A day in my life: Tuesday August 25th 2009

I’m eating quiet healthy even though I’m having a vacation. A biscuit or two at the afternoon tea and that’s about it. I do drink a glass Chardonnay every night because that’s kind of holiday spirit for me. Usually I only drink wine in the weekend.

Yesterday I did an interval training. It was though: 10 x 100 meters speed up with 2 minutes jogging in between. I was more tired when I got home then when I ran 1 hour.

Today is a day of rest. Tomorrow evening I’m going to run a 7.5K run with my best friend K.

I’m not nervous because I know I can do it but I do feel a healthy excitement.

What’s for dinner:
Yesterday we ate pasta with bacon, onion, garlic and spinach.

Don’t have much to tell, my days this holiday pretty much look the same: workout, housekeeping and hobbies. But I’m enjoying it very much.

Next days are going to be busy, from tomorrow night till Sunday night I’m having appointments but there all fun.

Positive today:
A friend of mine send me a card to wish me luck for tomorrow’s run. This was so sweet of her!

Daily Tip/Quote:
Before a race, I focus on my goal and the hard training I’ve done. It motivates me to let it all out that day. For me, races are the celebration of my training.
Dan Browne, 2007 National Champion in the 5-K and 20-K


7 responses to “A day in my life: Tuesday August 25th 2009

  1. That pasta looks great…good carbo loading for the run that lies ahead tomorrow.
    I agree, interval training is much much harder than an hours run, I’ve been doing interval training on the ellipitical and find it so hard compared to all at one level.
    Interval training is very good, I need to add that into my workout as well…maybe try again when in CT on holiday.

  2. Good luck on your run – running that far is so amazing to me. I’m more of a walker than a runner, though I do like to hike. The pasta looks so good – what a great combination.

  3. Your pasta dish looks wonderful!!!

    Interval training is harder, so good on you for doing so well with it!

    Good luck with your run, Fran – you are very inspiring to me!

  4. That pasta looks so yummy and light. Good luck to you on your run!

  5. Fran,

    Your interval/speedwork sounds like it’s going well… tiring, right?? Good luck on your run. You don’t need luck, though. Let’s say: Best wishes! I’ll be thinking of you. :o)

    Enjoy your holiday (I know you are!). Vino – such a wonderful thing…

    Hugs from Orlando,

  6. onelittlejill

    The pasta looks A-mazing!!

    And congrats on the whole vacation/eating well thing. 🙂

  7. Sounds like you’re doing awesome!!! Good luck with your run!! Your runs are amazing to me… wow!!!!

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