A day in my life: Monday December 14th 2009

Health week 50:

Goal 1 (lose weight every week):
Weight result December 10th:..-0.5 kg/-1.1 lbs.
Current weight: 80 kg / 176.3 lbs.

Goal 2 (eat healthy every day):
Weight Watchers daily points: 29
Free points: 49
Earned active points: 11

Monday: 26,5 points
Tuesday: 28 points
Wednesday: 28 points
Thursday: 28.5 points
Friday:  34.5 points (had 2 glasses of wine)
Saturday: 44 points (normal points 29,5 the rest was snack/wine)
Sunday: 36 points (again the wine)

Remaining free points: 14,5
Used active points: 0

At least I’m making progress in the weekend, last week I had 1 point left, this week 14,5 but I can do much better. I enter my weight on the WW site on Monday morning and due to my weight this week I’ve been cut back on my free points, it’s now 42 instead of 49 a week.

Goal 3 (work-out 5 times a week):
Monday: Lunchwalk for 30 minutes, Matt Roberts weight loss plan, week 4, training 3, 52:36
Tuesday: Rest (doctor’s orders)
Wednesday:  Rest (doctor’s orders)
Thursday: Rest (had to do weekly grocery shopping)
Friday: –
Saturday: –
Sunday: 5K run in 34.04

Goals week 50:
1)       Workout 5 times -> no, just two times.
2)       Eat max. 29 points a day on weekdays -> almost except Friday
3)       Get 7 hours sleep a night -> no not at the first half of the week.

Amanda, Syl and Mel thanks for the response to the Garmin. I will definitely go buy one as soon as I get my salary next week. I totally deserve it 😆

Today it was back to work but after today I only have to work 3 whole days and 3 half days and then I’m having vacation till January 4th. I am really looking forward to that. My plans are to exercise as much as I can between Christmas and New Year. I’ve gained 0.5 kg/1.1 lbs over the weekend which probably is gone tomorrow morning but I’m starting to get worried about the holidays. I don’t want to gain much after all my hard work of the last months. Those 3 holidays aren’t worth that eating-wise.

I hadn’t planned to go running yesterday but the weather was perfect: 5C (41 F), clear blue sky, sunshine and not too much wind so I decided to run 5K (3.1 miles). And what a 5K it became: I’ve reached my first goal for the 5K: run it within 35 minutes and I did it in 34.06.

My next goal is run it within 32 minutes. When I started running in March I had to carry 6 kg/13 lbs. extra weight with me and I’m sure running without this makes me faster also. Imagine what I can run when I’ve reached my goal weight, I can’t hardly wait to see for myself 🙂

I also bought some running gloves tonight online as the temperatures are dropping below 0C for the next two weeks.

Today I did a short home work-out: 30 Day Shred. I finished the 10 days of level 1 today so I’m ready for level 2 now. And I’ve had a lunchwalk of 30 minutes with my best friend K.

What’s for dinner:
Yesterday I made a stew of beef, sweet potatoes, leek, onions with cinnamon and honey.

Today kale with mashed potatoes.

The Ultimate Diet Log:

Fitness factoid: Studies suggest that yoga and meditation can alter your brain, helping you live a calmer life and possibly increasing your immune function. Not only do you feel refreshed after each session, but the sense of calm and happiness build over time.

Quote:: “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well”. Virginia Woolf

Positive today:
Only a few days left of working this year.

Daily Tip/Quote:
This is not about instant gratification. You have to work hard for it, sweat for it, give up sleeping in on Sunday mornings.
Lauren Fessenden, marathoner


13 responses to “A day in my life: Monday December 14th 2009

  1. I know. I only have four days of work lef t now and I am so excited! Great job on the plan!

  2. I have not understood…I see you lost weight and then at the bottom you say you gained but will lose what you gained by tomorrow, please explain to your very slow friend n Germany, did u gain or lose as when I look at your week you did so well point wise and went into your extra so if we understand WW properly you should not have gained but lost or stayed the same.

    I’m finding I’m eating more as well and its not even Xmas time….I am going to have to watch myself every step of the way and make good choices…not worth gaining after working so hard on losing the weight.
    I did 5kl in 33.45mins today, and thought, we running at the same pace…I cant go faster…not ready to work that hard….LOL…I’m actually a lazy person to be honest.

    I’m still waiting for your Chicken dishes – am getting bored of mine already….

    Hope you have a good evening, and oh, I also had 2 glasses of wine last Friday.

    Sarah who is on group and on blogs ( american in Germany ) is coming to spend a few days with me from Sunday, we taking her and her daughter to the christmas markets as her hubby is in the army and working…will be great having company at home.

    Sending love…

  3. Thanks for that…and YES, I understand…I am exactly the same…I can keep within my points but if I have made a bad choice it shows due to salt etc…
    I also weigh Monday as my official day and log it into WW site, then most days I weight myself and write in my diary.
    I can be down today and tomorrow up again by a few 100grams…its okay as I want to maintain between 60 and 61 now….
    our bodies are very much alike, we both slow losers but I think thats better as we will keep it off long term.
    You now weight what I weighed last year this time and today I’m 22kgs lighter…it took a while as you can see…..

    Thanks for being such a great friend…and Yes, I’m going to enjoy having Sarah around.

  4. Great job on the points and on your run! I bet you can’t wait to have some vacation time. Nice and relaxing! I love your plans for exercising as much as you can between Christmas and New Year’s Eve so you are able to maintain all the hard work you are doing.

  5. Wow you keep such great track of all of everything. I think I need to do that. How did you get to the running stage? I am trying but maybe when I drop some more weight it will be easier.

  6. Wonderful job keeping track of your workouts and your eating. I think that has really proven how much journaling helps in this whole journey.

    I hope you enjoy your Garmin – I would love to get one someday!

  7. I like what you said about how when you started running earlier in the year you weighed more and carried that with you, so now you are faster…for some reason, that has really hit home with me. Thanks for making me think tonight!

  8. I am going to say something in the nicest, kindest tone ever, although it may not come across that way:

    You would rather come to Cananda then go to Italy???? you crazy women!!!!!!! I only say this because going to Italy has been a dream of mine!!!! i’d love to meet you but giving up ITALY……………… 😉

    Oh and Old Dutch is a brand name of potatoe chips, kind of like lays, not sure if you have heard of them.. There are all kinds of different flavours, ketchup, dill pickle, salt and vinegar….I gotta stop or this is gonna end badly 🙂

    Have a great day Fran

  9. Hey Fran: here is another thing we have in common. We run at almost the exact same pace. I run a consistent 34 min 5k and my fastest 5k was 32 minutes! 🙂

    I want to thank you for always reading and commenting on my blog. Your comments are always so thoughtful, I look forward to reading them every day. I absolutely will find a way to meet you if we are back in Europe this summer. Marcelle too! Wouldn’t it be great if we could all hang out together??

    Oh and PVR’d Amazing Race just means that my brother had recorded the finale of The Amazing Race (it’s a reality show about people racing around the world). They did a whole show in Amsterdam this season.

  10. You are a lean mean running machine!

    My husband has started doing yoga before bed and he is sleeping better….

  11. Yay for the loss. Sounds like you’re doing good on the plan and your weekends don’t sound too terrible to me. 🙂

    Your stew looks DELICIOUS! I should try sweet potatoes in stew. Does it alter the taste a lot?

  12. That stew looks so yummy!

    I hear you about the holiday fear. 1 or 2 days is okay to indulge, but it gets scary after that. It’s hard!

  13. Mmmmm, boerenkool!

    How are you finding the 30 day shred? I’ve read many complaints about how it has ruined people’s knees.

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