A day in my life: Friday November 20th 2009

For the last 2 to 3 weeks I’m so tired. I find it hard to find my balance.

Part of this is because I’m very busy at work which is usual for this time of year and won’t change till Christmas.

I gave this some thought the last few days and discovered a few things.

I need to sleep 7 hours a night, if I sleep less I get tired and I’ve noticed that I’m getting to bed later the last few weeks. So this is 1 reason.

I’ve been writing down my food intake since Monday. Looking back I’ve noticed that I do eat a bit more than I used too, usually at lunch. Too much food makes me tired: reason 2.

Because I’m tired it’s hard to get up or out to do my workouts/runs. So I’m not hitting my goal of 5 times a week. Reason 3 because exercising gives me energy.

Last week I didn’t lose or gain any weight, this week I gained 0.4 kg/0.8 lbs. Part of this is also due to the fact that I had two dinners last week. Eating out always gains weight immediately because it’s always more than I’m used too.

So I talked to the hub about it over dinner tonight and he said that I should keep up the exercise because I’ve worked to hard to get the weight off and by not working out I will slowly gain weight again. And he’s right, working out is the most important thing in my weight loss.

So what’s the plan?
1)       Eat less
2)       Stick to the goal of working out 5 times a week but I’ll also be statisfied with 4 times.
3)       Go to bed on time.

What do you do when you’re tired? Do you have any tips for me (not diet-related) how you handle this?

I will catch up on your blogs tomorrow. Tonight ………. I’m tired and want to lie on my couch with a book. I might read the new issue of Runner’s World for inspiration and tomorrow I will go for a run.


The Hot 100 – Going out with a bang

Week November 11-November 20:
Lose at least 6 kg / 13 lbs, starting weight 09/23 182.8 lbs.
This week +0.8 lbs, total loss during the hot 100: -4.0

Reduce fat% with 2 points (09/23: 43.3).
Final result at December 31th

Exercise at least 4 times a week with at least 2 runs in a week.
We 11: Nope
Th 12: Nope
Fr 13: Nope
Sa 14: 6K run
Su 15: Nope
Mo 16: Matt Roberts weight loss plan, week 3, training 3
Tu 17: Nope
We 18: 30 Day Shred, level 1, day 8
Th 19: Nope
Fr 20: Nope

Complete the 30 day shred between September 23th and December 31th.
Started on October 2nd, 8 days finished

Finish 2/3 (=24 workouts, total=36) of Matt Roberts 90 days weight loss plan
Completed 9 out of 24 workouts.

Sleep at least 7 hours a night.
Most of the nights less than 7 hours.


9 responses to “A day in my life: Friday November 20th 2009

  1. I’m sorry I can’t offer any tips on the sleep thing being an absolute awful sleeper myself. If I eat anything too close to bed time it wakes me up. If I eat anything high fat too close to bed time, it wakes me up with the add fun of a racing heart. And sometimes, for extra giggles, I get to wake up in a pool of sweat. Perimenopause is sooooooo fun!

    Hope you have a good sleep tonight!

  2. LOL…at Tamara, that Perimenopause has caught me out as well…

    When I’m tired I will WALK…not run, I feel walking is better than doing nothing at all. I walk on the treadmill if I cant get outdoors to walk due to the weather…and I usually find after 30 mins of walking I’m feeling better and can slowly add some running. The other day I was so tired I walked for 5 mins and ran for 5 mins, those 5 mins running felt so long to me….but at least I was doing something…
    Am sure you will find your mojo again, this time of the year is always very tough for those who work.

  3. I am keenly aware of the amount of sleep I need. When I am tired, I know the only answer is more sleep. I sometimes take power naps on my lunch break at work. They help me in an amazing way.

  4. When I’m tired because I’m not sleeping well I try and drink some hot tea (with no caffeine) about an hour before I want to go to bed. For some reason that relaxes me a bit and helps me go to sleep faster.

    Another thing that may sound strange is when I’m not sleeping well I try and get up a half an hour earlier. Then that night I am extra tired and generally sleep better.

    I hope that you find your winter energy soon!

  5. When I am tired, I just change into my workout clothes and drag myself out! I hate doing it, but I know it always makes me feel better after. Also, if I do not go out for a run, I get REALLY cranky!
    I hope you have a great weekend!

  6. I’m tired too. The time of the year I guess. And when being tired it’s not easy to find balance and one thing leads to an other I guess. For me it often helps to have a little break in between the ratrace of say one weekend and take it easy and just enjoy life. After that I often can take up the challenge again…
    Good luck though!

  7. I wish I knew how to give sleeping tips, but I too am one who never gets enough sleep. 😦 I hope that part gets better for you!

  8. Are you tired because you are going to bed too late or getting up too early or just tired? I was tired for years and finally my dentist figured out I had sleep apnea. I have a CPAP machine now and feel so much better. Before I was barely making it through the day at work, couldn’t cook because I was so exhausted, didn’t ever want to exercise etc. Perhaps you have some kind of sleep disorder, you might want to talk to your doctor.

    Great goals and I hope you achieve them!

  9. Fatigue is tough. Sometimes a good walk can help. I get so tired sometimes because I don’t sleep well. Try some deep breathing exercises before going to sleep, and also some 5-HTP.

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