A day in my life: Tuesday December 1st 2009

As I wasn’t feeling well yesterday and skipped my workout I decided to drive to a Weight Watchers meeting nearby. I wanted to buy the grocery book which contains points of 1,000 of products. While I was there I also bought a book which has 365 days with mealplans in it. I intend to use their suggestions as much as possible for mostly breakfast, lunch and snacks.

I saw the leader and went up to her and asked her if she knew when the program would be available online (as if I didn’t know already) and she said by the end of this week or next week. So I put on my sad face and said that I would try to follow the program till then on my own.

She said that in that case she would calculate how many points I could have and that she would give me the program for the first week. I said to her that that was very nice of her. So I could study the program Monday night and as of yesterday I’m officially back at the WW. I got 29 points for the day and 49 points to use extra. The program doesn’t look to difficult to me. I’m writing down my food during the day in my diary and calculate the points at the end of the day so I won’t be too  focussed on food.

Tomorrow is my 2-weekly day off, usually it’s Thursday but I’m having a meeting at the office where I need to be so I switched. Time to clean my house and go running in the afternoon.

Tomorrow night I’m going to the movies with my friend K. and her husband, they invited me over for dinner before we go and I’m really looking forward to it.

The movie is a Dutch one called “Komt een vrouw bij de dokter”, free translation: “A woman visits the doctor”. It’s based on a true story of a man who’s wife’s got breast cancer. Instead of sticking by her side he totally loses it in going out and having an affair. In the end the wife dies (at the end he stands by her side) and till today he is still with the woman he had the affair with. When I read the book I cried all the time, it was so sad. So I’m bringing lots of tissues because I’m going to need them. Here’s the trailer, it’s in Dutch but you will get an impression of the movie.


I haven’t worked out in three days now. I’m having terrible headaches since Sunday. They will pass away I have them every now and then but exercising hurts my head too much now.


What’s for dinner:
Sunday we had some chicken soup.

Yesterday carrots, onions, potatoes with sausage called Hutspot in Dutch.

Today I made a stew of pork meat, potatoes, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes.

The Ultimate Diet Log:

Research report: Fiber in breads, cereals and other grains may cut the risk of diabetes. In one study, researchers found a 30 percent lower risk of diabetes in people who reported eating 17 grams per day compared to those who averaged 7 grams a day.


Positive today:
Bought a beautiful dress on Ebay but have to work of a few more pounds before it fits well. So there’s work to do.


Daily Tip/Quote:
Never judge a book by its movie.
J.W. Eagan


9 responses to “A day in my life: Tuesday December 1st 2009

  1. I like your idea about writing all the food down and calculating at the end of the day. I’m going to do that from now on. I find that knowing I have X number of points for dinner adds stress to planning etc. Good thinking Fran.

    Can’t wait to see the new dress. 🙂

  2. Hello there

    Your Dutch plan is the same as the German one…our books look the same, the only thing we don’t have is the 365 day meal ideas, so please share the chicken ones with me on group….always looking for meals and now that I have a wok need WW chicken meals for that.

    Enjoy the movie – does sound very good, I love movies that make me cry.

  3. Can’t wait to see the dress!
    Have fun at the movies!

  4. I always love your food pictures!

    That movie sounds terribly sad…..

  5. That movie sounds really moving – wow! I hope that you feel completely better and are able to workout soon. I was reading about the WW program on someone else’s blog. Will it be in the US soon – or is it already?

  6. I’m so glad you got to start the new WW early. That’s really cool. I had no idea how individualized each country’s WW plans were. I’d love to compare notes. 🙂

    Enjoy your day off and get a good run in!

  7. Good luck with WW. It can be confusing with points at first, but you’ll get the hang of it. You can roughly eyeball points by calculating about 1 point for 50 calories (less points if something has a lot of fiber).

  8. That sounds like such a sad movie!

  9. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

    Hope your head is feeling better. Headaches really suck!

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