A day in my life: Tuesday March 2th 2010

I’ve been reading all over blogland about my blogger friends running half marathons.
And it itches, I’ve been thinking a lot about running a half the past few days and I think I want to do a half marathon but …. not this year.

It has been September since I last ran a 10K and I’m still not that fast a runner and I don’t want to run it in 3 hours or more.

So I’ve decided to focus this year on reaching my goal weight, running faster and work on my strength. This year I’m going to run 5K and 10K races and try to improve my time so by the end of this year I’m running a 10K in 1.05/1.10 or so. And keep dreaming of running a half marathon one day, hopefully next year.

Today I went to the gym to do an interval training on the treadmill. I’m still a bit tired so it wasn’t the best workout ever but I did what I could.

Weather: inside
Distance: 3K / 1.8 miles
Time: 00:22:42
Average speed: 6:54 /km

Positive today:

Daily Tip/Quote:
Running should be a lifelong activity. Approach it patiently and intelligently, and it will reward you for a long, long time.
Michael Sargent


16 responses to “A day in my life: Tuesday March 2th 2010

  1. I personally think you would do great on a half but envy you for doing it the smart way. Pressure is sometimes just to much, knowing yourself and listening to what your body can do is success in my books.

    So be it this year, next year, the year after doesn’t matter Fran I know that when you do decide to run a half you will do great, and we will all be here cheering you on!

  2. Taking it slow with running is the way to go to avoid injury and build up endurance.

    I cannot really decide on a half marathon. That is just so much running, you know? I was thinking about that today when I ran 5 miles that I would have to do that 1.5 more times to be done with a 1/2. Eeeeeek!!!!!!!

  3. Seriously! Everyone is doing it!

  4. I love the 10K it is just a bit of a more challenge than the 5K. I have a half on the schedule for November. I’m doing it with my sister and she wants to walk it. Not my cup of tea to walk but will do it for her. Keep up your running and before you know it you will be doing a half.

  5. I like your idea about the half! Reach some of your more tangible goals and then take on a big challenge. Good luck this year!

  6. Sounds like you have a great plan in place. Do you know which half marathon you would like to run in the future?? Great job pushing through to get a workout in. 🙂

  7. Great idea to work on getting faster and stronger this year!

  8. I get all fired up about running a half, then when I finish running my 3.1 miles I stop and think “I have to run 10 MORE miles?” and I settle down pretty quick!

  9. I love the half marathon distance. I’ve done three so far. It’s acheivalbe. It doesn’t take that long – 3 hours or less. Not hard to train for 3 hours – gives me a good chance to listen to my iPod! but definitely my mind and body have to be in sync and feelin’ the love when it comes time to train. that’s how i know it’s right. when the training is something I really enjoy doing, never forcing myself.

    when you are ready to do another half your body and spirit will let you know. and then the training will come easily. until then, enjoy your 10K training and I look forward to seeing how your run progresses 🙂

  10. I think you have a great plan in place. I have never ran more then a couple minutes at time. Hurts my knee but my goal is to start running. Need to get some running shoes first though! Glad you had sunshine!!!

  11. Hi Fran – are you voting today?
    I think when you feel ready to do a half, you will do fine! I did my first one in 2:27 and you and I are about the same speed and fitness level. I think a sub 3 hour should be no problem for you.
    What is most daunting about the half is training for it. You really have to get yourself over a hump mentally about doing those longer distances. Your body can do it but your mind doesn’t believe it!
    Sunny again today so I am going to take my flashy new runners out for a test run as soon as it warms up a little!

  12. Oh dear I’m with you….5km or 10 at the most…I could not do a half either…and have no dream to do that. I’m so thankful that I am still able to run after my hospital scare and everyday that I run, I say thanks!!! I have no idea what the future holds so dont make too many big plans for myself.

    I feel I run much slower on the road than I do on a treadmill…you??

  13. onelittlejill

    Working your way up is the way to go!! I did the same thing, and waited over a year for my first half- I wanted under 2:30 and got it! If I hadn’t waited, I might not have met my goal 🙂

  14. It snowed here a little yesterday and we have beautiful sunshine here too! I love it! I hope you have a wonderful day 🙂

  15. I love that running quote. And very fitting with the choice you have made about your own running. Glad to see that an off weekend doesn’t derail you at all. I’m a little slower getting back at it but I’m working on it.

  16. Hey Fran, I think it’s wise to listen to our bodies and do what we feel comfortable doing. I think your choice is a good choice, I look forward to reading all about the 5ks and such you complete this year. They are so rewarding, aren’t they?

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