A day in my life: Sunday January 10th 2010

Goals week 1:

Goal 1: lose weight every week

Weight January 7th: 80.5 kg / 177.4 lbs.
Result: –
Current weight: 80.5 kg/ 177.4 lbs.

Goal 2: stay within WW points
Weight Watchers daily points: 29
Free points: 49
Earned active points: 24

Monday:  27,5 points
Tuesday:  25,5 points
Wednesday:   35 points
Thursday: 24 points
Friday: 35 points
Saturday: 39 points
Sunday: 39,5 points

Remaining free points: 16,5
Used active points: 0

Goal 3: work-out 5 times a week
Monday: Matt Roberts Weight loss plan, week 5, training 2
Thursday: 6K / 3.7 miles in 42:34, new PR on 6K
Saturday: Pilates class 1 hours, Matt Roberts upper body workout 46 minutes
Sunday: Shred, level 2, day 1

This is the first week I actually did work-out 5 times so I’m very proud of achieving this goals this week.

Extra goal week 1:
No chips on Saturday night.
I think this is the most difficult habit to break. We don’t eat much chips only on Saturday nights and every time I say to myself I won’t eat it but I always do.

Result: I managed to do this. R. had some chips last night but I took 6 green olives with a little bit of feta cheese. I’m proud of myself that I could resist this. I have to say I didn’t miss it much either so going to try to resist it again next week.

Extra goal week 2:
This will be the same the next 6 weeks. My goal is to read a chapter of Beck’s Diet Solution everyday and do the tasks for that day.

This weekend has been about staying inside. Yesterday morning it started snowing with a lot of wind so it was very cold yesterday. Today should have been the same as yesterday but it’s still snowing a bit but there’s not much wind. However we were adviced to stay home this weekend. I had plans to go for a run outside or at the gym but there is too much snow to run outside and the roads are very slippery so I didn’t want to risk anything by driving to the gym. Instead I did the Shred (see exercise).

Beck’s Diet Solution:
Yesterday I started reading this book. And I have to say after reading the introduction and two days I believe this is THE book for me to help me deal with social situations in which I often eat too much. Or when I eat for no reason and thoughtless. I think it will take some time every day to read the chapter and do the tasks but I’m willing to do that. I will give a report here how I experience the book by giving an overview off the day.

Day 1:
Day 1 is all about the benefits of losing weight. The task is to make an “benefits motivation card” and read that card every day twice. I’ve made my card, a few of my benefits are:

–          I am healthier, in better shape, have more energy.
–          I can run faster
–          I have less chances on getting ill en will live longer
–          I like myself more
–          I don’t feel guilty anymore
–          I have healthy eating and exercising adopted as my lifestyle

There are more reasons on the card, some are personal. This is just to give you an idea.

You also had to make a remembering system so I set the alarm of my mobile to go off every morning and evening so I can read my cards.

Day 2:
You have to pick a diet and a backup diet just in case the one you choose doesn’t work for you. The book says to start with a diet after two weeks but if you already following one or are maintaining weight you can continue that.

Of course I choose Weight Watchers online because I’m already doing that. My backup is a site which counts calories, it’s a Dutch site, you can compare it to Spark People.

I’ve made another motivation card: lose weight slowly and healthy.
–          My diet must be a diet I can follow for a longer time.
–          I will not skip meals
–          I have to change my eating habits
–          Lose weight slowly guarantees in the long term that I won’t gain no more
–          My diet has to have room for “treats”
–          My diet has to contain all the nutritional values and be varied
–          If I accept that I have follow a healthy mealplan for the rest of my life, losing weight will get easier.

Yesterday I had a Pilates class, last time was in August, and it was great. Don’t know why I waited so long to go back. I will definitely try to go once a week. I noticed that I got do the exercises better than 4 months ago. I think that’s because of my weight training. Anyhow it was a great workout.

After Pilates I did my first Matt Roberts upper body workout, it took me 46 minutes. I skipped the warming up since I already was warmed up. I was kind of bored halfway the training and after thinking about it I don’t think I like doing this for 6 weeks in a row. So again I switched programs because I like to have some cardiotraining in my workouts so that the training won’t bore me by doing just cardio or just weight training. So I’ve worked out his Bikini program which contains cardio, upper and lower body strength exercises and abs exercises. I think I will try to do this program till April when I want to go back to running 3 times a week instead of 1 time.

My sign of the zodiac is Gemini so I change things often so get used to me changing plans, goals etc. That’s just who I am, can’t change that.

Today I started level 2 of the 30 Day Shred and it was more intense than level 1. But I like the exercises.

I also did the initial test for the 100 Push up challenges. I wanted to do this test at a whole push up but I’m ashamed to say that I couldn’t complete 1 whole push up. So I did the test from the knee push ups and will hopefully during the challenge be able to complete whole push ups.

