A day in my life: Monday January 25th 2010

Goals week 3:

Goal 1: lose weight every week
Weight January 21th: 79.2 kg / 174.6 lbs.
Result: -0.5 kg / – 1.1 lbs

Goal 2: stay within WW points
Weight Watchers daily points: 29
Free points: 42
Earned active points: 9

Monday: 27,5 points
Tuesday: 22 points
Wednesday: 32,5 points
Thursday:  30 points
Friday:  34 points
Saturday: 47 points
Sunday:  ? points

Remaining free points: 14,5
Used active points: 0

Goal 3: work-out 5 times a week
Monday: Lunchwalk of 30 minutes
Saturday: Running: 5K in 36:56 minutes.

Extra goal week 3:
This will be the same for the next 6 weeks. My goal is to read a chapter of Beck’s Diet Solution everyday and do the tasks for that day.
Did read my chapter every day.

Eating wise this weekend wasn’t a good one. I ate too much at dinner Saturday night and yesterday wasn’t good either. I didn’t even count Points yesterday.

Saturday night my addiction looked around the corner and I gave in: I ate chips.

But yesterday R. told me he wanted to watch his weight too. He’s getting older and wants to maintain his weight (for the record: he weighs less than me and looks good). So I suggested we quit eating chips and that I won’t buy it anymore and we replace our Saturday evening snack with something else. He agreed on that and that’s making me happy because when it’s not in my home I can’t eat it right?

My exercise last week wasn’t any good either, due to my cold. I’m completely healthy again so no excuses this week for not training.

Beck’s Diet Solution:

Day 15 :Write down what you eat
Pro’s for journaling your food:

  • You keep sight on what you really eat
  • It works motivating
  • It’s good for your self-confidence
  • It helps you find and solve problems with your eating

As I started writing down everything I eat since I rejoined WW this chapter is easy for me to do.

Day 16: Prevent unplanned eating
In this chapter you had to make a “NO CHOICE” motivation card. This card is supposed to help you not to eat anything that you haven’t planned on eating. My card says:


  • Keep tracking my food and count WW points
  • Don’t skip work-outs
  • If I have an urge to eat: use the skills given by Beck
  • Eat slow and with attention
  • Make time and energy for my journey

Day 17: Don’t eat too much
Beck wants you to practice by filling your plate with food that you have planned to eat and then put extra food next to it. The trick is to eat your planned food and leave the extra food on your plate.

I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to do this experiment. I think I make one of my own: measure my food and eat only that. Don’t fill my plate a second time.

Well here I was looking forward to another run yesterday but when I woke up: damn snow again.

So I decided to go to my mother first and then maybe run when we got home. But the road was slippery and messy so I decided not to go. Right now the snow has frozen and it’s extremely slippery. I hope it melts soon so I can run on Wednesday.

Today I did a home workout. I used my Wii for the first in a long time. I did a workout from Active Sports. It took me about 46 minutes to finish it and I have to say it was a good work-out. The shred is a bit harder but it will be nice to mix these two work-outs.

The Ultimate Diet Log:

Fitness Factoid: Though your resting heart rate is partly genetically determined, as you gain fitness, this number drops. A couch potato’s heart may have to work twice as hard – 80 beats per minutes compared to 40 bpm – to pump the same blood volume as a top athlete’s.

Positive today:
My Ipod has been shipped, expect it in the mail tomorrow: yeah!

Daily Tip/Quote:
If you worry about what might be, and wonder what might have been, you will ignore what is.
Author Unknown


9 responses to “A day in my life: Monday January 25th 2010

  1. I’ve had days when I didn’t count my points and still managed tdo good for the week. Today I made chocolate chip cookies( I’ve been craving them), I ate two and the rest in the freezer.

  2. Great news on the chip front. If they aren’t there, no one can eat them. Maybe R knows what a hard time you have with them too, so not only is he helping himself, he is also helping you.

    Excellent job on the workout!

  3. How great that R. is getting on board with the no chips thing – I’m sure that will make it much easier, to have a partner in denial! Good job losing the pound last week! With no exercising – that’s great…love it when your body responds well to what you are eating!

    Sending warm thoughts to melt that snow so you can get your run in!

  4. It is so much easier when the whole household is eating better! I have those problem foods, too. We don’t have chips in the house too often.

  5. Get that you managed to lose weight this week without being able to train as often last week.

    Do u never use the treadmill at gym to run?? I find it so helpful during the winter months where I cant run outdoors…actually dislike running in the cold – with the treadmill at least I get to run.
    Yesterday with the snow I stayed home and cycled – I wish I had a treadmill at home, but those home one’s are not very nice.

    Are you learning much from the book you are reading?? To me it seems you do so many of the suggestions and those you dont do you not wanting to try…(make sense )

    I found *low fat* chips which I like and have them from time to time…30g for 3 points. But agree with you..when you dont have snacks in the house you eat less of them.

    Have a good day.

  6. Oh, chips! One of my problem foods, too! I really avoid buying the big bags, and once a week I get each of my kids a small single serve bag each. Otherwise I cave in!

    You guys really got hit again with more snow – we saw how beautiful Amsterdam looked on Sunday morning on our news, but that’s no help to you for your running! I’m with Marcelle – thank goodness for the treadmill at the gym in the winter!

  7. How exciting about the ipod! Great job on the weight loss 🙂 I love to read your blog and see all of the progress you are making!!

  8. I am a firm believer in food logs! Great job on your 5k and deciding not to buy chips anymore.

  9. Fran I have come here on three seperate occasions to try and post a comment. And every time I have been interupted 🙂 Now it’s early morning, my son is watching cartons and I am here with a cup of coffee and you have my undivided attention 😉

    That is so great that hubby wants to join you! I started working out with my husband last week and it’s amazing how much he has changed, not physically but now we eat the same things, and wants more fruit than anything else. I think if you can make healthy choices together it makes it that much easier!

    I had a real problem with potatoe chips I had to completely remove them from my house, they were my trigger food. If my kids wanted some it was always outside the house and not allowed in.

    I had the boys birthday parties last week and there is chips in my house right now, I haven’t even wanted any.

    habits can be changed, it just takes a while to adjust! I am sure you guys will be able to find a healthier alternative. I for one like popcorn, it’s light and fills me up fast 🙂

    Have a great day Fran!

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