A day in my life: Sunday November 29th 2009

Health week 48:

Goal 1 (lose weight every week):
Weight result November 26th:. : +0.3 kg/+0.6 lbs


Goal 2 (eat healthy every day):
Monday: Pink, Tuesday: Purple, Wednesday: Pink, Thursday: Purple, Friday: Orange, Saturday: Purple, Sunday: ?

Pink (my favourite colour) day = good day. I only eat healthy food and exercised.
Purple day = okay day. I did eat healthy but didn’t exercise or I didn’t eat completely healthy but did exercise.
Orange day = I’m in trouble. I didn’t eat healthy and I didn’t exercise.

As soon as I start the new WW program I will change this goal in daily points totals.


Goal 3 (work-out 5 times a week):
Monday: Matt Roberts weight loss plan, week 1, training 1
Tuesday: –
Wednesday: Interval training, 4K run
Thursday: –
Friday: –
Saturday: St. Nicolaasloop, 5K
Sunday: –

Goals week 48:
1)       Workout 5 times -> no, 3 times
2)       Get at least 5 pink days -> only 2
3)       Get 7 hours sleep a night -> yes every night

Cessie about your question if being busy makes me feel if I eat less healthy. The answer is no, I just don’t make the right choices for my dinners. My breakfast and lunches are always healthy. I need to go back to cooking more light dinners than I do now.

Still waiting for the new WW program to be launched online. I’ve read that it’s launched on December 5th. I’m starting with counting as soon as it’s online. Don’t see much use in working with the present program as it’s changing shortly.



St. Nicolaasloop Bunschoten

Yesterday there was this run. Start was at 5 minutes walking from home. When I got up it rained hard. So I’ve waited till 10 am and then the rain radar said it should be dry for at least half the run. So I did sign in at 10 am, went home and put on my running clothes and R. and I went there around 11 am.
Start was 11.10 am so we didn’t have to wait long.

There weren’t many competitors, 248 over 3 distances. It didn’t rain my entire run but there was a very strong wind (what’s new lately). I passed a few right at the beginning and from that moment I didn’t let anybody pass me. There were 3 ladies behind me and after half the run I heard them talking behind me so they were catching up with me. I thought to myself “no way they are going to pass me” so I ran a bit faster and stayed in front of them till the finish. I finished in 35.12 which is a new PR for me at a 5K run. I think I could have finished faster if there hadn’t been so much wind. And ……….. I didn’t finish last this time, there were at least 10 more people behind me.

It was a great run, my legs felt great and I was very happy with my finishing time. At the end we’ve got a can with a spiced cook in it.

As a reward I gave myself today off from working out.

Sinterklaas was the starter of the run:

Zwarte Piet did a run around the track too:

First round around the track, I’m the one with the blue hat:

Almost at the finish line, I always look terrible at the finish line 😆

The gift: a can with the cookie in it. The picture on the can is a picture from a run which is held in May in my village.


The Ultimate Diet Log:
Nutrition tip:
Most fruit-flavoured yogurts have little or no fruit but plenty of added sugar. Try adding fresh, canned, no-sugar-added fruit to plain yogurt.

Fitness Factoid: Walking can lower your blood pressure and diabetes risk. In an 8-week-study, woman saw their systolic blood pressure (the top number) drop by 7 points and their diastolic (the bottom number) drop by 5 points after boosting their average daily step count from 5, 000 to 9,200.

Quote: “I’ve been on a constant diet for the last two decades. I’ve lost a total of 789 pounds. By all accounts, I should be hanging from a charm bracelet” Erma Bombeck


Positive today:
Actually yesterday but still happy about it today: a new PR on my 5K.


Daily Tip/Quote:
To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring.
George Santayana


18 responses to “A day in my life: Sunday November 29th 2009

  1. Great to see my friend running in the race…thank goodness for hubby who is on hand to snap away for us to share…who looks good at the end of a race..not me, not anyone I know!! So with saying that * I think you shine beauty * – look at you, I see a woman making changes to her life…and not scared of running in the race…I am!!

