A day in my life: Wednesday December 9th 2009

Well removing and placing a new IUCD was so much different than 5 years ago. It went very well with hardly any pain. I had the sweetest doctor (a woman) who read my status and knew what happened 5 years ago so she understood I was nervous. She took all the time I needed for me and did everything when I was ready for it. I was finished in 10 minutes and hardly felt anything except for some stomach pain afterwards. That went away slowly during this day. I’ve also had some blood loss but that’s over now too. It was a relief that it could also be this way with someone who understands you and is gentle with you.

Busy, busy at work and now I’m very tired too because I didn’t sleep very well Sunday and Monday night because I was worried for the doctor’s appointment so will catch up on my sleep tonight.

I haven’t exercised yesterday and today because my doctor advised me to take it easy for 2 days so my body could adjust to the new IUCD.

What’s for dinner:
Yesterday I made an oven dish of chicory, mashed potatoes with some garlic cream cheese, ham and light cheese.

Today hot chicken with mushrooms, onions and red pepper with some rice.

The Ultimate Diet Log:

Research report: The shape of your beverage glasses influences how much you pour and drink. Whether it’s beer or orange juice, studies show people pour 25 to 30 percent more into short, wide glasses than tall, skinny ones.

Nutrition shocker: An average-size cookie is now 7 times the size of what the USDA defines as cookie serving.

Positive today:
Feeling good and relieved.

Daily Tip/Quote:
Friends are family you choose for yourself.
Author Unknown


12 responses to “A day in my life: Wednesday December 9th 2009

  1. Glad everything went well Fran. That oven dish looks like really lovely comfort food.

  2. Me again: I just remembered you asked me a while back if we had been to the Netherlands. The answer is yes! We must not have been chatting yet when I was there this summer. Here is a link to my entry about visiting the North Sea.


    We went shopping in Venlo too this trip and last time and in 2005 we went to Amsterdam. I loved it!

  3. I love your research report! The size of the plates, dishes and glasses we use really does influence our choices.

    I’m glad it all went well for you, and your food looks great!

  4. I am so glad the procedure went well and caused minimal discomfort.

    Your food looks soooooooo good!!!

  5. OK that cookie fact is a SHOCKER. WOW oh WOW!! I am hoping to focus much more on clean eating in 2010

  6. Love the friend and family quote 🙂 Have a great night!

  7. Glad the IUD procedure went well this time. I have one, too – but it is the 10-year one. I had my second put in a couple years ago and I love having it. No hormones for me, thank you very much.

    Your dinner looks yummy!

  8. Fran, I am so glad to read this went well.

  9. So glad that everything went well and that you will be getting caught up on your sleep. I’m afraid of doctors and work myself up over going too.

    Loved this quote:

    Friends are family you choose for yourself.

  10. So happy you had a great doctor and the procedure went well. I swear, a kind doctor can make all the difference in the world!

  11. Good Thursday morning to you

    Raining this side and so so dark!!

    Am so pleased for you that all went well at DR, as I told you on Twitter I was thinking of you all afternoon after I got your message to say you were on your way. I hate the gynie myself so could share in your nervousness…

    Taking two days off is a good thing after having a new IUCD fitted….

    Chat to you later…

  12. Glad your IUD procedure went well, that must have been awfully frightening the first time. Take it easy and enjoy your weekend!

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