A day in my life: Sunday October 4nd 2009

I’m starting to notice that I’m full at a sooner moment than I used to be and that’s good. Eating went well the last couple of days. Had some chips last night but I’m allowing myself a snack on Saturday nights, especially when I’ve lost weight the week before.

Oh my, my arms are in pain 😆 I’ve been doing the shred for the last three days in a row. And my legs are trained well so I’m not having much difficulty in that area but the upper body, help! I haven’t been training my upper body much in these last few months and I’m feeling them every day now but I will keep on doing the shred. 20 minutes is over before I know it.

Besides doing the shred yesterday and today, I ran this morning. I’ve planned to do a 8K/5 miles run within an hour and I did it: 58.29 to be exact. I’m trying to reduce this to 55 minutes and then try to run 9K in 1.05 and finally a 10K in 1.15 which would mean I’ve beaten my own time with 5 minutes.

The weather was beautiful: a bit windy with a little bit of sunshine, just me and the cows. On Sunday morning most people in my village go to church so when I run around 9 am it’s usually only me, I seldom ran into someone then and I love that.

The Hot 100 – Going out with a bang

Update September 23th till October 2nd

My goals for the next 100 days are:
Lose at least 6 kg / 13 lbs. -> lost -2.7 so far
Reduce fat% with 2 points (09/23: 43.3). -> final result on December 31th
Exercise at least 4 times a week with at least 2 runs in a week. -> did that, including 2 runs a week.
Complete the 30 day shred between September 23th and December 31th (at least 5 days a week). -> started October 2nd
Complete a 30 day challenge hard at the WII EA Sports Active. -> haven’t started yet.
Sleep at least 7 hours a night. -> did that every night.

What’s for dinner:
Friday I didn’t feel like cooking anything so I picked up a ready-made meal at the supermarket.

Yesterday we ate bread, I’ve made a farmer’s omelette with an instant mix and it was nasty, too much salt.

Yesterday I did some housekeeping and the shred, for the rest it was a relaxing day. Catching up on blogs and yesterday evening we’ve watched Angels & Demons, we still hadn’t seen that movie.

This morning time for running/shred and this afternoon we had a reunion of all the nieces and nephews of R.’s family. We both didn’t know anyone except for his own brothers and sisters but it was a pleasant afternoon.

Positive today:
Ran 8K within an hour.

Daily Tip/Quote:
Good things come slow—especially in distance running.
Bill Dillinger, Oregon coach


6 responses to “A day in my life: Sunday October 4nd 2009

  1. Great progress on your goals Fran!

  2. I haven’t seen Angels & Demons yet either… Was it good? I loved The Da Vinci Code! 30 Day Shred rocks!! You really feel it don’t you?I’m going to give it a go soon again I think, works wonders!!

    About the Wii EA Active, I do the high intensity level and have missed one day this time but did it the very next day and it adjusted my schedule for me… I think as long as you make it up the next day you’re ok, so long as there’s “room” in that 30 Day window kwim?

  3. Wow! You got the Shred. Isn’t it great? And hateful at the same time….ah Jillian, she is so tough. I started back on it yesterday at Level 2. So sore.

  4. Hi Fran, sounds like you had a good weekend! Good job on your run! I’ve been doing the fitness program “Beach Body” from the book “Fitness for Life Manual” by Matt Roberts (Dorling Kindersley, 2002). He is a former sprinter and personal trainer from the UK, and I really like his approach. I’ve done a couple of programs from the book. I think some of his books have even been translated into Dutch because I got a different one from our library here once.

  5. onelittlejill

    Shred is amazing…sometimes I feel like Jillian can see me if I stop!

    congrats on the 8k in an hour- you will be doing a 1/2 in no time!

  6. Sounds like you have some good goals set. I’m thinking of doing a 10K this month. It will be a challenge but hopefully a good one. Keep up your great workouts.

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