    I love my fruit yogurt and also add more fruit to it….LOL…
    Do you have the Optiwell range in Holland, love that yogurt as low in points and tastes so good.

    Cant wait for WW online to start as well…I’m still trying to get into the new program….find weeks I can stick to the 29 ( to lose points ) but over the weekend I need the 35 ( to maintain )…

  2. Great job on the new personal best! I love how you heard their voices and weren’t going to let them pass you! 🙂

    Oh, and the whole yogurt thing – I agree. Just add your own fruit. Besides being healthier, it tastes better too.

  3. Great job on the race!!!

  4. I agree -must be the holidays, but even my group is very quiet all weekend…
    I have set out a challenge for them this week, trying to think about my 5 favorite things I cant live without food wise..
    I’m having my hair cut and colored this week…3rd…that’s this Friday if I remember correctly.
    Well sugar plum, have a great evening…am going to be logging off soon and settling in to watch some tv with Heinz…xxx

  5. That looks like a great race!

    You know, I am not sure I ever realized you had a blog. That is so weird because I hadn’t subscribed to it but I am sure I would have, had I known.

    And that quote is too funny. I gotta remember that!

  6. Really great job on that run Fran! Good for you for doing it in less than perfect weather. And a new Personal Best too.

    I was giggling a little at your typo. You first said that at the end you got a can iwth a spiced cook in it. I thought “spiced cook, that must be some Dutch thing” then I realized later that you meant cookie! LOL. 🙂

  7. Congratulations on the PR 🙂

  8. YAY!!!! You PR’d, friend! Awesome!! Congratulations!!

    Great pictures – it’s like being there with you, which is really fun. 🙂 I don’t think you look “terrible” at the finish line, instead FOCUSED. That’s great that you could hear those ladies and weren’t about to let them get past you. Way to Rock your Race!!

    Sinterklaas? I learned something new today. 🙂 (His name in your country… very cool!)

    Hugs from Orlando,

  9. Great job on the run, Fran! How many races is that for you now? 🙂 You are inspiring me to get back at it. I love that Sinterklaas started the race…my third graders study Holland’s Christmas traditions as part of a “Holidays ARound the World” unit. Fun to see him in action!

    What is WW changing on Dec. 5th? I’m so out of the loop.

  10. Wow! That’s a great time in the wind and congrats on a personal best. And I think you look fabulous at the finish. Look at all those people behind you!!

    Take care, and I hope you week is wonderful.

  11. Great job on your run Fran, you looked awesome, and a new personal best – you are getting it done!
    Thank you for your comment the other day, so sorry to hear about your dad.
    It’s nice to know that I am not alone and the feelings and what I am going through is perfectly normal, I’m new to all this, it’s nice to have friends by your side.
    Thank you so much

  12. Hi Fran,

    I love your quote. It’s definitely something that will help me out when dealing with these rainy Netherlands falls and winters.

    I’ve only been here three years and I’m struggling with my weight (my whole life, but even more so since arriving here – the cheeses are so good and the homesickness so great).

    Great job on the races! I look forward to reading about your continuing journey and what the new WW plan will entail.


  13. Great job on your race and a PR to boot. Way to go ! Loved your pictures.

  14. onelittlejill

    Congrats on the PR!!!

  15. i think you look great at the finish – very concentrated and serious! Good job on getting out there in not so great weather, and making a PR!

  16. HI again Fran: thanks for the link. I actually did find it online! Turns out it still cost quite a bit for online even if you pay for meetings. Boooo! If you are online only, you pay $21.95/mo. If you got to meetings and you want the online stuff, you pay $17.95/mo. Not enough of a dif to make it worthwhile unfortunately. Thanks for your help though!

  17. Awesome!!! Congratulations on a new personal best! And I think you look fantastic crossing that finish line!

    What a great accomplishment!

  18. WOOOHHOOOO on your PR! That’s great!

    ps – You look amazing at the finish line.

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