Workout goals February 2010

Workout goals 2010

This month I did 3 workouts more than in January. Due to lots of snow and icy roads I wasn’t able to run outside as much as I wanted in February. Although it’s raining a lot these days, it is beginning to look like spring so hopefully more outdoor running.

As both my runs in January and February were cancelled I will run two runs in other months. This month I have a 4K run next week and a 5K run last weekend of the month.

Number and time of workouts in February: 13 workouts, total time 10 hours and 36 minutes.

Running goals:

  • Goal kilometres/miles in 2010: 900 K / 560 miles.
    Total till 01/31: 60.6 K / 37.6 miles
    Total running time: 7 hours 13 minutes
  • Run a 5K < 35 minutes -> 34.06 on 12/13/2009
    Run a 5K < 32 minutes
    Run a 5K in about 30 minutes
  • Run a 10K < 1.15
    Run a 10K < 1.10
    Run a 10K < 1.05
    Run a 10K in about 1.00
  • Start training for a 15K

12 months, 12 runs:

In 2010 I want to participate in a run every month.

January, run was cancelled, will do 2 in March
February 14, run was cancelled, will do another one later this year.
1. March 7, Trappenbergloop Huizen, 4K
2. March 28, Zandvoort Circuit Run, 5K
3. April 18, Nike Ladies Run Hilversum, 10K
4. May 16, Marikenloop Nijmegen, 10K
5. May 30, Almere City Run, 7K
6. June 20, Hamersveldloop Leusden, 10K
7. July 3, Olde Wierdenloop Opende, 10.3K
9. September, Singelloop Utrecht or Bridge to Bridge Arnhem
10. October
11. November

Strength training:

  • Cardiotraining once a week in the gym.
  • Strength:
    Finish the Matt Roberts Bikini program.
    4 out of 18 workouts completed.

    After finishing this choose one of his other fitness plans:
    – Perfect legs
    – Strength programs for shoulders, arms, chest, back and legs
    – General condition program for woman
    – Weight loss plan
    – Upper body for woman

  • Home workouts:
    When I don’t have enough time to go to the gym or go running I will do a workout of the Shred or at the WII (Active Sports). I still want to complete the Shred program but it’s not my priority. That’s all of the above mentioned workouts.

    Shred: Level 1 completed. Level 2, 1 day completed.

    WII Active Sports: 30 day challenge, level hard, 1 day completed.


One response to “Workout goals February 2010

  1. onelittlejill

    Looks great Fran- keep up the good work!!!

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