A day in my life: Monday December 21th 2009

Health week 51:

Goal 1 (lose weight every week):
Weight result December 17th no loss/no gain.
Current weight: 80 kg/176.3 lbs.

Goal 2 (eat healthy every day):
Weight Watchers daily points: 29
Free points: 42
Earned active points: 10

Monday: 24 points
Tuesday:  28,5 points
Wednesday: 29,5 points
Thursday:  35 points
Friday: no counting
Saturday:  48,5 points
Sunday:  35 points

Remaining free points: 10
Used active points: 0

Goal 3 (work-out 5 times a week):
Monday: 30 Day Shred, level 1, day 10. Lunchwalk of 30 minutes
Saturday: Matt Roberts weight loss plan, week 5, training 1

Goals week 51:
1)       Workout 5 times -> no
2)       Eat max. 29 points a day on weekdays -> only 2 days within max.
3)       Get 7 hours sleep a night -> yes

This was one of the worst weeks since a long time. Too much and too many unhealthy food choices and only two workouts last week and on top of it: no weight loss. It couldn’t get any worse this week so I’m going for it.

Remember the story about my co-worker who made a picture of my back? Well here it is (I’m the one on the left). I’m the first who’s sceptic and sarcastic about my body but I have to admit: I have great legs :blush:

I couldn’t run yesterday because it has been snowing all day. I heard on the radio that we haven’t had this much snow in about 30 years. I’m no fan of snow (I do like how beautiful it looks) and I can’t wait till it’s gone but they say it will be here till Christmas so we’re having a white Christmas since years.

I also didn’t go to the gym tonight because the expect more snow and I drive as less as possible in this weather. We’re not used to this kind of weather so many, many accidents on the roads.

I have to accept that it’s this weather and will pick up training on Wednesday and do the Shred every day if I have to but I hope that I can go for a short run Thursday afternoon or on Christmas morning. I really don’t like the treadmill, I want to run outside. One thing I love about running is being outside.

I did buy my Garmin Forerunner online yesterday so hopefully I receive this before Christmas.

What’s for dinner:
Saturday I made a BLT sandwich with avocado.

Yesterday tomato soup with meatballs and a little crème fraîche light on top with some bread.

Today we have “hutspot”: potatoes, onions and carrots smashed.

The Ultimate Diet Log:

Fitness factoid: Crunches performed on a stability ball challenge the abdominal muscles much more than a traditional crunch done on the floor. One study found that the ball was most effective when positioned under the lower lumbar region of the spine.

Quote: “An optimist is a person who starts a new diet on Thanksgiving Day” – Irv Kupcinet (talk-show host)

Positive today:
Good WW day, beautiful winter wonderland outside.


9 responses to “A day in my life: Monday December 21th 2009

  1. My friend….those are very good legs indeed…check those muscles on the calves…
    And you looking so slim as well….

    I went to the gym early this morning to run on treadmill…left Sarah to sleep and hubby to clear the snow off the driveway…tomorrow am going to drag Sarah kicking and screaming to the gym – hehehe, I intend to train right up till Thursday…

  2. Woooooowwwwieeee! Nice legs! Nice meals! Nice plans for working out! Sorry the snow is cramping your style. It snowed a bit today, but didn’t stay on the ground. I hope it stays away!

  3. Um yeah, AMAZING legs. Wish mine looked like that. 🙂

  4. Those legs are amazing! I wish they were mine!! (Just kidding – kinda)

    I like your workout plans. Take care of yourself.

  5. Nice shot and great gams! I have a few “before and after” shots of myself and the ones of my back side always intrigue me because I normally never see or even think about my back.

    Did you manage to get out at all? I had to skip Sunday running, and I finally got up the nerve to drive to the gym today. The roads have been so bad!

  6. I wish I looked that good from behind….

  7. “I have to admit: I have great legs” I couldn’t agree more!

    By the way, that BLT with avocado looks outstanding!!

  8. You do have great legs! Good for you for finding something to compliment rather than criticize…
    BODA lose weight

  9. You really do have great legs! Must be all the running. 😉

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