A day in my life: Monday August 31th 2009

Today was a good day: ate my fruits and veggies, drank enough water.

Saturday I ate a bit too much  at the bbq and yesterday we had an unhealthy buffet but I didn’t eat too much of it.

Yesterday my running training was: 1 hour and 5 minutes. Before I started I said to myself: you can run 45 minutes at least. When your tired after those 45 minutes you can walk for a few minutes. But it wasn’t necessary. I ran the whole 65 minutes!

Today is probably the last hot day of this summer. So I’m planning to do my interval run of this week in about half an hour or so and hopefully it’s not too hot anymore than. Can’t go much later because it’s getting dark earlier nowadays.

What’s for dinner:
Sunday smoothie:
raspberries, bananas and cranberry juice.

Today we had a piece of meat, potatoes and a salad of green beans, cherry tomatoes and a red onion.

The weekend was fun. BBQ at my mother’s house was pleasant. So was the birthday party yesterday with the inlaws. We got to bed early because today was our first workday after two weeks vacation.

Even though I didn’t feel much like working again, it was nice to see my colleagues again. Had about 235 emails which I had to read but I finished them today. The rest of this year is going to be busy but I don’t mind that, rather busy than waiting till it’s time to go home because you have nothing to do.

Positive today:
My EA Sports Active arrived today.

Daily Tip/Quote:
Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.
Helen Keller


6 responses to “A day in my life: Monday August 31th 2009

  1. Wow! 65 minutes is a long time to run. That’s amazing.

    I love the Helen Keller quote. I want my life to be a daring adventure!

  2. 65 minutes is insane! LOL!! Good for you!! Your smoothies look amazing, and I think i’d die if I got that many emails! LOL!!!!

  3. Fran, I do that too with my workouts – telling myself I only have to go a certain length of time, and then usually feel good enough to go beyond it. That said, running for 65 minutes?!? A-maz-ing!!!

  4. Great job on sticking it out on your run! The smoothies look amazing…as usual!

  5. Nice job! I think it’s fantastic that you ran for 65 minutes.

  6. What a great run! Good for you. I ran 45 minutes the other day and I was so happy with that. 65 minutes is phenomenal.
    Oh, and the smoothies look delicious! I hope the heat clears up for you soon too.
    We’re getting a nice comfortable week this week. Love it!

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