A day in my life: Sunday November 15th 2009

Health week 46:

Goal 1 (lose weight every week):
Weight result November 12th: No gain and no loss: stayed the same.

Goal 2 (eat healthy every day):
Monday: Purple day (did exercise, not so healthy in eating department)
Tuesday: Purple (no exercise, eating healthy)
Wednesday: Purple (no exercise, eating healthy)
Thursday: Orange (no exercise, eating not to healthy)
Friday: Purple (no exercise, eating healthy)
Saturday:  Purple (did exercise, eating not to healthy)
Sunday: Purple (no exercise, eating healthy)

Goal 3 (work-out 5 times a week):
Monday: Matt Roberts weight loss plan, week 3, training 2
Tuesday: -Wednesday: –
Thursday: –
Friday:  –
Saturday: 6K run
Sunday: –

I have worked out these goals in writing and hang it up next to my computer in my “office” at home. This way I can look at it every day and remind myself of my goals.

Starting Monday I will write down everything I eat for the next 6 months. Within these 6 months I should reach my goal weight. For this purpose I bought a Diet log online. Here’s how a page and a weekly summary page look like. I’ve checked and for those of you who are interested: you can buy it at Amazon.com. Even though I’m going to write everything down this doesn’t mean I’m going to count calories or diet. It’s a tool for me to evaluate every week where I went wrong and where I did great where it comes to healthy eating.

The diary also has space to write down your goals for the week and you can add a daily goal.

Goals week 47:
1)       Don’t have a dessert at the 2 dinners out I have this week.
2)       Eat only 1 piece of pie at R.’s birthday.
3)       Workout 5 times

I did go for a run yesterday afternoon. There was a lot of strong wind but it was dry and sometimes even sunny. It was lovely to run outside. I ran 6K and during my run I didn’t think I was very fast (also due to the wind) but when I finished and looked at my watch it seemed I’ve beaten my own PR on the 6K with 30 seconds to 43.31 so I was very happy.

Didn’t do anything today so this makes that I’ve had only 2 workouts this week. Well what’s done is done and I probably needed some rest. Next week I’ll just pick it up again, starting by going to the gym tomorrow.

What’s for dinner:
Yesterday we ate bread and I’ve made a toasted ham and cheese sandwich.

Sunday smoothie:
Pineapple, blueberries, pineapple juice and low fat yoghurt.

Today a simple dinner of mushroom soup with bread.

Some of you asked if I’m hooked to Starbucks now. And even though I love the coffee I’m still hooked to my espresso machine at home which makes great coffee too.

Yesterday evening we went to visit very good friends of ours, another couple (she is one of my best friends) were there too, and it was a very pleasant evening with laughter, talking and drinking wine.
I knew before it was getting late that’s why I took my run Saturday afternoon and it was late. I was in bed at 2.30 am.

I slept in till 9.30 which is very late for me to get up and had a nice relaxing day at home. Next week is going to be busy with two dinners, a meeting outside the office and R.’s birthday coming up so I could use a day of rest in advance.

Did you all have a great weekend?

Itunes shuffle playing right now:
John Travolta and Olivia Newton John – You’re the one that I want

Can’t remember how many times I’ve seen Grease but love it every time I see it again.

Positive today:
Nice relaxing day at home.

Daily Tip/Quote:
Motivation is what gets you started.  Habit is what keeps you going.
Jim Ryun


10 responses to “A day in my life: Sunday November 15th 2009

  1. Hey Fran: I like the looks of that book. You’ve got some really good habits forming. And of course I’ll be here to cheer you on too! It makes me happy to know we are all in this together! 🙂

  2. Your smoothie looks yummy. After I do Jillian’s workout on Sundays I always come home and have a smoothie. Good for you for taking charge of yor body, the book looks good. I may have to order one. Keep up the good work.

  3. Nice pics. I love the smoothie too. My favourite ones always have pineapple in them.

    Great goals and great book to keep track of how things are going for you. Wonderful idea.

    Have a great week!!!

  4. I love journals and logs!! That one looks great. I think it’s such a smart idea to post your goals where you can see them and keep them in front of you!

    And your food looks great!

  5. Hello neighbor friend
    Love the new look of your blog…you have been a busy blogging girl changing it all…

    I have the WW book like that, but its for 12 weeks only and guess what – I finished mine yesterday so now back to using the ww online site to do my tracking. I see WW has a years diary where you can track that I’m going to buy this Wednesday when I go to hear all about the new program.

    Love those smoothies…yummy. I have a smoothie machine but hate cleaning it so dont use it that often!!

    I have a senso coffee machine, I remember telling you and you said you preferred your one…your one is very fancy but I dont drink espresso – I like more milk coffee.

    Wonder why you didnt lose weight this week…what could you have done more. I weighed in at 60kg this morning…so thats a 2 kg loss in 5 weeks. I’m happy, now to keep it there.

  6. Hey Fran, sorry I haven’t come visit you, I’m just getting caught up on blogs today. Thank you for your comments and continued support it means the world to me.

    I have to start by saying I LOVE THE NEW LOOK of your blog! So well done!

    Oh and your goals seems so attainable, one step at a time, one day at a time = success and with your tools you are kicking butt!

  7. That looks like a really good journal. Looks like it’s got plenty of room to write everything. I really believe that writing what you eat helps. It let you see where tweaks need to be made. My problem is to be consistent with writing it down. I tend to go in spurts.

  8. Hi Fran. It looks like your food is very yummy. Especially that smoothie.

    I have a wordpress question for you….how do you set up a blog list so that I can easily see when all of you post something new and then read it? On blogger it was so easy, but I’m a little confused on word press.

    Thanks for following me over to my new spot!

  9. Hi Fran,
    I love the new look of your blog! Great job!

    I also like the journal idea and posting goals. I’m a very visual person and need to SEE it to be reminded sometimes. Helps keep us focused, right?

    Your 6K time is great. Your pace is getting better and better. That’s awesome!

    Hugs from Orlando… late here and time for bed!

  10. Hi Fran – I love the new look to your blog! What a surprise when i finally got a chance to catch up on everyone! That diet book looks very helpful too. Your eats are looking very healthy. I need to get back on the bandwagon on the eating, have been very careless since I got back from the US, mostly out of feeling disorganized and a little bit lazy!

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