Today I made an oven dish of minced meat with spices, red cabbage and mashed potatoes.

Just one more day of work and then I have vacation for 2 weeks. R. also has to work Friday but then he’s got vacation too. We’re not going away but I’m looking forward to being at home, exercise in the morning and just doing things I like. Okay I’m lying here: I need to do the garden which I don’t really like.

This afternoon at lunch my friend K. and I were talking about our 7.5K run which is in 2 weeks from today. The director of our company heard us talk and asked us what we were talking about.

Running, I told him. He’s a big man with a loud voice so he almost shouted “What? Running? You?” and started to laugh.

He asked me how far I ran and I told him that we were training for a 10K run in September and ran 5K with the company in June.

Well … the big man was quiet and had to admit that he could never do that ….

Positive today was:
Set a new PR on my 5K run.

Daily Tip/Quote:
You have a choice. You can throw in the towel, or you can use it to wipe the sweat off of your face.


3 responses to “A day in my life: Wednesday August 12th 2009

  1. *High Five*!!! Congrat’s on breaking your time!! You rock!! You meals look sooo good today! Yum!!! 🙂

    Funny about the “big man”… put him in his place huh? 😉

  2. That casserole with the cabbage looks delicious!!! And your running is so wonderful….I want to be running that far soon. 🙂

  3. Internet High Five to you!!!!

    Meals look so good…and so yummy.

    Nothing nicer than a holiday to look forward to.
    In two weeks I’m off to meet my family in Cape Town for 4 weeks, I cant wait either…although going to miss hubby like crazy!

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