A day in my life: Wednesday November 4 2009

Monday I went to the gym immediately after work and did the Matt Roberts work-out, week 3, training 1. Felt good and went well.

Today I was supposed to go again but had to finish something at work and decided to do the shred. But when I got home I had no energy left (see thoughts). Maybe I’ll catch up on this one later this week.

What’s for dinner:
Monday I’ve made “nasi”, it’s a Chinese meal but then the Dutch way. They don’t eat it like this in China, that’s for sure J

Yesterday an oven dish of minced meat, mashed potatoes and red cabbage.

Tonight we ate kale hotchpotch.

At work I share my office with a female colleague. She works on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

She doesn’t get along with the manager she works for so she’s very negative, lately it seems to get worse and worse. I don’t try to pay much attention to it because I’m extremely busy right now and I do love my job and the managers I work for. But I’ve been noticing lately that I have no energy left on Tuesday and Wednesday when I come home after work. She soaks up my energy.
The Thursday’s that I work I’m usually in a meeting most of the day so I don’t see/talk with her much.

I hate confrontations but I know I have to put an end to this because it’s using up my energy. My boss knows I’m no good at confrontations and he also knows about my problems with her so he will coach me in this. The problem is that she’s sweet and nice to everyone and I’m the only one who notices this.

Today I’ve asked her if she still likes her job. First she said “no, not right now” and after that “I do like my job but not my manager”. I answered that those two are connected but she didn’t say much to that.

Today the oldest brother of my dad died at 75. He had a stroke and has been in a coma for 4 days. I’m not a family person so I don’t see them much. I saw him and my aunt every now and then when they visited my mom. He looks exactly like my dad who passed away in 2000. I won’t go to the funeral, I have been to way to many in my life already but I will offer my condolences together with my mom on Saturday evening.

Itunes shuffle playing right now:
James Blunt – 1973

Positive today:
Can’t think of anything today.

Daily Tip/Quote:
Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. 


11 responses to “A day in my life: Wednesday November 4 2009

  1. You like me, my plate at night is full to the brim…someone said I should eat my bigger meal at lunch time but with Heinz coming home at night that’s not possible.

    I do feel for you with that negative woman – it does drain your energy, I found with a friend whenever we spoke on the phone she drained me…so now I don’t want to speak to her on the phone anymore – I am also struggling living in this country and trying to stay upbeat and when someone runs this way of live down all the time its hard..

    Sorry to hear about your Uncle…

  2. I’m sorry for the loss of your uncle, Fran.

    And working with negative people can drain the life right out of you; it’s almost easier if it’s a friend, because you can decide if you want to be with them. But with co-workers, you don’t get that choice, which makes it so hard. Glad you are getting some support through your boss.

  3. I agree with you about the job. You need to be doing something that you have a passion for doing and love to get up for in the morning.
    I am sorry to hear about your uncle.

  4. Is there any way that you can have a new space free of the dark cloud? That would be sooo hard!! Your food makes me hungry and it is only 7am here.

    I am not 100% happy with my job, but I am supporting my family and I have to be proud of that!!

  5. Hi Fran, I’ve been catching up and am so sorry to hear about your uncle passing, it is always a sad thing but gives us a moment to pause and think about life.

    I wish you a lot of courage to deal with your colleague – those kind of situations are not easy, especially if you’re not a confrontational person. Hang in there.

  6. Good luck with the negative co-worker Fran. I hope you tell her exactly the effect she is having on you. I had to have a very difficult conversation with a woman here at work not too long ago. I must have thought about that conversation for weeks before it happened. I told her that her behaviours made other people really uncomfortable. I don’t think she ever thought of it that way. When people are miserable, they think it is all about them. I think if she knew the effect she was having on you, it would make her think twice about the way she does things at work. And you’ll be doing her a favour. When she no longer has the outlet of griping in your presence, she won’t be dwelling so much on the stuff that bothers her. She will be happier too.

  7. So sorry about your uncle. How sad. And that co-worker? No one needs or deserves that. I hope that you will be able to speak with her and make her understand. How hard – I’ll be thinking about you.

    Take care,

  8. Hi Fran,

    I’m sorry to hear about your uncle. God Bless.

    Thanks for sharing your office situation… I’m pretty negative about my work lately. Hearing your story reminds me that my negativism may be bad for my coworkers, and I would never wish them ill. I appreciate your thoughts and perspective.

    I do hope you can find a ‘happy place’ inside or out… 🙂

    Hugs from Orlando,

  9. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Negative people really can infect a whole office. Isn’t it amazing?

  10. I’m new to your blog, but I just wanted to let you know how sorry I am to hear about your uncle.

    hang in there…

  11. I’m curious to hear how you handle your co-worker. I agree that you need to say something. I have a similar situation with a friend/colleague that I carpool with to school. She hates our principal and just complains complains complains. I think he is just fine and I get fed up with all her negativity. Last year I just stopped driving with her. Not the best solution, but it helped me.

    Good luck Fran! Here’s hoping to a better Tu-Thursday this week. 🙂

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