A day in my life: Tuesday August 18th 2009

I’m feeling good. I love my holiday. I wasn’t very stressed the weeks before my holiday started so I’m relaxed now.

Yesterday morning I did an interval training. It was a bit heavy but I’ve made it through the whole training.

Today I didn’t go to the gym or went running. Instead I’ve worked in our garden for about 3 hours. To me that’s exercise too!

What’s for dinner:
Yesterday a simple dinner: meat, potatoes and green beans.

Today we had chicken breasts in a sauce of mushrooms, light cooking cream and pesto with backed potatoes and a salad.


I did watch Shawshank Redemption Sunday and while watching the film I took some pictures of Roussy. Roussy has been with us for 11 years now, we’ve got her when she was 5. She’s now 16 years old what is very old for this kind of dogs. She’s deaf, almost blind and extremely slow but her heart is very strong so she’s still going strong our little white dog.

Yesterday after I went running I washed all the windows of our house which took the whole morning to do that. In the afternoon I reorganized my recipe database. You’re going to hear me say that more in the future. I have about 80 cook books which I’m all thumbing through and write all recipes which I like in a Word file. It’s a quirk of me

Today as said I worked in the garden all morning and this afternoon I did some cross stitching. Today I worked on this one:

Positive today was:
Garden is all fresh and cleaned and pleasant to sit in again.

Daily Tip/Quote:
Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.  ~Edward Stanley


2 responses to “A day in my life: Tuesday August 18th 2009

  1. Roussy is sooo sweet! I bet she’s a wonderful friend!!

    I love your cross-stitch.. I used to do that years ago, I should pick one up again! Yours is gorgeous! 🙂

    Oh, 3 hrs gardening counts to me!!!

  2. Hello Fran

    You sure had a good day yesterday…cleaning those windows get the heart rate up and good for the shoulders and arms…I did mine as well, but on Monday.

    Meals look very interesting…I’m eating a lot more than you do at night…good stuff, but my plate is filled to the brim…I look forward to dinner time always.

    Have a good Wednesday.

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