Emiclaerloop Amersfoort 08-26-2009

The entire day I didn’t feel very good, I started to get nervous for the run. At the end of the afternoon it started getting hot so I started to get worried. I don’t run that well when it’s hot.

K. had dinner at our place before we went and we left at 6.30 pm for the starting point, this was about 10 minutes from home so we were there on time. We picked up our starting numbers and then we waited till we could start.

Our run started at 7.35 pm and right from the start I knew I’ve made a mistake. I started to fast, I let myself carried away by the other runners. I had a hard time finding my own pace and looking back I never got it during the run.

I was supposed to run 7.5K, three rounds of 2.5K. The first 2.5K I passed the finish line at 16 minutes what was fast for me. But in the second 2.5K it all started going wrong. I became overwhelmed with the heat, I felt dizzy and decided to walk for a minute or so. I tried again to run but had 2 walk two more times. I just couldn’t do it. Halfway the second 2.5K I decided that I would stop at 5K and so I did.

Afterwards I was so angry and disappointed in myself. I’ve trained for this, I knew I could do it and still I failed. I’ve been grouchy all night.

Today I’m still not very happy with what happened last night but made some decisions and try to see things positive:
– I’ve made a Dutch girl gets healthy plan which I put in my weekly weight challenge and will update every week.
– I am going to train hard next month for my 10K.
– I am going to run the 10K on September 27th and I am going to finish it. Even if this means that I have to crawl across the finish line.
– Positive: I did finish the 5K in 36.18 which is almost 1.5 minute faster than my last run in June and I walked three times.

I’m so proud of my friend K. She finished in 40 minutes which means she’s going to run the 10K under an hour! You rock girl!

Some pictures of yesterday:

K. and I before the start

Passing through at 2.5K

Finish at 5K


8 responses to “Emiclaerloop Amersfoort 08-26-2009

  1. Oh, I understand your disappointment, but you did awesome at completing the 5K! A lot of people can’t do that.

    It’s hard to run in the heat and you did good. You have a firm plan set up for next time, and I know you will do it!

    Take care.

  2. Congratulations on how much you DID complete! And, you look great doing it – way to go!

  3. I’m proud of you for doing 5k! That is something that I bet you never thought you could do way back when, right? And you will take this emotion and put it into your 10k….You look fantastic in the pics too.

    To make yourself feel better, maybe you can map out a new “race” for yourself and go complete it with K. and then feel like you did it.

  4. I am so impressed that you ran the 5K! Don’t be too hard on yourself – at least you listened to your body and stopped before you passed out!

    I’m curious – a race in the evening? I’ve never heard of that – all the races here in the U.S. seem to start early in the morning.

  5. Fran, great pictures! And don’t be down on yourself – look at it as a learning experience which will help you do better in your 10K. Also, 36 minutes for a 5K is great! I think the heat is a huge factor in running, plus do you usually run in the evening? I normally run in the morning, so a race in the afternoon or evening always feels harder.
    Keep up the great work – you can do it!
    BTW, the Body for Life program is from a book written by Bill Phillips in 1999 and it’s a 12 week weights/cardio/nutrition program – you can check it out at bodyforlife.com. I did the exercise portion of the challenge this summer and am almost finished with it – phew!

  6. Hey Fran,

    I know you are really disappointed, but you really had some tough challenges: heat AND an evening race? I was thinking what Shelley said – we race in the early morning here in the U.S…. can’t imagine an evening race.

    I also think your PR for the 5K portion was great! Now, time to move forward and get ready for the 10K! You can do it, friend!


  7. Running in the heat is really hard! Congratulations on besting your 5K time!

  8. (((Fran))) You’re being too hard on yourself!! I’m proud of you! I think you’re awesome and you’re very inspiring to me!!! So keep your chin up girly, there are many other races for you! 😉

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