A day in my life: Wednesday December 16th 2009

Yesterday I had taken the afternoon off from work because Roussy had to go to the dog trimmer. At night I had a reception of one of our stores that reopened. Before I went I had in mind not to take any snacks or alcohol but I failed. When I came in I took a glass of champagne, later I had a glass of white wine and I had 2 “bitterballen”. I think this is a typical Dutch snack so I have a picture here so you can get an idea.

Back in the car I started to feel down because once again I didn’t control myself. When I got up this morning I still felt down. So I decided to wear my new black boots (my old pair are broken), put on my favourite perfume “Chanel Mademoiselle” and wear my Pandora bracelet. This bracelet is very special to me, I’ve got it last year for my 40th birthday from R. and all the charms on it I got for my birthday from R., family and friends so when I wear it everybody I care about I’m carrying with me. This did me make feel a little better.

I hadn’t tracked my food yesterday and did that tonight. I didn’t have a big lunch or dinner yesterday (maybe I knew what was coming?) so to my surprise I stayed within my 29 budget yesterday.

Even though I did make a “holiday plan”. Till January 2nd I’ll try to maintain my weight around 80 kg/176 lbs. I’ll try to exercise as much as possible and I take one day at a time regarding food and exercise. I really worry too much already about Christmas lunch at work Friday, two Christmas dinners and New Year’s eve and that’s taking away all the holiday fun if I don’t change. In January I will continue my weight loss struggle full speed.

So do I have anything fun to report? Yes! Tomorrow night I’m going to the theatre with K. We’re going to a Dutch musical called “Love me Tender”. The story is especially written for this musical but all the music are Elvis songs. We have very good seats: front row.

Friday I have to work only in the morning, at 12.30 pm we have a Christmas lunch which every year is very much fun, everybody is happy and most people dress for the occasion. I’ve decided to wear one of my new dresses even though it doesn’t fit perfect yet but with a jacket that doesn’t show. Around 14.30 pm I will get my Christmas box and then I go home.

No exercise on Tuesday and today.

My plan is to run tomorrow afternoon even though the weather forecast says it will be snowing as of tonight. But I’m prepared: I found old running clothes which are warm, I’ve got my pink hat and my new running gloves arrived in the mail today. So cold won’t stop me, I only have to look how much snow is going to fall.

What’s for dinner:
Yesterday a “light” dinner: chicken breast, potatoes and green beans.

Today we had pasta with chicken, leek, mushrooms and light cream cheese. No picture because the battery of my camera was empty.

The Ultimate Diet Log:
Research report: Eating a large, 100-calorie salad as a first course may reduce the calories you eat in the entire meal by such as 12 percent, compared to not eating salad. However, eating a 400-calorie salad may increase your total calorie intake by 17 percent.

Nutrition shocker: One Reuben sandwich contains 3,270 mg of sodium, far more than the 2,300 mg maximum recommended per day. One Dunkin’ Donuts salt bagel contains 4,520 mg of sodium.

Positive today:
Calorie intake yesterday wasn’t as bad as expected.

Daily Tip/Quote:
Every mile is two in winter.
George Herbert


12 responses to “A day in my life: Wednesday December 16th 2009

  1. Like the daily tip. That means I did 12 miles yesterday 🙂 Just kidding, it would be great if I could multiply my miles though and help get his extra weight off quicker!

  2. I am trying very hard to say NO to alcohol or to have a little only on certain days, but when one goes out its so much harder so understand for you.

    That bracelet is stunning and such a beautiful idea…I have a charm bracelet with all my grandchildren’s initials on and special places I love…like a small SA flag…we have the same ideas in things, how scary hey.

    I also want to maintain my weight till next year and also taking it one day at a time…in group the challenge for this week was to write yourself a letter…have you read mine…?? its called Dear Marcelle.

    Am off to bed now, heinz is calling…bye and chat tomorrow again.

  3. I love the idea of that bracelet. That would put me in a better mood too. And good for you for preparing for a run in the snow!

    I love the idea of a 5k with you and Marcelle! They have a Race Day in Kempen – the town in Germany we visit. It is toward the end of August every summer. Maybe we’ll be there for that. Is that far from you?

  4. That bracelet is beautiful. I have one that I’ve had since I was a child, and I have charms on it from the time I was about 10. It really is a treasure.

    Wouldn’t that be fun to do a 5K with Marcelle!!

  5. I love the idea behind your bracelet! What a wonderful support. Keep up the good work!

  6. Your bracelet is lovely. Don’t fee too down on yourself. For the next party make a plan and stick to it. You will feel so much better about yourself. Hugs! The interview was fine, no idea if I was successful or not, but I should find out by the end of the year…possibly. It was a great experience though as I don’t like interviews. Good practice for me.

  7. Your bracelet is so pretty and such a wonderful idea – I love that everyone you love gave you a charm for your 40th! Glad you wore your boots today – boots just make your day better, right?!? (I’m wearing mine tomorrow)

    Don’t be too hard on yourself over the alcohol and snacks – it’s really hard not to partake in social situations. You really are doing great overall!

  8. Isn’t if funny how we think we have done so bad until we actually sit down and track it. You tracked it, you stayed within your points to me that is very successful! Great Job!

  9. Hope your day is better. I think I am also just going to try and get through the holidays.

  10. I think you did very well yesterday. You had a few small indulgences (really it wasn’t that bad) and you still stayed within your budget for the day. I call that success.

    In answer to your question, I have a small gym at home. But for most of the moves you don’t need much in the way of equipment. There will be a few things I’ll need to modify along the way.

  11. I think your plan to maintain during the holidays is a good one. That in itself is a challenge, but it’s realistic. I’m opting to try and lose this Christmas. A little crazy perhaps, but all I can do is try. 🙂

    I found it strange that the research from the ultimate diet log said a “large” 100 calorie salad. I guess that’s because veggies don’t have many calories. It must be a salad without dressing. Regardless, I will have to try that and see if it works for me.

  12. Thanks for the visit and lovely comment…right this moment I’m enjoying my glass of wine….LOL, had to tell u.xxxx

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