A day in my life: Sunday January 31th 2010

We had a fun day working in the store yesterday. It was difficult to get there. It had been snowing all night so the road was slippery and even icy sometimes. The drive should have been an hour to get there but we got there after a 2-hour drive. We were supposed to work till 6 pm but as the weather forecasted more snow we left a 4 pm so we would get home before it started to snow again. The drive home was good, we were home in an hour. I have been walking and standing all day so my legs were very tired last night, I did nothing more than lying on the couch watching some tv and reading.

Eating wasn’t good yesterday, they had a big lunch for us (see what’s for dinner) but good news: I didn’t snack last night.

As we leave January behind us I spend some time thinking how this month has been for me.
Working out wasn’t as I planned https://dutchgirlgetshealthy.wordpress.com/2010/01/31/workout-goals-january-2010/

In the eating department I’m satisfied. I’ve lost 1.4 kg / 3 lbs. this month which is good for me.

I’ve decided to stop setting goals. My focus in February is eating healthy (keep counting those WW points) and work-out as planned and by doing that I will lose slowly so more weight.

Even though a bit of snow has fallen last night, the weather today is perfect: clear blue sky and sunshine. So I wanted to go for a run. What I didn’t know and found out as soon as I started running was that my legs are still very tired of yesterday. So when I was running I decided to see how it goes and it didn’t go very well so it has been a short round today but better doing something than doing nothing at all, right?

Weather: ± 5 C / 41 degrees, sunny and clear blue sky.
Distance: 3K / 1.8 miles
Time: 22:18
Average speed: 7.26 /km

When I came home and told R. about my short run he said “you’re getting weak”. He meant by that that I hardly run long distances anymore and he’s right. I looked it up and since my first 10K in September last year, my longest run since then has been 8K and that was beginning of October.
My next 10K run is scheduled mid April so I really need to get into longer runs than just 5 or 6K. Starting next week with this.

What’s for dinner:
Friday night I’ve made a chicken curry for myself with some basmati rice. It was really delicious.

Yesterday evening I ate some bread as I had a big lunch in the afternoon.

Positive today:
Even though my legs hurt I did a short run.

Daily Tip/Quote:
You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.
Michael Jordan


12 responses to “A day in my life: Sunday January 31th 2010

  1. You’re right. That is perfect running weather! Good for you for getting out and doing it. You’re right again: it is better than nothing. Way better!

    That chicken curry looks delicious. I’ve started to really love cilantro over the past few years so that jumped right out at me.

    What a lunch! It would be very hard not to eat a fair share of that spread.

  2. It is better than nothing, and I’m glad you got out and did it! I wish you luck at getting back into running the longer distances to prepare for the 10k…let’s make it a great month!

  3. I thought of you working all day yesterday….glad to hear you enjoyed yourself…it also snowed here all day…today we were minus 5…was very cold – went to the ski resort to walk around and take photo’s. Will do entry about it tomorrow.

    I think the fact that you went out to run is fantastic…I looked at the running paths here and its covered in snow, one would struggle walking…let alone running.
    I was going to the gym today,but decided to leave it and will run tomorrow…will see how I feel as I go for the distance. If I set a goal for myself I struggle, if I go and run and let it happen I do so much better.

    That chicken curry looks lovely, I love chicken curry…
    Am going to make scrambled eggs for dinner tonight…am too lazy to cook…yes!!

    Well done on losing the 1.4kg’s…I think that’s great.
    I need to lose 1kg…LOL

  4. Mmm…chicken curry…my favourite.

    Enjoy your long runs and sticking to your points!

    What a nice looking lunch they put on. Very delicious I am sure!

  5. I think you are so smart to really pay attention to how you are feeling and adjust accordingly. It’s so easy for me to just do it even if I don’t really feel 100%.

    Great job on the weight loss!!

  6. You really are doing great! And I wish you the best preparing for the 10k. Wow…way to go.

  7. I am glad that you made it home safe. The weather here has been non stop snowing and I am so done with it. Nothing is shoveled and in fact Rachelle feel yesterday well we walked to the store. Is the chicken curry easy to make?? It looks so yummy!!!!

  8. Nice weather! It’s raining and cloudy here. Booo.

    Congrats on the 3 lbs this month. That’s pretty good! Hope next month is just as good for you. 😉

  9. Yay for you for getting that short run in despite your legs being sore.

    Your curry looks yummy. I would like to attempt chicken curry, but always afraid I’m going to screw it up somehow.

  10. I love chicken curry!

    You are doing great and I know you will work yourself back up to a 10K distance.

  11. Your day in the store looks like it was fun and different for you. Love the pic of you testing out the bike!

    Interesting about your run lengths decreasing – it sounds like it takes a lot of work and time to keep up with the longer runs. It will be a challenge to get back up to 10K, but you totally can do it!

  12. I love Basmati rice! I can’t wait to hear how the longer runs go 🙂

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