Weight Challenge + Workout goals March 2010

Weight Challenge March 2010

Starting weight: 89.2 kg (196.6 lbs).
Target weight: 70 kg (154 lbs).

Weight on March 31th: 79.0 kg (174.1 lbs)
Weight on April 1st : 79.8 kg (175.9 lbs).

This months result: + 0.8 kg (+1.7 lbs)
Total loss: – 9.4 kg (20.7 lbs)

Fat percentage: 41.2 (last month 41.3)
Muscles percentage: 30.3 (last month 30.0)
BMI: 26.7 (last month 26.4)

I’ve decided to post my weight on my blog only once a month at the beginning of the month. In March I’ve gained and lost a little but overall I’ve gained. I’m not happy with this.

I still don’t and don’t want to count calories or Points but I’m getting a bit sloppy with what I eat, especially at the snacks. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is okay. I still have to lose some weight so it’s time to tighten up the reins and be more careful about what I eat in between meals.

I’m going to set a monthly goal for weightloss: this month I want to lose 1.8 kg (3.9 lbs). I still will have my weekly weigh inn days on Thursday but update only once a month.

Goal April:
Lose 1.8 kg (3.9 lbs).

Dutch girl gets healthy plan:

For the rest of my life I want to be healthy, have a good figure and be fit and am finally prepared to make sacrifices for this goal and workout regularly. By working out I want to achieve: lose fat, gain muscles, get a lower a heart rate during runs and run faster.

Ways to get there
Eat healthy.
Workout 4-5 times a week.
Get enough sleep.

How to keep motivated
Set short- and long-term goals.
See workouts as fun.
Look at working out and eating healthy as “want to” and not as a  “must to”
Reading blogs/magazines about eating healthy, working out and running.
Think positive!

Waist 01-04: 87 cm / 34.2 inches (01-01: 88 cm / 34.6 inches) – 1 cm
Hips 01-04: 107 cm / 42.1 inches (01-01: 108 cm / 42.5 inches) – 1 cm
Chest 01-04: 104 cm / 40.9 inches (01-01: 105 cm / 41.3 inches) – 1 cm
Upper arm 01-04: 33 cm / 13 inches (01-01: 34 cm / 13.4 inches) – 1 cm

Short-term goals


89 kg/196.2 lbs -> in 2003
84 kg/185.1 lbs -> 07/30/2009
83 kg/182.9 lbs -> 08/27/2009
82 kg/180.7 lbs -> 10/15/2009
81 kg/178.5 lbs -> 11/05/2009
80 kg/176.3 lbs -> 12/10/2009
79 kg/174.1 lbs -> 02/25/2010
78 kg/171.9 lbs
77 kg/169.7 lbs
76 kg/167.5 lbs

5 kg/11 lbs loss -> 07/16/2009
10 kg/22 lbs loss -> 01/21/2010
15 kg/33 lbs loss

Long-term goals

75 kg/165 lbs
73 kg/161 lbs = first goal
70 kg/154 lbs = goal

Fat percentage:
< 40%
< 35%
< 30%
27% = goal

Muscle percentage:
> 30 -> 02/04/2010
> 35
> 40
> 43 = goal

Workout goals 2010, update March

I’m also not satisfied with the number of workouts in March. I did the same number of workouts but in less time.

And I’m way behind on my 900K in 2010 goal, about 115K (71.4 miles).The weather in the first months of this year has been bad. I had to run 15K (9.3 miles) a week to reach my goal. Now that is about 22K (13.6 miles) a week if I want to reach that goal, which I do!

I’m not really worried about this, I’m sure I will run more K’s/miles in Spring and Summer. I think I can calculate if I reach this goal earliest in October so I’ll just keep on running.

But I’m going to set here goals too: for distance and for workouts.

Number and time of workouts in February: 13 workouts, total time 10 hours and 36 minutes.
Number and time of workouts in March: 13 workouts, total time 8 hours and 27 minutes.