What’s for dinner:
Yesterday I made an Italian bread with some low-fat mayo, avocado and an egg for dinner.

Today tomato-vegetable soup with bread.

For dessert I made a crumble of vanilla custard and apricot compote.

The Ultimate Diet Log:

Nutrition tip: When purchasing breads, cereals, and other grain items, follow this rule: buy only products with at least 3 grams of fiber per serving.

Fitness factoid: You’re never too old or overweight to benefit from exercise. Working out just 3 days a week for 75 minutes total can improve the fitness of posmenopausal women who are overweight and inactive, research suggests. With more fitness comes less heart disease.

Positive today:
Lazy Sunday at home, watch some of my favourite tv shows, read some and exercises at home.

Daily Tip/Quote:
Respect your efforts, respect yourself.  Self-respect leads to self-discipline.  When you have both firmly under your belt, that’s real power.
Clint Eastwood


13 responses to “A day in my life: Sunday January 10th 2010

  1. Hey – I’m a Gemini, too!

  2. Sounds like you are doing great! I love Weight Watchers because it allows me to still eat the foods I love within reason. I got back on the exercise wagon this weekend; now I have to get my food under control again too. It’s been tough after all the holiday feasting. It’s been cold, snowy and windy in NY too. Treadmill runs for now. I can’t wait until Spring!

  3. Congratulations on working out for 5 days! That’s wonderful. That book sounds really interesting. I’ve heard people mention it but never read it myself. It sounds like it has some good, sound advice.

    And your food looks great – especially that Italian bread.

  4. Fran, I’ve been doing WW and wondered how you get 49 free points. We only get 35 and I would love to have the extras. I can earn points for doing workouts but I use them only when I need an energy bar or gel while running.

  5. onelittlejill

    I love the quote!!!

    Fran- I think that you have done really well with your goals. The chips thing IS hard…it took me a long time to turn them down (and french fries) but I find that I don’t even miss them. Now and then, I treat myself and that is enough for me 🙂

  6. Good monday morning – miss this entry last night as I logged off early to spend time with hubby watching tv…but now am up so early as I cant sleep. Very frustrating, but am sure I will get my body clock going again soon.

    I also like changing things around, I get so bored so fully understand how you feel about things and don’t think you need to even explain…just be and do what suits you the best.

    Am enjoying the book review through you so please keep it up and teach what you are learning.
    I too am learning so much…its going to be a good 2010 as we all share our newly found knowledge in all different area’s to make us complete as a person.

    Today is my weigh in day…am I nervous…NOPE – I understand my body has been through lots the last 3 weeks and will be grateful for whatever it gives me today.

    Have a good day at work…
    Chat soon…
    Your friend close by…xx

  7. I am…could not sleep after 5am so decided enough tossing and turning as keeping H up and he goes back to work today…so came and read…then tidied up my table as a mess and now computer…xx

  8. Hi Fran – I totally agree – the snow is getting very OLD. I am just plain sick of it. But with another full week of cold, I don’t think we are going to get rid of it soon – darn! By the way, I nominated you for an award – I am sure you will see it on my blog!

    Looks like you are doing the Beck program – I still have my little cards I made with my reasons for losing weight. I should get them out and take a look!

  9. My daughter is a Gemini. She is constantly changing things up. Keeps life interesting. The important thing is to have a plan. If it gets changed a bit, that’s okay.

    I like the Fitness factoid today. I’d like to see my mom get more active. She’s 61 and I think sometimes she focusses to much on how her abilities are limited now. If she focussed more on what she can do, I think she would find herself getting stronger fast!

    My water reminder just popped up! Yours is on your mobile, mine is on my computer. Off to chugalug!

  10. My dear friend
    Feel all the wonderful feelings that a dress that fits makes you feel, accept all the compliments that come your way…look at yourself in the mirror as often as you can and tell yourself how fantastic you look.
    Ahhhhhh so exicting.
    Don’t have the Becks book…but think we are all connected at this time and feeling and experiencing the same things.

    Tired now…had an okay day – tomorrow am going to buy ingredients for the biscuits, need to get out a little.
    Chat tomorrow….logging off now…xx

  11. Wow, lots of good goal setting and meeting going on here! Yay for you. 🙂

    I love pilates, but I find that I can only do it in a class setting. I have dvd’s and just can’t seem to do them. I give up.

  12. Oops, sorry i didn’t realize you already got that award! Well, you still deserve it! I am so tired of this snow, it’s snowing now as I type and it really has been more than enough. I really need to gather up my courage to run in this – I am very scared about slipping on the sidewalks and I have not been to the gym as I hate driving in this muck. This is when a treadmill at home would come in really handy.

  13. That book sounds fascinating. You are doing awesome on your goals! Way go go, girl.

    I also love the premise of motivation cards, I need to do that for myself!

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