Weight Challenge week 41

Starting weight: 89.2 kg (196.6 lbs).
Target weight: 70 kg (154 lbs).
Current weight: 82.1 kg (181 lbs).

This weeks result: +0.5 kg (+1.1 lbs)
Total loss: – 7.1 kg (15.6 lbs)

Fat percentage: 43.0 (last week 43.3)
Muscles percentage: 29.7 (last week 29.3)
BMI: 27.4 (last week 27.3)

I’ve gained 0.5 kg/1.1 lbs this week. I didn’t eat very much extra things: had a dinner out (tapas), ate some chips Saturday night (do that every week) and had two cookies over the week.

So at first I was pissed: I’ve gained by eating only this extra things while I have been running twice and did the shred 5 times?

But then I looked at my fat and muscle percentage: fat is down, muscle is up so the shred is really working. I now let myself believe this 0.5 kg/1.1 lbs is muscles, muscles.

A new week, new changes: I’ll keep on eating healthy and keep doing the shred.

Dutch girl gets healthy plan:

For the rest of my life I want to be healthy, have a good figure and be fit and am finally prepared to make sacrifices for this goal and workout regularly.

Ways to get there
Eat healthy.
Workout at least 5 times a week

How to keep motivated
Set short- and long-term goals.
See workouts as fun.
Look at working out and eating healthy as “want to” and not as a  “must to”
Reading blogs/magazines about eating healthy, working out and running.
Think positive!

Short-term goals

82 kg/180.7 lbs -> reached 10/01/2009
81 kg/178.5 lbs

09/27/2009: Singelloop Utrecht, 10K -> time 01:19:35
11/01/2009: Maple leaf cross loop, Hilversum, 6K
11/28/2009: St. Nicolaasloop, Bunschoten, 10K

Exercise challenges:
10/02/2009: 30 day Shred -> Started October 2nd, done 5 days so far.
11/15/2009: 30 day Challenge WII Sports Active

Long-term goals

80 kg/176 lbs
75 kg/165 lbs
70 kg/154 lbs = goal

01/16/2010: Rusthoeveloop, Putten, 10K
04/18/2010: Nike Ladies Run, Hilversum, 10K
05/15/2010: Eemmeerloop, Bunschoten, 10K

Running training:
Spring 2010: Start training for 15K
Summer 2010: Run a 15K run
Spring 2011: Start training for ½ marathon
Summer 2011: Run a ½ marathon

Fat percentage:
< 40%
< 35%
< 30%
27% = goal

Muscle percentage:
> 30
> 35
> 40
> 43 = goal


8 responses to “Weight Challenge week 41

  1. Part of that gain could be from water retention from the salt in the chips or tapas.

  2. Don’t sweat scale blips when you are working out hard. It could be any number of reasons, the most likely of which is water retention from muscle repair.

  3. Muscle up, fat down, all is good! I know it is easy to get hung up on the weight, but these numbers are good.

  4. I know your frustration with those numbers – I have the same! How is your dog doing?

  5. As hard as it is, don’t worry about the number on the scale. My weight fluctuates all the time. I’ll eat really well for a week and work out and the scale goes up. Other times, when I’m lazy and eat more than I should, it goes down. As long as it stays within two pounds now, I don’t worry about it. And when it goes down, well, that’s just a bonus!! You’re doing great. I’m sure you did gain some muscle!

  6. Glad you were able to look at the gain with a positive attitude.

    Both my parents were born in Holland. My mother moved to Canada when she was seven and my father when he was 25. My mother is from Vlaardingen (South Holland) and my father is from Walsoorden (Zeeland).

    I can speak and understand Dutch. I could speak better when I had more practice but my Oma and Opa are both passed on so we usually only speak Dutch when my father’s family comes. All of his brothers and sisters still live in Holland.

    I love being Dutch!!!

  7. I agree with Lori – it’s probably the muscle repair/water retention thing. Still makes you mad when you see it on the scale, though. You are doing great and I love your healthy attitude, Fran!

  8. I want to get on the scale tomorrow as well after my holiday…lets see.
    I also expect a small gain, but hate seeing my weight going up so understand how you feel.

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