A day in my life: Sunday January 17th 2010

Goals week 2:

Goal 1: lose weight every week
Weight January 14th: 79.7 kg / 175.7 lbs.
Result: -0.8 kg / -1.7 lbs

Goal 2: stay within WW points
Weight Watchers daily points: 29
Free points: 42
Earned active points: 12

Monday:  27 points
Tuesday: 28 points
Wednesday: 35 points (due to high points dinner)
Thursday:  29 points
Friday:  28 points
Saturday: 39,5 points (due to red wine and some chips)
Sunday:  32,5 points (due to some chocolate)

Remaining free points: 22
Used active points: 0

Goal 3: work-out 5 times a week
This one I didn’t reach this week, only two times.
Monday: Matt Roberts Bikini program, week 1, training 1
Friday: Run 5K in 35:09

Extra goal week 2:
This will be the same for the next 6 weeks. My goal is to read a chapter of Beck’s Diet Solution everyday and do the tasks for that day.
Did read my chapter and do my tasks every day.

Today I’m not feeling well. Got up this morning with a cold, my head was baning, my muscles were sore so I decided to take a day of rest and hopefully feel better tomorrow. I already decided I skip the gym tomorrow because I think I’m not 100% fit tomorrow. If I feel better I will do a home workout.

I haven’t done much this weekend, wasn’t feeling to well yesterday either. Watched a few of my favourite tv shows, last night we watched a movie together “Mystic River” with Sean Penn, Kevin Bacon and Tim Robbins. Saw it once before but it’s still a good movie.

Beck’s Diet Solution:

Day 8: Create time and energy
This is about looking at your daily schedule and create time for your weight loss journey and chose priorities if you have to. I didn’t have to do much with this because my weight loss is already a priority. The thought behind it is if you have a kind of a daily planning losing weight will be easier. One of the things recommended is making a meal plan but I’m already doing that ever since I started living on my own 15 years ago. So no big changes for me after reading this chapter. To give you an idea how an ordinary work day of mine looks:

5.45 am: get up, eat breakfast, get dressed, let Roussy out for a walk
7.00 am: leave for work
7.30 am: work till 4 pm
4.00 pm: drive home or to the gym, work out till 5.30 or 6.00 pm
5.30 pm: make dinner, eat dinner, little housekeeping stuff, read my Beck’s book, let Roussy out for a walk
7.00 pm: take a shower, enter my work-out results, read my emails, blogging, surfing the internet, reading or watch tv, let Roussy out for her last walk of the day.
10.45 pm: go to the bed

Once a week I clean my house, every Thursday I do my grocery shopping, at the weekend I make a meal plan.

Boring right 🙂 but I function best when I have a regular lifestyle, not only at my weight loss but also at work. That’s why I seldom make appointments on work days and mostly just 1 appointment at the weekend. Work is busy and I need time to relax too.

Day 9: Choose an exercise plan
This chapter is about spontaneous and planned exercise. As we’re all on the same weight loss train I don’t have to tell you about the benefits of exercise, you all know that.

Spontaneous exercise which I will watch on doing more often (most of it I do already most of the time):
Park my car further away so I walk more, take the stairs instead of the elevator at work, walk to colleagues instead of emailing them, use my bike more often for short distances.

I already had a workout plan so I didn’t have to make that. And I already plan my workouts in my schedule 4 weeks ahead so don’t have to change that either.

Lori’s got a tip for me about giving myself compliments. She said I should make a compliment card with compliments to myself on it. I’ve made one with 5 points on it that are important to me and every night before to bed I read the card if I did all the things on my card an compliment myself about it.

Thank’s for the tip Lori!

I couldn’t find a nice run in January so I decided to do two runs in March, after all I want to get my goal 12 months – 12 runs so I want to run at least 12 runs this year. Schedule for now:

  • February 14th, a cross run in the forest close to home, I’m going for a 6.6K.
  • March 7th, also a run close to home and 4K.
  • March 28th, a 5K run on a motor racing track, this should be fun. Normally it’s car’s racing there but now people who run the track.
  • April 18th, a 10K ladies run
  • May 16th, another 10K ladies run

I’m still thinking about a 5 or 10K run on Eastern Monday (April 5th) but I haven’t decided yet on this one.

