A day in my life: Sunday August 23th 2009

I bought some summer fruits yesterday: cherries and peaches. Still eating not enough fruit at this moment.

Yesterday morning I took a Pilates class. It’s funny that at the first part of the class my legs don’t cooperate because most of the times I had a run the day before the Pilates class and by the end of the class they are much pliable. I enjoy Pilates, it’s a good workout besides the running because it strengthen my flexibility and make me pliable.

Today I have a day of rest. For the last 9 days I’ve been exercising or housekeeping every day so I deserved the rest, don’t you think? 🙂

What’s for dinner:
No pictures of dinner, it wasn’t all that exciting the last few days. Friday I eat French fries with a snack, yesterday we ate bread for dinner and today is going to be a simple vegetable soup with bread.

Sunday smoothie:
A mango, a handful of strawberries, ¼ of a pineapple, some low-fat yoghurt and pineapple juice.

We didn’t go to the race yesterday. My brother-in-law who was going to race too had an accident Friday night at the circuit. It looked serious and he was taken to the hospital immediately. R. was there when it happened and he waited at the circuit with my nieces till my brother-in-law and his wife got back from the hospital. His collarbone is dislocated. His bike was damaged. So everybody packed his stuff together and no one felt like racing much Saturday.

So change of plans and we decided to go to the movies yesterday evening. We finally went to see Harry Potter and the halfblood Prince. I’m a hugh fan of the Harry Potter books and of the movies made of it, even though the books are so much better than the movies.

Today is a lazy day, the weather is nice, sunny and not too hot so I’m going to spend a lazy afternoon in my garden.

I did give myself a gift for exercising so much lately: a trial subscription to Runner’s World and to Health & Fitness Magazine.

I also pre-ordered the new cook book of Jamie Oliver, don’t know if you know him? But I love his cook books, I have all of them. His newest book is called Jamie’s America and it’s getting out mid October.

Positive today:
Enjoying a lazy Sunday.

Daily Tip/Quote:
You know you’ve read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend.  ~Paul Sweeney


6 responses to “A day in my life: Sunday August 23th 2009

  1. Hello Fran
    Firstly so pleased to hear BIL is going to be okay, my heart sank when I read your twitter message, I was really worried for him and you all…so thanks for letting me know on Sat morning on twitter..sigh of relief!

    You do deserve a day off…today is going to be my day off as well, going to sit in the sun and later watch the F1 as hubby is out cycling and is recording it now.

    I know Jamie Oliver, he is very famous, not sure if the America’s know him as he is from the UK…

    Our gym doesnt offer Pilates, so you can imagine how i will feel should I do a class again…I hate living in the country, we dont have any nice classes here…

    Enjoy your restful day in the garden.

  2. Sorry about your brother-in-law – hope he recovers quickly. I like your quote, and I felt that way when I finished the Harry Potter series. I’ll just have to read it again to my kids!

  3. You definitely deserve a break!! Don’t blame you! 🙂 Your smoothies looks fabulous and I love HP too! Can’t wait to see the new movie! But will have to wait for DVD! Enjoy your Sunday!

  4. You really do deserve a break! I want to try pilates…maybe this winter.

  5. Hi Fran! Thanks for stopping by my blog – nice to meet a neighbor! Are you a member of Operation Fat Blaster too? It’s another hot day here again and I just got back from the gym so I need to blog…

  6. Hi Fran,
    Thanks for the positive comments on my blog. I hope that your Brother in Law is ok.

    I love love love Jamie Oliver. I wish I had thought to bring his cookbooks with me when I moved to the USA.

    I hope all is well with you today


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