Tomorrow will be the first day of the rest of my healthy life

Since we got back from Italy I’ve been thinking about who I want to be. And I’ve got it: I want to be a fit, healthy person with a healthy weight.

Unfortunately this won’t happen over a good night sleep, I’ll have to work to become that person. It means I have to eat healthy as much as possible and I have to exercise, exercise and exercise. I’ve decided that I won’t start another diet again but follow the path I’ve chosen a few weeks ago: just eat healthy.

Till October I will go running outside three times a week and go to the gym two times a week. In October when it’s getting dark early I will change my schedule to less outside running and more gym visits. One day a week I’ll do my housekeeping and one day a week is a rest day.

I’m a person who wants to do as much things as possible and (have to be honest) don’t always finish what I’ve started. For example I started a study English for the more advanced last year which I could do at home. I have to be honest and say that I haven’t done much work on it in the last year.

I’ve made my choice that I want to work on my body, in the long term I’ve got more benefits by that than a degree in English. I know that when I come home from the gym, take a shower it’s about 9 pm and I won’t have much energy left to study.

Further I expect that it will get busy at work when I come back after my holiday. I work for 2 managers right now but it’s possible that I will work for 3 managers starting October. So things might get busy and it will take discipline to go to the gym after a busy day at the office.

I’ve read two blogs yesterday and today of which I keep thinking about.

The first is from Shelly of  A forty somethings weight loss journey She wrote in one of her posts:

“This morning when I woke up, I really did not want to go workout. But I have never missed one (except for surgery) and I don’t want to get into that habit – it’s a bad one that the old Shelley knew well. So I went.”

The present Fran is still the old Shelley: I can talk myself easily into not going to the gym, I always have an excuses when I don’t feel like going. This has to change!

The second is from Conny from Fat2fitmommy

“ When I started this blog…I named it Fat Mommy to Hot Mommy and I was focused on losing weight. This has been my focus for years…..and years. And I have lost weight but it is never permanent because it isn’t a lifestyle change. It is always temporary because I’m not focusing on the right things. I realized that I don’t want to be a HOT Mommy…I want to be a FIT Mommy!”

Although I’m not a mommy and not going to be one, I can find myself in her post.

So my plan is:
I want to be fit and healthy!

Exercise 5 times a week (R. reads this blog too so R. you can kick my ass if I say I don’t feel like going because I’m too tired or some other excuse).

I’ll study when I have the time and energy, there’s no hurry.

Starting tomorrow!


7 responses to “Tomorrow will be the first day of the rest of my healthy life

  1. Go for it, I for one will be motivating you to keep to this journey…you are now accountable to all of us who have now read this entry…each time you want to stay in bed or not train, remember us (me) and know I will be wanting to read what u did for the day…if u dont we (me) will be on your case…
    So….here u go to the new you.

    I know you dont want to do another diet, I felt the same, then found Weight Watchers, this is not a diet, I can eat whatever I want, the chose is mine, if I have 20 points and decided to eat a pizza of 15 points then its my choice…and trust me you make good choices knowing you need points throughout the day…

    Good luck, u sound so motivated.

  2. YES, Operation Fat Blaster is for Dutch girls!! I would love to have you join in! Just go to and sign up – it’s free, and there are a GREAT group of amazing women there that are really active, inspiring and motivating!

    Okay Fran – August 15th – the first day of the rest of your life. I’m gonna hold you to that promise!!!

  3. It’s wonderful that you have reached this point. It’s not just about losing pounds, but gaining a new attitude! That’s what did it for me the last time too. The desire to make a change in my whole outlook on life.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. You’re going to do great, Fran!! I agree, new “diets” just don’t do it.. it has to be a lifestyle change and one that you can adhere to forever… I have days when I dont’ want to excercise either, but I say, “it’s only 30 minutes out of my day and then i’m done and feel good!”, so I do it. I don’t go to a gym though, just workout at home… with 4 kids, it works for me! 😉

    keep up with the great attitude, you’ll get there!!!

  5. Hi Fran,

    I’m so honored that something that I wrote touched you…I’m just trying to be honest with myself when I write, and it means a lot to me to know that what I say resonates with others.

    I like your fit and healthy plan and I really like that you are putting yourself first! Good luck with your workout plan – I’ll be here to cheer you on!

  6. Fran darling! I’m so happy that we found each other on this journey! It’s ladies like you that have inspired me to the new and improved attitude that I need to succeed!

    I’m so glad we are on this journey together!

  7. Hello Fran

    Wonderful to finally have some good weather hey…must remember that August is the best month here in Germany if we want to go away for a holiday…I hated June, it was so cold still…and thought it would be warmer.

    I dont speak German, was going home after a year of living here, then after two years and so it went, I put off learning as it was not a place I was going to live long term, but now things have changed and we will be, even looking at buying our own house here …so I will be learning as soon as i return…will get private teacher, listen to German tv and mix with margriet who cant speak English as there I have to use the little bit of German I know.
    I went for lessons for about 2 months 2 years ago..but that another story…all in my blog somewhere.

    I love going home, but think I am living with one foot here and one foot there, and soon have to get that sorted out…

    Thanks for reading my blog today…and comments about the patio furniture and umbrella, we still outdoors.

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