A day in my life: Monday January 4th 2010

Goals week 1:
Goal 1: lose weight every week
Goal 2: stay within WW points
Goal 3: work-out 5 times a week

Extra goal week 1:
No chips on Saturday night.
I think this is the most difficult habit to break. We don’t eat much chips only on Saturday nights and every time I say to myself I won’t eat it but I always do.


Conny (fat to fit mommy) has passed the 10 things that make you happy to me. Here’s my top 10.

Top 10 of things that make me happy:

  1. R., whom I’ve been with for almost 16 years now, he’s my rock. “God only knows what I’d be without you”
  2. My friends who make life so much more fun.
  3. My dog Roussy
  4. Do things with R. or my friends like going to concerts, to the theatre, the movies or going out for dinner.
  5. Music, especially Bruce Springsteen’s music.
  6. Cooking, love my cook books, my food magazines, try new recipes.
  7. Running.
  8. Watch my favourite tv-shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Desperate Housewives and many more.
  9. Reading books and magazines.
  10. And last but certainly not least: blogging! Reading blogs, give comments, get comments on my own blog. Share successes and struggles together.

I may pass this on to three people:




Yesterday evening I watched “Love Actually”. Do you know that movie? It’s such a feel good movie, it was the perfect way to finish my vacation.

Today back to work and as expected: it’s busy. At 9.30 am we had a New Year’s “reception” and that’s my most terrible half hour of the year at the office. All those people who want to wish you happy New Year. That’s not so terrible but they all want to kiss you and in Holland we are used to give 3 kisses. My cheeks felt dirty when I got back on my office and I was happy it was over.

I had planned to go for my first run this year yesterday but decided to take the day off and start my workout year today. It’s cold in Holland, much colder than normal and I have to get used to it. But I intend to keep running outside. I’m prepared: got my hat, my gloves and my thermal shirt. So nothing can stop me.

And I did start my workout year today: I went to the gym straight from work and did a Matt Roberts workout for 70 minutes. It feels good after 3 days of doing no exercise to be back at it.

The Ultimate Diet Log:

Fitness factoid: Compared to inactive moms-to-be, women who exercise during pregnancy have a lower risk of gestational diabetes and high blood pressure, experience fewer aches and pains, gain on average 7 pounds less, deliver leaner babies, and recuperate more quickly.

Quote: “I keep trying to lose weight .. but it keeps finding me”. Anonymous.

Positive today:
Back to normal routines, makes keeping a healthy lifestyle much easier.

Daily Tip/Quote:
Happiness always looks small while you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and you learn at once how big and precious it is.
Maxim Gorky


16 responses to “A day in my life: Monday January 4th 2010

  1. Good for you for getting right back in the swing of things – I let the cold discourage me, the only exercise I got was walking my son to school and walking to get him this afternoon. School is only 1 km from our house, so that wasn’t much!

  2. didn’t mean to scare you…….. sorry about that :;-)
    Doesn’t it feel great to be back to regular scheduled progamming 🙂

  3. Great job on getting off to a good start!

    I like this quote: Quote: “I keep trying to lose weight .. but it keeps finding me”. Anonymous.

    That’s me in a nutshell. My last 10 pounds really, really like me (ala Sally Fields)

  4. I’m laughing at both your quote and Lori’s response to it!

    Running in the cold is admirable. I about froze to death when it was 52 degrees the other day. Need to work on that whole layering thing!

    I LOVE the movie Love Actually – didn’t it just make you feel warm and happy when you watched it?!?

    OK, your “dirty cheek” answered a question I’ve always wondered about in societies that kiss for greeting. Did you wash your face afterward? I probably would have!

  5. Fran you are totally right. I have to get back into my running shoes and I think all will be well with the world! Thanks for passing on the ten things. I’ll work it into my post tomorrow.

    Love Actually is one of my favourite holiday movies ever. I think I watch it about once a year. I think my favourite part is with the couple who don’t speak the same language. They are so cute together.

  6. I have figured out a way for you to avoid chip on Saturday night…don’t buy them! LOL!

    Glad everything is back to normal at work except for the kissing…there will be no kissing when I go back to work tomorrow. I am not looking forward to hearing the alarm clock…boo!!!

    Love your top ten list!

  7. Typo alert…make that chips not chip.

  8. I love your list 🙂

  9. Good Tuesday morning for the last time from my hospital bed

    Thanks for passing on the * passing on to me *

    Glad to hear you upbeat and ready to tackle the new year with new beginnings in your steps….You wont catch me running in the cold..maybe one day when I am a more comfortable runner…but I hate being cold, struggling with a nose that won’t stop running while running etc..

    Have a great day…..btw, I love those 10 ideas as they are what mine looks like. I want to stay off the internet – well not off, but not spend as much time on as I have been…life it so be lived and enjoyed.
    Off to shower now.

  10. Glad you are getting back into everything!! My turn to do that today…

  11. Off to a great start! And great job resisting the chips.

    Love your list of things that makes you happy!


    Am home….went through a dip when leaving hospital but about 2 hours later my spirit shot high again, have no idea why that happened, maybe leaving * security * was the reason.

    Went to have my nails done * quick 15mins session * was not feeling great…then went to DR and sat in waiting room for ages…was put on more cortisone – till Sunday now and not till tomorrow as I was told, so hoping blood tests today didn’t show anything was wrong.

    Came home and felt good, took down decoration, unpacked my bags while Heinz cleaned up with me and made me dinner.
    Now off to have a bath.
    My skin is sore…thin, paper thin on my hands, looks weird and so old…itchy and patchy, my lips are dry – the corner of my nose is peeling……

    Am on the way up…
    I hope you get to run…its so cold here -11 at the moment, hectic snow in the UK at the moment saw on the news.

    Keep going my friend….tracking has began for you!!

  13. Those ten things are great! I really admire how you are so focused, and determined, and goal oriented. That’s what gives you the success you have achieved.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what all you accomplish in 2010 Fran!

  14. I love Love Actually. I own it and watch it every holiday season. So great! You’ve got some good goals there and seem ready to kick butt. You go girl!

  15. FRAN!!!!!!!!!!!

    I got your Get Well Soon card this morning….
    Its awesome…love it.

    I appreciate the fact that u thought of me, went to the shop bought a card, took time to write me a few words and then post it off…that takes planning and lots of effort, so my heart sings from your love and kindness shown to me.

    Love u…xxx

  16. My day….
    I went for a walk today – felt good to be in the cold fresh air – 8 today – Heinz suffered so wanted to go back long before I did.
    Got home and felt weird…but it didn’t last for long.
    I drop things often and bump into doors and walls, but laugh as its so not like me this…I am not going to worry about this now, still on medication till Sunday.
    Tomorrow will go with Heinz to gym to walk on the treadmill for a while…do nothing hectic but want to do something..low key.

    I had a friend come visit today…she uplifted me..but now have a concern which I cant share here…but will try in another form.

    Off to bed soon, pray I have a good nights sleep without sweating….heheh, horrible to wake up all wet.
    chat soon

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