A day in my life: Tuesday March 30th 2010


Today exactly is my 1 year running anniversary. On March 30th 2009 I started running again. I started as my best friend K kind of signed me up for a 5K run with a team of our work in June. I was complaining all the time that I needed to workout more often if I wanted to lose weight. I guess she was getting bored by it. No, just kidding.

But this was the best kick in the but I could get because I did start en after a while I also went back to the gym. Today I can’t imagine not working out anymore. Sure I don’t always want to go running or go to the gym but most of the times I love it and feel great afterwards.

My first run was lesson 1 of Start to run (looks like the C25K program that’s popular in the US) 5K.

What better way to celebrate this with a run which I did today.

I’m having a pedicure tonight. My feet are so dry that the skin bursts open from being so dry and it’s starting to bother me during my runs. I’ve had pedicures but stopped with that about a year ago but I’m noticing my feet really need this.

Thanks for all the sweet and fun comments on my Sunday run. It was so much fun to run that race.

Today I went for a 6K run. I was all set to go when the rain started pouring down while it was supposed to be dry at that time. I’ve waited for 15 minutes, by then it didn’t rain so much anymore so I went. Glad I did because after about 10 minutes it was dry. It wasn’t a very fast run but it was a good one.

Weather: 12 ˚C/53 degrees, cloudy, rain, not much wind.
Distance: 6K / 3.7 miles
Time: 0:41:41
Average time: 6:57 /km
Average speed: 8.6 km/hour

What’s for dinner:
Yesterday: some pork meat, potatoes and mixed vegetables steamed in the microwave.

Today chicken marinated in garlic, olive oil and herbs, a salad and some rice.

Daily Tip/Quote:
The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.

John Bingham


13 responses to “A day in my life: Tuesday March 30th 2010

  1. what a great thing to get done on your anniversary Fran! So proud of you, happy anniversary 😉

    my running jacket is actually a really inexpensive thin jacket that I bought at old navy. It’s a department store. So there is no name brand attached to it but it’s my favorite for running because it’s thin and keeps me sheltered 🙂

  2. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ONE YEAR WITH RUNNING….I think I started around this time as well….End of Feb…and today while running I felt like a beginner all over again. I struggled. That time!!!

    I am so impressed you went out to run in the rain…even if it stopped…I see rain and I stay indoors…as I always say…I am such a girl…hate getting wet and cold.

    Chicken dish looks lovely…I made Turkey mince and pasta this evening for dinner – have enough left over for tomorrow as Hubby is away in France…I am finding it hard getting back into cooking again…feel I have lost my nack…lol

    Enjoy your evening.

  3. Congrats on your race this weekend … and a new PR! That’s awesome. I was away for a couple days and am playing catch-up.

    Enjoy your pedicure.

  4. This is an important anniversary = congratulations! You make me laugh – there is no better motivation for getting moving than having someone sign you up for a race! It was the same for me – my mom wanted to do the Disney Half for her 65th birthday with the four of us daughters and I HAD TO GET STARTED or I knew I would be in big trouble.

  5. Wow – only a year? You have come so far – I know that I knew you hadn’t been running for very long, but the strides (pun intended) you have made are fantastic! Congratulations on your one year running anniversary, my sweet runner-friend!

  6. Happy runniversary!!

    Isn’t it amazing what a year can do?

  7. Congrats on your anniversary!!

    those meals look sooo good! I’d kill for some rice right now.

  8. Happy Runniversary!!! Congratulations of a year of improving your fitness.

    Thanks for the food pics. I always love looking at food pics…it makes my day.

  9. This is an anniversary worth celebrating! Congrats Fran!!

  10. What a great anniversary & to get a pedicure tops it off!

  11. onelittlejill

    Congrats on getting through a year of running 🙂 You have come so far- keep up the great work 🙂

  12. Thanks! Our new place is about 3-4 hours drive away. Enough of a change. Totally different weather, which I really look forward to.

  13. Wow a year running! Can you believe it! What a great way to commemorate the day. I don’t remember the exact date that I started running outside last year, but it was around now too. I plan on celebrating my running with my first race this year on April 24th! There have been plenty of times that you’ve kept me going! Thanks so much for that. 🙂

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