A day in my life: Sunday November 1 2009

I did it! I ran my 6K today. It was though, it was hard but it was so much fun too!

It was in the woods, I’ve never run in the woods before. There were two really big hillswhich I had to take twice, I couldn’t run to the top so I walked and there were lots of lower hills. I even had to jump over a big piece of wood. My time was 46.42 (at 3K 22.30), a bit slower than I have planned but I hadn’t expect such big hills and there was a lot of wind. It stayed dry till about 10 minutes before my finish, it then started to rain very hard so I ran a little bit faster then.

I already know I want to do this next year again and then try to improve my time.

Before the start:


Action picture:

At 3K:


The Hot 100 – Going out with a bang

Week October 22-October 31:

Lose at least 6 kg / 13 lbs, starting weight 09/23 182.8 lbs.
This week +0.8 lbs, total loss during the hot 100: -3.1

Reduce fat% with 2 points (09/23: 43.3).
Final result at December 31th

Exercise at least 4 times a week with at least 2 runs in a week.
Th 22: Running 5K
Fr 23: No exercise
Sa 24: Running 6.3K
Su 25: Matt Roberts weight loss plan week 2, training 2
Mo 26: Matt Roberts weight loss plan week 2, training 3
Tu 27: No exercise
We 28: No exercise, home late after work
Th 29: No exercise, home late after work
Fr 30: Running, Intervaltraining.
Sa 31: Housekeeping, gardening

Complete the 30 day shred between September 23th and December 31th.
Started on October 2nd, 6 days finished

Finish 2/3 (=24 workouts, total=36) of Matt Roberts 90 days weight loss plan
Completed 6 out of 24 workouts.

Sleep at least 7 hours a night.
Yes, got 7 hours every night, sometimes more.

What’s for dinner:
Yesterday I’ve made a sandwich with rocket salad, tomato, egg and fricandeau.

For snacking we had some cheese and some piece of saucage meat.

Sunday smoothie (yes it’s back, I still make one every sunday but forget to make the picture):
pineapple, forest fruits, a bit of low-fat yoghurt and pineapple juice.

Yesterday I did my housekeeping and we made the garden ready for winter, trimed where necessary. We had a quiet night at home. R. was watching tv, I was making some Japanese puzzles and did some reading.

Today has been all about the 6K run, as soon as we got home I made hot tea for the both of us and had a piece of chocolate with it, I really thought I deserved that.

Tomorrow is the start of my new set goals till Christmas. So that means lots of working out, eating healthy and lose some weight.

Itunes shuffle playing right now:
Bruce Springsteen – Born to run

Positive today:
Ran the Maple Leaf Cross



14 responses to “A day in my life: Sunday November 1 2009

  1. I feel as if I was there with you…the photo’s are great…so nice to see you at the start, then while you running, right up to the finish…seems your man was there every step of the way…why does he not also run with you. My man hates running so he will never run with me, he enjoys cycling and I don’t enjoy that much. My brother and his wife run together, its so nice that….wish my man would just give running a try.
    I see in the photo’s some people ran in only a T-shirt…shew they must have been so cold.

    I was thinking of making shakes as well…seeing yours makes me want to again…I just hate cleaning my mixer after I use it…LOL.

    Good to see you have all your plans in place till December…how much are u hoping to lose from now till then?
    I see you still eating cheese, I have cut back as it holds so much points – now eat the WW cheese.

    Have a good week – will be in touch!

  2. I would love to come and visit your beautiful garden next summer, even if I catch a train and come spend 5 days with you …will be nice for me to get away…and of course to meet you – hopefully I’ll still be running then…and not given it all up…you know how crazy things can change from time to time…

    I will be hoping you lose the weight before xmas time…
    I am now 60.9 and want to be 60…its not going to be easy for me as I do enjoy my food and cant cut back to 18 points to make that happen…

  3. Fran, awesome job on the 6K. It sounds like a fun one through the woods. I am not sure I would have liked the rain though.

  4. Nice work on your race! Running in the woods with all those pretty leaves sounds like fun. Too bad it was raining. Adn your winter work out clothes look great on you! Very slimming. 🙂

  5. Great work on the 6K! Woohooo!!!

    Love the update and all the great pics!

  6. Marcelle’s post made me realize that I have been remiss in not dropping by your blog more often. I have added a link to your blog on mine now and I plan to follow you more closely! We have a lot in common and I really appreciate how supportive you have been!

    BIG C*O*N*G*R*A*T*S on your run today! Well done!

  7. It looks like such a beautiful place! I love all the leaves on the ground. Great job on the race! You should be proud of yourself 🙂

  8. Congrats on finishing your 6K! It looks like it was a beautiful place to race and you did great. Looks like you had a really strong finish from your pictures!
    So proud of you!

  9. Congrats for making it yesterday! Well done, especially with the hills!!

    Love the photos and so cool for me to see these Dutch pics lol. Even seeing the sausage is making me warm inside. I’m really craving for some here!

    Good luck with your healthy journey on the way to Christmas 🙂

  10. well done Fran, you pictures make me so cold though. I can just feel the chill in the air. But that didn’t stop you, you are a running machine! Great job Fran, on your run, on your goals and on your successes. I have no doubt you will get to the goals you have set out to do.

  11. Love the day in your life and REALLY miss fall (even though I dont so much miss the cold GRAY Pa. days) living in TX.
    great job on the run!

  12. Great job on completing the 6K – and may I just say that your legs look fantastic?!?

    Now, about those smoothies…what are “forest fruits”?

  13. Hi Fran,

    My bday is November 30. Although it is only one day in the past it has spread over months of lunches and dinners. My BF, family and friends all like to take me out for a meal to celebrate.

    This adds up to a lot of lunches and dinners. I have already mentioned to a few of my friends that I would prefer to not go out to eat. I will see how that goes…

    Hope you have a great day!

  14. Fantastic job on the 6K. Don’t worry about your time. You did great and you crossed that finish line. You should be really proud of yourself I really must start running again.

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