A day in my life: Saturday August 29th 2009

It’s getting boring but still not eating enough fruits. However looking back at my vacation I didn’t overeat and had not many snacks in between. So except for the fruits I’m satisfied with how it went.

Monday back to normal routine which makes eating healthy a lot easier.

Thursday I took a day of rest and thought back of the race on Wednesday. I’ve decided that it doesn’t matter if I have to walk a few times during my 10K race end of September. If it gets me at the finish line this way it’s okay. There will be other 10K races this fall/winter so I’m certain that I’m going to run one without walking.

I took up running yesterday morning, had a run of 36 minutes, 4.85 km/3 miles. It didn’t go easy but I sticked to the training which was a run of 35 minutes.

Today another day of rest and tomorrow I’ve planned a run of 1 hour and 5 minutes.

What’s for dinner:
R. and I went out for dinner Thursday evening. I took the full monty: first and main course, dessert and coffee afterwards.

First course: carpaccio, don’t know if you know it? It’s very thin sliced tenderloin with pine nuts and Parmesan.

Main course: pork tenderloin with mushrooms and onions.

Dessert: a piece of chocolate cake, vanilla icecream, whipped cream and advocaat (made of eggs and brandy)

Yesterday I didn’t feel like cooking so I got out and bought fast food:

Today we’re having a bbq at my mother’s house together with my sister. Tomorrow we’re having a birthday party of R.’s brother and his wife. Busy, busy, busy 😆

My vacation is over, Monday back to normal routine. It’s going to be busy the next months, at work but also with my workout schedule and social appointments. I’ll keep on writing a blog every other day and I keep on reading yours, you’re all in my google reader. It might take a day or two before I will read and react but you’ll have to blame my busy schedule for that 🙂

Positive today:
I haven’t bought any clothes this vacation what I usually do during holidays so I’ve treated myself to a “vacation” gift. I’ve bought EA Sports Active for the WII. Purpose of this is that I can exercise at home when I don’t have enough time to go to the gym. It’s going to be delivered today.

Daily Tip/Quote:
The truth is that running hurts.


7 responses to “A day in my life: Saturday August 29th 2009

  1. OK, that cake…that just looks to die for. The rest of it looks awesome, too. And, running does hurt.

  2. Yes the cooler weather will be better for running! I wouldn’t worry about walking during your 10K’s, you have to anyway at the water stops! I always take little walk breaks during races.
    I certainly recognize the frietjes met vleeskroket in your pictures – one of my kids favorites!!

  3. PS: I also have a healthy food blog with my friend Linda, in Dutch at http://natuurlijkevenwicht.blogspot.com/ !

  4. Your restaurant meal looks sooo good!!! YUM! I bet it was fabulous!!!

    I have the EA Sports Active and it’s awesome!! My sister stole mine, I can’t wait to get it back! lol!!!

    You’re doing awesome with your running, if it were me, i’d have to throw in some crawling too… 😉 LOL!!!

  5. Yum. That dinner out looks delicious. I absolutely love carpaccio.

    Good for you for getting out and running! That is all you can control. 🙂

  6. There are a lot of trainers who advocate walking breaks during runs, even races! You can actually go faster if you do that.

  7. It is so hard not to overeat on Vacation. Thanks for stopping in on my Blog, best of luck with your goals. That quote is FUNNY!!

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