A day in my life: Friday September 25th 2009

I’m so happy that my cold is almost over, I feel so much better since yesterday.

I haven’t been exercising since Wednesday. I’ve spoken today with a colleague of mine who runs a 10K frequently and asked him if I should run today. He advised me not to go running and take a rest today and tomorrow. He has seen me every day this week and knows how bad my cold was. He said to me I shouldn’t worry for Sunday: I’ve been training and I can do it, he said.

It’s really going to happen, my starting permit arrived with the mail Wednesday:

This 10K I’m running for myself and for no one else and it doesn’t matter if I’m the last one to finish: at least I get a lot of cheering than because I’m the last one. From this point on I start working on my speed but Sunday is all about finishing, no matter what time!

Wish me luck! I’ll be leaving home at 10.30 am and my race is at 1.30 pm so at 2 pm I should be finished.

What’s for dinner:
Yesterday a piece of pork meat, baked potatoes and carrots and peas. Forgot to take a picture.

Today I’ve made Tika Massala with rice.

This weekend is all about my race on Sunday. I’m not having appointments and take it easy.

I was supposed to visit my mother tomorrow morning but when I rang her yesterday it appeared she’s having the flu and has catched a cold that’s much worse than mine. I postponed our appointment because I’m afraid she’s going to infect me again and I’ll be sick on Sunday. I’m going to visit her now next week.

Positive today:
Getting better and stronger every day.

Daily Tip/Quote:
I focused on reminding myself I was running my race and not trying to keep pace with somebody. It’s about your journey—not everybody else’s journey
Jennifer Beals, actress, on her first road race


2 responses to “A day in my life: Friday September 25th 2009

  1. Good luck with the race, Fran! I love your attitude – you ARE running for yourself…and I will be cheering you on from Texas!

  2. Good luck tomorrow! Glad you’re feeling better – after all the rest you got this week, you will raring to go!

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