A day in my life: Wednesday October 21 2009

Yesterday was a day of rest.

Today I was supposed to run 5K before dinner but work was holding me up. I had to finish something for my boss because he needs it tomorrow morning and tomorrow’s my day off.

So I’ll make up for that tomorrow afternoon and will go for a run.

I’ve decided that I’ll switch in my training plan the Wednesday and Thursday so I can go running when it’s light on my day off every two weeks. When I run two times a week this means I have to run in the dark just once this winter.

The Hot 100 – Going out with a bang

Update for October 11 till October 21

My goals for the next 100 days are:
Lose at least 6 kg / 13 lbs. -> lost -1.8 so far
Reduce fat% with 2 points (09/23: 43.3). -> final result on December 31th
Exercise at least 4 times a week with at least 2 runs in a week. -> exercised 6 times with only 1 run so I failed at this one..
Complete the 30 day shred between September 23th and December 31th -> started October 2nd, completed 6 days.
Complete a 30 day challenge hard at the WII EA Sports Active. -> dropped this one and replaced it with: Finish 2/3 (=24 workouts, total =36) of Matt Roberts weight loss plan.  Completed 4 out of 24 workouts.
Sleep at least 7 hours a night. -> did that every night.

What’s for dinner:
Yesterday I’ve made an oven dish of minced meat, onions and conical cabbage with pieces of bread on top.

Today we had hotchpot of carrots, onions and potatoes with smoked sausage. You’re going to see a lot of this food coming months because we eat hotchpot almost every week during autumn/winter because we both love it and it’s easy to make.

As said before I’ve been very busy today at work, that’s not going to change till the end of this year. I’m still aiming for exercising 5 times a week but I know already that’s not going to happen every week due to work and social appointments. I’ll try to exercise as much as possible and 2 times a week running is more important at this stage than going to the gym. Means I won’t finish the Matt Roberts plan in 12 weeks but I’ll finish it anyway, doesn’t matter if it takes a bit longer.

I’m bored with most of my clothes because most of my pants are getting too big and they don’t fit well anymore. But I won’t buy new clothes this winter because even though I’ve lost weight I’m still insecure if I keep it off. Fortunately I do have clothes which I didn’t fit before and now I do so that’s kind of new clothes too LOL.

Tomorrow’s my day off, then Friday last working day of the week. Friday night we’re having a party from R.’s work and on Sunday I’m having a high tea with 5 friends. So the weekend’s going to be fun.

Itunes shuffle playing right now:
The Killers – Human

Positive today:
Worked very hard to finish a powerpoint presentation for my boss and I did.

Daily Tip/Quote:
Everything changed the day I understood that if I was to become a runner, I would have to run with the body I had.
John Bingham, The Courage to Start


13 responses to “A day in my life: Wednesday October 21 2009

  1. Oh well, I suppose not training for one night is not the end of the world, but for us, its such a big thing, we feel so quilty when we dont get to train..
    You have great goals and am sure you going to get to your target by end December..
    I find your food interesting, it not anything we eat…Dutch food I see is different..am sure very tasty.
    I dont know if you know this about me…I dont eat red meat…only chicken,. Turkey and fish…

    Have a good day tomorrow, glad your presentation at work went off well…

  2. Do you have consignment stores where you live? That is how I got through losing all the weight without going broke buying new clothes!

    I need to think about some cabbage – your dishes look nummy 😀

  3. I know you don’t want to buy new clothes right now, but I’d really encourage you to get rid of the clothes that are too big and baggy. If you keep them it may give you permission to fall back a bit. (Just my little suggestion for the day!)

    I think running is more important than the gym too. That’s the decision I would make as well. Your food looks wonderful!

  4. Good for you with your 100 day plan. I did not make it to yoga after all. Our instructor called in sick. Drat. Oh well, my plan is to make it to the gym tomorrow rain or shine. Have a good Thursday!!!

  5. Give away the fat clothes! They give you an excuse. You will keep it off and you wont have the fat clothes to fall onto if you dont.

    Well done with your goals so far, I like that, setting goals for the next 100 days, I think I will try it.

  6. Hila do you keep a blog where I can reach you?

  7. This looks like a great update Fran! I understand about the business – it sure makes it hard on the goals though. I hope you have a great day off.

  8. onelittlejill

    I love that quote!! It is so true!

  9. I hear you – when I am overloaded at work, exercise and good eating fly right out the window!

    Hang in there – I think your goals are VERY attainable! 😀

  10. Sounds like you have a good plan!

  11. I’m trying not to buy too much in the way of clothes right now either. But every once in a while….
    If you can, buy yourself one new thing in a smaller size. It’s great motivation to stay on track! Great update.

  12. Great goals!

    And that quote is perfect!

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