A day in my life: Saturday December 12th 2009

As said yesterday on my weight challenge post I have a big present for myself in mind for losing weight. I want to buy a Garmin Forerunner 305 for myself as a gift.

I know some of you already have one and I would like to hear your experiences with the Garmin, what do you like about it and what are it’s negative points. Or if you have a different type of the forerunner why did you choose that one and how do you like it?

Yesterday when I got home from work I started with putting up the Christmas tree and decorate it. It took me 3 hours. I actually don’t like doing this but once I’m finished I do love the decorations in our home. Here are some pictures.

The tree:

The fireplace:

Something for on the table:

This weekend I have to write and post our Christmas cards, I might do that tonight and I have to think about our Christmas dinners so I can place my orders next weekend. I’m a person who plans a lot so I have less stress when Christmas starts.

Still haven’t exercised. My body needs time to adjust I’ve noticed so I’m taking a week of rest. Maybe I’ll go for a short run tomorrow but I’m definitely go back to training on Monday.

What’s for dinner:
Thursday some beef meat, potatoes and broccoli. Simple but very WW approved.

Yesterday I was so busy with the tree that I had two slices of bread with 2 baked eggs.

Today’s lunch was a WW one: a salad with apple, walnuts, light Brie and a little bit of dressing with a little bread to go with it. It was a delicious lunch.

The Ultimate Diet Log:

By the numbers: 246: Dollars, in millions, that Coca-Cola spent to promote Coke products in 2004.
3: Dollars, in millions, the US government spent in a year on the Five a Day for Better Health campaign in support of fruit and vegetables.

Food Factoid:: Federal law allows most products a 20 percent variance for the calorie counts listed on food labels, so a cookie labeled 300 calories can legally contain up to 360 calories.

Nutrition tip: By buying generic food brands, you can save as much as 50 percent on items from pasta sauce to cereal to salad dressing. With name brands, much of the money goes into advertising and packaging.

Positive today:
House is ready for Christmas.

Daily Tip/Quote:
Christmas is forever, not for just one day,
for loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away
like bells and lights and tinsel, in some box upon a shelf.
The good you do for others is good you do yourself…
Norman Wesley Brooks, “Let Every Day Be Christmas,” 1976


12 responses to “A day in my life: Saturday December 12th 2009

  1. Love the Xmas tree and decorations. I’m proud that you went and got yours done, as you know I haven’t started yet, but have sent out the first bunch of Xmas cards. I left a message on group asking everyone for their address – but didn’t hear from you 😦
    So please send me via email now.

    Your meals are looking great…today I had a Subway without dressing…took 8 points, then had a lindt chocolate of two blocks another 8 points…so have 5 points left over for tonight, will have to be very very careful now.

    We went to a Xmas market, but it rained – I also bought my cosmetics and make up that had run out – cost a fortune.

    Enjoy your evening.

  2. I’m the same way with the Christmas tree. Especially putting the lights on! But once it is up, it makes me smile every day.

    Good for you for taking a week off to let your body get back to feeling normal.

  3. Your Christmas decorations look so pretty – I especially love what you did for the table – the red, white and silver is really striking!

    I have no clue on the Garmin – shoot, I just want a watch so I can start timing my runs – but that looks like an awesome tool for someone who runs as much as you do! Glad you are treating yourself with something that will help your workouts!

  4. Love the Christmas decorations. I am bad about decorating but it does seem better once it is all down. I am excited to be following your blog. I am loving what I am reading!

  5. That garmin looks like a fortress! I am curious about how it functions!

    I love your fireplace, it’s so festive!

  6. You decorations look great. I am sure it was worth the time it took.

    I don’t have a garmin, but I am intrigued. I can’t wait to read more about this.

  7. Don’t have the Garmin Forerunner but we do have a few other Garmin gadgets that we are very happy with.

    I love your fire place decorations and the table. I’m not so much into Christmas trees lol.

    I sent out my Christmas cards on Friday. Really happy that I managed to do that despite everything. I just thought of the people who would be happy to receive them…that made me do it eventually 😉

    So you have started your WW plan. So good! The salad sounds great!!

  8. The decorations look beautiful! It’s a lot of work but worth it in the end. It sounds like the new WW is going well and your meals look very balanced. That will be my inspiration this week and I promise to get into the gym tomorrow. 🙂 Have a great Monday!

  9. Hi Fran! sorry it has taken so long to reply, it was a crazy busy weekend and i’m trying to get caught up!
    I LOVE my Garmin. I got the one you have pictured above. I love that it tracks how far I have gone and how fast. I had no idea what kind of pace i was running at. It also tells me the calorie burn. It’s so handy to have around. I know that there is many more functions but I just haven’t been able to find the time. I mostly use the distance and tiime those are most important to me.

    If you are going to continue running then it’s defiantely a very nice toy to have!
    hope that helps!
    oh and it also comes with a heart rate monitor but i have yet to still use it. It’s in the form of a belt.

  10. I did a post about my Garmin likes and Dislikes:


    For the price I think it is a GREAT product! I have had mine for a year and it has treated me very very well.

    Love the tree.. Wow 3 hours!!

  11. Love love love the decorations! It looks beautiful!

    ok, so I have the Forerunner 405…honestly I would not recommend it. I have heard a lot of really good things about the 305 however. With mine, the 405, it has a bevel that you touch to move between screens. When you are sweaty it is has a hard time functioning properly. Also I get worried about it getting rained on and such. All together though I love how the Garmin tracks your pace and miles. It is a wonderful piece of equiptment. i like the heart rate monitor as well even though I don’t do heart rate based workouts. I think you will love having a Garmin! When I first got mine I went out to run every single day just so I could use it!!!

    hope tha helps!

  12. onelittlejill

    Honestly, I think Garmins are a lot of hype. I have no desire to get one. I do have a Polar for HR purposes but most of the time, I use a simple stop watch. Every now and then I wish I had something to keep track of my miles but for the cost, I just cannot rationalize one…especially because I am not competetively racing.

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