A day in my life: Monday October 19th 2009

So there I was yesterday morning: all dressed up for a morning run but first I had to let the dog out.
Oh my goss: it was freezing outside and there I stood in my summer morning clothes. I have to admit that I turned around and went back inside.

I had already plans to go to an outlet centre for running clothes so I changed into my normal clothes and went. I’ve bought two sets of winter clothes, each with 2 shirts underneath the jacket and I’ve paid only € 90,- ($ 134.-). If I bought it in a store it would have cost me € 600,- ($ 895.-) so I was very happy.

Today I went to the gym, again straight from work, to do the first training of week 2 of the Matt Roberts plan, it’s the same workout as last week, program changes every 4 weeks. And I enjoyed it.

Oh and I did go for a lunchwalk of 30 minutes with my best friend/colleague, we try to do that every Monday so we can talk over the weekend.

What’s for dinner:
No pictures from the dinners on Saturday (sandwich with egg salad, cucumber and bacon) and Sunday (vegetables soup with bread).

Today we had a piece of pork meat with mushrooms and a salad with backed potatoes, pear and walnuts.

Not so much to tell here: work’s busy, life’s boring (but that will change soon) with no appointments. Just the usual stuff.

Itunes shuffle playing right now:
Nick & Simon – Verloren

Positive today:
Had a great workout at the gym.

Daily Tip/Quote:
Everyone smiles in the same language.
Author Unknown


6 responses to “A day in my life: Monday October 19th 2009

  1. Love the shirts. What brand are they ?

  2. What is this Matt Roberts workout you’re doing?

    The clothes look great! Good idea.

  3. Great clothing you got yourself there, and at such a saving…dont we loving getting bargains!!

    Cant want to hear what you have to say at the end of this journey of Matt Roberts…

    I listened to the whole song – was that in Dutch??

    Have a good day there…am having a cup of Sweet Honey Rooibos tea, do you get that in Holland??

  4. Cute running clothes – that always makes a run better, don’t you think! What outlet did you go to? We sometimes make the trip up to the Maasmechelen Village outlet, it’s about an hour from us. I know there are some in the south of the Netherlands, too.

  5. What a great deal on the clothes! I love the pink top a lot.

    Have a great day in beautiful Holland!

  6. LOVE your new outfits!! Pink is my absolute FAVE colour!!! All those mushrooms look sooo good.. sauteed mushrooms are my favourite… soo good! Yum!

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