A day in my life: Thursday February 4th 2010

I’ve had a very pleasant night with my friend last Tuesday.

Tomorrow one of my best friends is coming for dinner. She had her birthday in January and we stopped giving presents a few years ago. Instead we cook for each other as a birthday present. Cooking is something we both like to do and it’s very pleasant to have dinner together with a bottle of wine. So I’m looking forward to it. Going to make an Italian dinner: lasagne and for dessert tiramisu. No starters as both dishes have enough calories in it by their own.

I’ve gained this week and I can act pathetic over that but the fact is that I blew it myself by eating too much on Saturday and Sunday. And I ate too much chili con carne yesterday at dinner because it tasted too good. So I’ll just pick it up here and continue my journey. These things happen every now and then and will happen again in the future. As long as I start eating healthy again the next day, I will reach my goal weight, it’s only going to take a bit longer.

I went to the gym yesterday after dinner (yes too much chili was a punishment during my work out 🙂 ) and did my Matt Roberts bikini program. As I only did the first workout in my old gym I started again with week 1, training 1.

The trainer helped me with the machines and some ground exercises. Seems I’ve been doing some exercises wrong and he helped me with that. Result: I’m sore.

In my old gym they never paid much attention to how you were using the machines, only if you asked them and since I never did that, I did it in a way I thought was right. Turned out I was wrong.

Anyway it was a good workout, it took a bit longer than usual since he had to explain some things but that didn’t matter.

What’s for dinner:
Yesterday chili con carne with some tortilla chips

Today an oven dish with mashed potatoes, mushrooms and minced meat.

Positive today:
Feeling my muscles so I know I worked out.

Daily Tip/Quote:
I have gained and lost the same ten pounds so many times over and over again my cellulite must have déjà vu.
Jane Wagner


9 responses to “A day in my life: Thursday February 4th 2010

  1. Making dinner for each other is a great way to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I have actually been toying with the idea of inviting my closest girlfriends for a lunch (made by me) for my next birthday…I usually celebrate with them all individually and I would like to gather them all together once!

    Hang in there on the food front – I know exactly how you feel – it tastes so good at the time but afterwards you regret it but there is nothing to be done but get back on track as soon as possible. It happens to me regularly!!

  2. I still get my form corrected – and it’s kind of cool that your muscles are letting you know how hard they worked!

    I love the dinner idea as a birthday gift! Such a loving thing to do for a friend.

  3. Dinner as a gift sounds so fun and much more personal. I can see why you ate to much chile. That looks so good!

  4. Great attitude on the little gain Fran. You will get there.

    All your food looks like comfort food to me. I like it.

    And I guess I am the boss of the boss. LOL. I made to work 20 minutes late and I still managed to squeeze in a shower, put on makeup and get dressed. I’m so talented! 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness, I love your quote today! I am going to have to use that one 🙂

  6. Even though you gained you had a wonderful time and some wonderful food. It will come off.

    Glad the trainer was able to point you in the right direction with the machines. Your bikini body will be ready for summer!

  7. It sounds like a lovely time. It’s so normal to have our weight fluctuate but it certainly can be frustrating when we are still trying to lose some. That will come right back off.

    I sometimes wish I belonged to a gym and could make use of a trainer!

  8. Sorry about the gain….I have gained 2kgs as well…and have eaten well ( within my points that is ) trained daily and still this HUGE gain…
    Am frustrated.

    I also see many people using the machines incorrectly ( as I worked in a gym as a trainer ) but cant say anything as its not my place…sometimes our trainers miss it…./sounds like you at a good gym now…

    I’m off to do a step class now, was not on the internet all of yesterday so am so behind in blogs, my group and facebook now.
    Anyway….have a good Friday
    Chat later…xx

  9. onelittlejill

    I am cracking up over the daily quote!

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