Yesterday I cleaned my house and today I’m not well so no running today.

The Ultimate Diet Log:

Nutrition tip: You’ll eat more of whatever you buy in bulk, so save bulk purchases at discount stores for nutritious staples such as rice, lentils, beans, tuna, frozen fish, and chicken breasts.

Fitness factoid: Exercise can help keep your brain in tip-top shape. In one study, adults who walked 3 times a week for 45 minutes performed significantly better on decision-making tests than inactive people.

Positive today:
Have to be honest: due to not feeling well I can’t think of much more than that all the snow has melted.

Daily Quote:
Quiz: who’s quote is this? (Answer on my next post)

‘It’s sad that I can’t run longer on the White House outdoor track. It’s one of the saddest things about the presidency’


15 responses to “A day in my life: Sunday January 17th 2010

  1. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well today – I hope things look up in a couple of days. I think you are wise to lay low for a couple of days until you feel better.

    We should try to find a race somewhere halfway between our towns we could run together sometime – then we would have the same stick! I am in the Leuven area, we are reasonably close to Dutch Brabant. What province are you in?

  2. I hope you feel better quickly my friend…had having flu..*touch wood* – haven’t had this winter myself.

    Snow is melting here but still lots around, we had rain today so its a total mess outdoors.

    Heinz goes off to France on Tue’s so alone for the week…do you have a home number that I could call you one evening ….via email of course you can send.
    Would be nice to catch up again.

    You have some interesting races lined up for yourself, I look forward to running my first fun run one day, want to find out if any happening in Cape Town while I’m there as I should be back to my old running fitness level by the time I leave here….

    Glad to see you enjoying your book….and that you are already doing so much of that they expect of you.

    Good evening and sleep well….xx

  3. All u have to do is download skype, its free…and we can chat for free that way as well, so please look into it…very easy to download…

  4. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well Fran. Hope you recover quickly. Great job on the loss!!!

  5. oh Fran so sorry you are feeling under the weather! hang in there my friend. I have found ever since I have developed a healthy life style I tend to bounce back faster!

  6. I hope that you are feeling better!

  7. onelittlejill

    If you aren’t feeling well, don’t push it! You will pay more for it later! Enjoy the rest and come back stronger! Hope your feeling better soon 🙂

  8. Sorry to hear your not feeling so well. thnk it is probably a good idea to not to do too much. Your races you have lined up sound really cool. I’m trying to find one for Feb. Like you I would like to do one a month for the year. Hope you feel better soon.

  9. Hope you feel better soon – glad you are taking it easy and not pushing yourself! I’m so excited that we will be running a 5K on the same day! You are really running a lot of races this year – I’m planning on doing two and then resting, lol!

  10. Sending well wishes your way, hope you’re back to feeling good soon.

  11. Hope that you start feeling better. I am a little down as well. Think I caught something from the hubby..

  12. Hello there.

    We can write to each other on skype…it can also be a chat if you dont have a mic…
    send me ur name so I can add u…
    mine is marcellew

    I havent changed anything in my diet besides eating yogurt etc with higher fat and also added sugar to my coffee and tea – and not sweetener, but adding all the points – am struggling to keep to my points again today.
    One slice of cheese was 3 points!!!
    My sweet potato my book says 10 points, please check that one for me as it used to be 2 the old WW and now 10…I am sure that is wrong.

  13. I love your race schedule Fran. Sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling great. To answer your question: I only consider my food when I’m talking about being On Plan. It’s whether or not I eat within my available points. But I think being on plan means different things to different people. It’s however YOU decide to define it.

    Feel better soon friend!

  14. Sounds like you’re right on track Fran! Good job. Looks like you have a great schedule figured out too!!

  15. Sorry you are not feeling well, I had bronchitis last week – it is not fun!

    Glad to see someone else following Beck 🙂

    Thanks for your comments on my blog.

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