A day in my life: Thursday March 4th 2010

Weight Challenge week 9-2010

Starting weight: 89.2 kg (196.6 lbs).
Target weight: 70 kg (154 lbs).
Current weight: 79.5 kg (175.2 lbs).

This weeks result: +0.5 (+1.1 lbs)
Total loss: – 9.7 kg (21.3 lbs)

Fat percentage: 41.8 (last week 41.3)
Muscles percentage: 29.7 (last week 30.0)
BMI: 26.5 (last week 26.4)

I’ve gained this week again. Seems like I’m back in my old pattern: lose one week, gain the next week. I don’t really have excuses why I’ve gained: I ate too much and didn’t work-out enough. It’s simple.

But I’m not myself this week. I’m really looking forward to Spring, I’m tired of winter. This week has been a beautiful week and I’ve got some of my energy back.

The other thing that’s bothering me is that there is a lot of negativity at the department where I have my office. One of those is my co-worker and it’s using so much energy that I’m exhausted at the end of the days I work with her. But ….. next Wednesday I’m moving to a different department and I get an office all by myself. I’m really looking forward to that and I know it will make my working days fun and pleasant again.

I haven’t exercised yesterday, I was too tired but this morning I had a lot of energy. It is my usual day off and I used it to do some Spring cleaning downstairs. I started at 7.30 in the morning and was finished at 2 pm. I really did a lot of cleaning today so am counting that as exercise. Here are some pictures so you have an idea how we live.

What’s for dinner:
Yesterday I made noodles with pork meat and Chinese cabbage.

Today I didn’t feel like cooking after all the cleaning I did and we have Chinese take away food.

Positive today:
Spring cleaning downstairs, next week upstairs.

Daily Tip/Quote:
Housework is something you do that nobody notices until you don’t do it.
Author Unknown


13 responses to “A day in my life: Thursday March 4th 2010

  1. I’m sorry to hear you gained….its really hard losing week after week so its okay if you up and down…its the small changes that will make the difference in the end.

    Love your home, looks so neat and very cosy…lots of calories burned cleaning today.

    I’m dreading going back to DE and having the cold weather after weather we having here at the moment….35 degrees the last two days…the sun bakes on your skin…I think I’m going to peel as I’m starting to itch…the only time I’m out in the full sun is when I run or when I am at a pool or beach…the rest of the time its shade…

    Next week I need to watch my eating as well…this week I had more than I usually do…hence the training daily!!!

  2. sorry about the gain fran, but you are bigger than a 1 pound gain, you will get back on track, I’m sure the stress has alot to do with it.

    Love the pictures of your home, it’s beautiful, love the yellow in your kitchen!

  3. No doubt the stress is playing on your right now. Try to keep it together until you can relieve some of that. That should help and the weight will come back down. I tend to gain when I’m overly stressed.

    That noodles with pork looks SO good. Not sure I could restrict myself to a reasonable portion though. I love that kind of meal.

  4. Wow, I love your kitchen!!! And the stove – fantastic! Your house looks very light and bright…love the round living room.

    Glad to hear that you are getting your own office next week. It will be wonderful to get away from the negative co-worker…or at least close your door so you can’t hear her!

    We are having a taste of Spring here – beautiful sunny blue skies – still a little too cold for me, but at least it’s not raining!

  5. That’s how my weight has been lately. Down one week, up the next, rinse, repeat. I hope things go better for you again soon!
    By the way, I love the pictures of your house, very beautiful.

  6. You have such a beautiful home, Fran!! Just lovely!! 🙂 Sorry that your weight has went up.. I think we all go in spurts here & there, just gotta keep at it!!

  7. what a lovely home you have:)

  8. I really like your kitchen!

    I am just like you right now with the lose/gain cycle. It gets so annoying, doesn’t it? Seems like a simple fix, and yet it is so hard.

  9. I love your home!! Sorry for the gain. I had that last week. It is so frustrating. I know why people don’t always finish this journey but we are going to!!!We have to show that scale who is boss!

  10. Nice pics and the quote is so true!

    I bet you will feel a lot better once you get your own office and get away from that toxic person. It is incredible how much energy some people can suck right out of you. And now that the weather is starting to improve and we are having some more sunshine, this should give us the needed kickstart to get things moving again!

    PS: I love the Hema sport socks – they are really good! I also like their fitted socks with bamboo, have you tried those? They are really comfortable and supportive for everyday. Hema is such a fun store!

  11. Love the pictures of the house! I should do the same so people know a little more 🙂 It is good to hear that you are moving to a different department. I cannot stand work when there is a lot of negative energy. Have a great weekend in your nice, clean house!

  12. onelittlejill

    Your home looks cozy! Negativity really can do a number on you, so it is a good thing you will be getting away from that!

  13. Your new dish looks YUMMY!

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