A day in my life: Friday January 8th 2010

I have to confess: I did have a glass of wine on my friend’s birthday and some cashew nuts so I went over my daily total of Wednesday. Evenings like these are difficult for me, I always say to myself before I go I won’t eat or drink anything and I always do. I hope Beck’s Diet Solution will help me with this.

After I read on some blogs about Beck’s Diet Solution I decided to buy the book myself. It’s translated in Dutch. I know I need a mind change for some situations like parties, going out for dinner, being tired, being bored. Usually I eat when I’m in those situations. After reading the introduction I recognized some habits that I have and that the book can help me with. You have to read a chapter every day for 6 weeks and it includes tasks too. I will tell on my blog my experiences with this book. I will start with day 1 on Saturday.

This means I promised myself to be completely committed to read this book everyday, do the tasks, work out and eat healthy as much as possible for the next 6 weeks so I can make a jump start in 2010.

As far as my weight is concerned: I weighted yesterday and it’s still the same as last week. I wasn’t surprised since I picked up my WW program last Monday and I didn’t exercise much between my weight days.

Yesterday I had my first run of this year. I did 6K / 3.7 miles and started this year good: a new PR on the 6K. It was very cold however but good to be out running. I used my thermo shirt for my upper body and that stayed warm.

But stupid me: I didn’t buy a thermo pants. Result: my legs were so cold when I got home and red of the cold. I took a warm shower as soon as I got home but my legs were so cold that the hot water became cold water as soon as it hit my legs. After my shower I have been cold for at least 1 hour. So R. and I are watching our finances right now but I told him I bought one more thing: a thermo pants 🙂

Weather: 0 C / 32 degrees, cold, clear, sunny.
Time: 42:34
Average speed: 7.05 /km

What’s for dinner:
Yesterday a piece of meat, potatoes that I had to steam in the microwave with green beans.

Today I had noodles with tenderloin, sugar snaps, ginger, some oyster sauce and some soya sauce.

The Ultimate Diet Log:

By the numbers: 13.6: Number of ounces in the average beverage sold in the US in 1970. 21: Ounces in the average beverage sold today.

Food factoid: Soft drinks are the number one source of calories in teens’ diets and the only individual food directly linked to obesity.

Positive today:
The weekend has started: yeah!

Daily Tip/Quote:
To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.


13 responses to “A day in my life: Friday January 8th 2010

  1. man I could feel the cold you were writing about, hence the reason I dont run in this weather…even if I could…LOL

    One glass of wine and a few nuts is GOOD going I would be proud of myself for that.
    Love ur meals….
    Am interested to hear more about this book as you and Syl go along as both will find something different to share and also you both have different readers…we can learn something from u both.

    I had a good morning…
    Then started dropping and bumping into stuff which frustrated me so much.
    Went shopping and felt weird, like I was not able to look around but only close by, felt I was bumping into everyone..but then got home and was mixing my breakfast when I dropped it all over the lounge floor, got the broom and started to cry while sweeping it up, I just got so frustrated and scared that this was how life was going to be for me and I am not going to enjoy it one bit…after my cry I felt a little better.
    Later Heinz went to gym and I started training while watching tv…did triceps dips, abs, squats then started walking on the spot and lifting my knees up and slowly started jogging on the spot..felt so good, I felt so good…
    Have been great since…now going to bath and settle to read my new book about how to change my mind to believe I have the mind power with positive thought and prayer to heal the area effected in my brain…
    Thanks for asking and letting me tell you about my day.

  2. Thanks my friend
    Heinz goes back to work on Monday so am sure I will be calling on u a lot more, its good to know you are there for me..sms is perfect.

  3. I think one glass of wine is better then 2 or more. You might allow yourself one glass when you go to celebrations. Then you won’t be upset that you had the one and if you plan it into the day it will go better. Just a thought as I am still learning to. I am also following some people reading the book. I might buy it if enough people like it.

  4. Glad you sprang for the thermal pants – there is nothing more miserable than being so cold! Nice work on your run. I admire you for getting out in the cold and doing it!

    I’m interested to hear what you think of the Beck book – a lot of people are reading it all over blogland right now. As I am several books “behind” in my reading, I can’t get into it yet. But I probably will if you like it.

  5. If you’re going to run outside in that weather, you deserve the good pants. Good for you for buying them.

    Beck can be pretty intense if you do it for 6 weeks straight. I’ll be interested to hear what you have to say about it.

    Have a great weekend Fran!

  6. You NEED those pants!

    Can’t wait to hear more about this book!

  7. Brrrr….. I double up pants when it is really cold. I wear my tight compression capris and then sweats to keep my legs warm.

    The Beck book will definitely help you with social situations. The idea is not to never have anything, but learn how to moderate when you go out and get rid of the feeling that you are ‘celebrating’ and it’s okay to do whatever.

  8. I can’t believe you kept running when it was so cold! I’m totally impressed. I am really a baby when it comes to going outside in the cold weather…

  9. Hello

    If I go out I count coffee as 1 point.
    I set out 100ml of fat free milk a day for my coffee and tea and count it as 2 points per day…
    So yes I count it in…

  10. Nuts are good and wine won’t hurt you. It’s hard being in social situations and not participate. Sometimes I will have a wine spritzer to save on some calories.

  11. Great job on the run!

    Staying the same is as good as a loss!!!

  12. I am going running today no matter what!

    your dinners always look so yummy!

  13. I need thermo pants 🙂

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