A day in my life: Friday January 15th 2010

Thanks everybody for the nice compliments on my pictures, it made me blush.

I read two interesting posts the last two days which motivated and inspired me and are related to each other.
The first was on Syl’s blog (Live Smile Run) about Being Accountable and the other on Tamara’s blog (One last kick at the Cat) about 100 OP days in a row.

Syl wants to lose the last pounds of her journey and is going to do that by being accountable to herself. Tamara’s plan is 100 On Plan days in a row. I’ve decided to join both of them in their journey which means I’m going to be accountable and aim for 100 OP days in a row. Tamara started yesterday, so I did too, day 100 = April 23th. If I reach this challenge I will be only a few kg’s/lbs away from my goal weight on April 23th.

I’ve made Beck’s motivation card for this which has 3 bullet points on it to help stay OP. The card is named:


  • Stay within weekly WW ProPoints budget
  • Don’t skip workouts
  • Finish Beck’s Diet Solution and make the tasks everyday

I think it’s a big challenge and I think I can do it too. I’m getting more and more confident about myself that I’m getting to my goal weight this time. So … wish me luck and every support is welcome.

Beck’s Diet Solution:

Day 6: Find a diet coach
I had to find a diet coach. My diet coach can motivate me, helps me solve problems, evaluate the week with me, give me confidence. My choice wasn’t that difficult, I asked my best friend K. whom works with me too so I see her almost everyday.

And of course you are my coaches, there’s no question about that.

Day 7: Adjust your surroundings
This chapter is about adjusting your surroundings at home and at work foodwise. I didn’t have to do anything with this task. We don’t have candy at home, only some chips, chocolate and cookies but never a lot and it’s stored away in closets where the healthy, normal food isn’t lying. So it’s out of sight for me and that’s the meaning of this chapter.

At work we never have candy or cookies, our cafeteria serves everyday 3 salads of which you can chose so healthy options enough. We have two vending machines but one is on the ground floor and the other on the second floor. I work on the first floor so I never buy candy or chocolate from that machine.

I find it hard to give myself compliments every day, I usually forget to do that after I did something good for my health. Need to work on that.

The pain in my mouth is gone but I didn’t workout yesterday. On the Thursday that I work I do my grocery shopping after dinner.

Today I went home early and went for a 5K run before dinner. Temperatures are above 0 so the snow is finally melting.

Weather: 2 C / 35 degrees, foggy, not much wind.
Distance: 5K / 3.1 miles
Time: 35:05
Average speed: 7.01 /km

I signed in for a 5K run on Sunday, my first of this year, but I got an email today that the run is cancelled because the roads are too dangerous to run on due to ice and uneven hard ground.

I’m going to look tomorrow if there’s a run next weekend I can sign up for. I want to do a run every month. If I can’t find one I will do 2 runs in another month.

What’s for dinner:
Yesterday I made macaroni ham and cheese.

R. always eats fast food on Friday so I made a WW recipe with chicken, pasta, spinach and tomato. I weighted everything and I had a full plate for 12 Propoints. I have to say I didn’t eat it all.

The Ultimate Diet Log:

By the numbers: 70: Percentage of supermarket shoppers who bring shopping lists into the store. 10: Percentage of shoppers who stick to their lists. 2: Number of additional items that shoppers pick up for each item on their list.

Food factoid: It’s not true that calories you eat after 7 pm turn to fat. If you eat more calories than you burn, no matter what the clock says, you’ll gain fat. If you eat fewer calories than you burn – even if some are consumed during The tonight show, you’ll slim down.

Positive today:
Had a great outdoor run.

Daily Tip/Quote:
At age forty-three, when I found myself standing in my garage in a new pair of running shoes, I knew that it was my moment of truth. Behind me lay forty years of bad decisions and broken promises.
John Bingham, The Courage to Start


9 responses to “A day in my life: Friday January 15th 2010


    I was reading here as you were reading and commenting on mine…how cool is that!

    You looked great in that dress so no need to *blush*

    Am pleased you have found two bloggers to motivate you on this journey, as I am now maintaining it means we in different places…but saying that I have eaten so much this week with the *stress* from home, I never feel full…I can see my waist has thickened, but not weighing till Monday and as Heinz is away for a week on business I can get myself back on track for that week and lose what I’ve gained.

    You must send me the chicken WW recipe I am always looking for something new…I wont eat 12 points for dinner but divide it into two meals for myself while Heinz is away.

    Well done on your run today…it felt good for me to run 35 mins again…the most I’ve run in 3 weeks…slowly will leave out the walking and just run, but know I must take it slow.

    I AGREE – DUTCH PEOPLE ARE VERY FRIENDLY..both you and Marcelle have been so warm.
    I dont think its the German who are at fault, its me, and my attitude towards them, I told Heinz tonight that I expected them to befriend me, I didnt go out of my way to befriend them,and those I have befriended are such lovely people.

    You enjoy your wine this evening.

  2. Great to have you along Fran. I think it is really going to motivate me too that you and Sadie are counting the same days as me.

    Both those pasta dishes look so yummy!

    Sorry about your race getting cancelled but I like your recovery plan.

  3. Why don’t you write out some compliment cards to read to yourself each day? Then you don’t have to think of one and end up not doing it.

    Bummer on the 5K being canceled, but safety first!

  4. I used to write a saying on my daughters mirror every night for the morning for her to look at.just a thought!!

    I really cant wait to be a runner and share it with you!! That is my goal this year.

  5. 100 OP days is an excellent goal!!!

    Too bad about the race…but you definitely don’t want to risk slipping and falling.

    That macaroni with ham and cheese looks very delicious!

  6. That is too bad about the race being cancelled – here it is going to be 7 degrees today and 6 tomorrow and it looks like the snow is finally melting – thank the Lord!!! So I plan to get out tomorrow and run with Stefaan.
    I too have been making plans to be more vigilant about my food – I decided to start logging my eats on Spark People until I reach my goal of losing 8 more kilos. I really intend to keep going until I get there!

  7. 😦 Sorry to hear about your race. My 10K for this month was cancelled too. Its such a bummer when you’ve been planning for it.

    Glad you enjoyed your run, hope youre having a great weekend!

  8. 100 days in a row of being OP is huge and quite a challenge, but I have no doubt that ou will be able to do it – and what a reward, to most likely be at your goal weight!!!

    I still am impressed at you getting out and running in such cold weather – I ran today when it was about 53 degrees and windy and it was hard! March 7th, here we come!

  9. What a great challenge! I have been really struggling with exercising lately because I have just started working on top of going to school full time and clinicals in the hospital. No more excuses… thanks for the motivation!

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