Goal April: 15 workouts

Running goals:

  • Goal kilometres/miles in 2010: 900 K / 560 miles.
    Goal April: 88 K / 54.6 miles

    March: 49.4K / 30.6 miles

    Total till 03/31: 109.9 K / 68.2 miles
    Total running time: 12 hours 59 minutes

  • Run a 5K < 35 minutes -> 34:06 on 12/13/2009
    Run a 5K < 32 minutes
    Run a 5K in about 30 minutes
  • Run a 10K < 1.15 -> 01:11:17 on 03/13/2010
    Run a 10K < 1.10
    Run a 10K < 1.05
    Run a 10K in about 1.00
  • Start training for a 15K

12 months, 12 runs:
In 2010 I want to participate in a run every month.

January, run was cancelled, will do 2 in March
February 14, run was cancelled, will do another one later this year.

1. March 7, Trappenbergloop Huizen, 4K -> 00:26:51, 8.9 km/hour, 6:43/km.
2. March 28, Zandvoort Circuit Run, 5K -> 00:32:36, 9.2 km/hour, 6:31/km, new PR.
3. April 18, Nike Ladies Run Hilversum, 10K
4. May 16, Marikenloop Nijmegen, 10K
5. May 30, Almere City Run, 7K
6. September 19, Dam tot Damloop Amsterdam, Ladies Run, 4 EM/6.4K

Strength training:

  • Cardiotraining once a week in the gym.

  • Strength:
    At least 1 session a week a upper body workout or a perfect legs workout.

  • Home workouts:
    When I don’t have enough time to go to the gym or go running I will do a workout of the Shred or at the WII (Active Sports). I still want to complete the Shred program but it’s not my priority. That’s all of the above mentioned workouts.

    Shred: Level 1 completed. Level 2, 1 day completed.

    WII Active Sports: 30 day challenge, level hard, 1 day completed

This has become a long post, if you still reading: thank you.

Today I’m a bit down and depressed. This morning I picked up Roussy’s ashes and brought her home where she belongs. I’m doing okay with dealing with her loss but bringing her ashes home was difficult. So I’m giving myself the day off: I don’t have to workout because I really don’t feel like it and do what I want to this afternoon. Tomorrow’s a new day which I will use to start with the above mentioned goals.


11 responses to “Weight Challenge + Workout goals March 2010

  1. Snacks are my biggest downfall. And I mean the snacks that *aren’t* my planned snacks LOL!

    Go ahead and have a day for you. You don’t just grieve once and be done with it. It’s a long process and some days will be better than others. Bringing back Roussy’s ashes brings her back to you again, though.

  2. Wow, your progress is inspiring. Seriously, its those who keep going consistently and have a positive attitude that are the most successful, sure there are bad days here and there but staying consistent (and persistent!) and positive are the magic potion to success.


  3. I do so good until dinner and after dinner. Drives me nuts. Take today for yourself. You need it.

    Unfortunately I will have to up my home work outs.

  4. I have no good words today, but you are in my thoughts, Fran. Hugs across the ocean to you.

  5. Thinking of you & Roussy today. Today is a day that will be hard on your heart. Grieve and remember the good times. ((HUGS))

    You’ve certainly got your goals all outlined well. Awesome! I too find that it’s easier to get more mileage in when it’s warmer. I do run when it’s colder, but I don’t like it and the excuses come easier.

  6. Wonderful goals Fran and I agree with you on so many things here. I love that you’ve put 5K and 10K times that you want to meet. I think that is a very smart idea and a great thing to work towards. In fact I think that I may have to adopt this strategy for my own training. Such a great gauge to measure progress. And very reasonable.

    Every goal you’ve put down and your entire plan seem very sensible and achievable. I am very impressed with your plan and excited for your overall year.

    On a personal note, continue to love and be patient with yourself through your grieving process. Truly it is difficult and some days are easier than others. When our first beloved Golden passed away we planted a tree in our backyard where she is buried. We will always think of it as her tree and each year, as it grows stronger and
    taller we think of her nurturing this tree, just as her beautiful energy nurtured our family when she was with us.

    Finally Fran, thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. I am indeed looking forward to sometime away. Take care XOXO

  7. You have such a detailed plan and such great record keeping. I’m sure this is helpful with your goals; so clear and concise!
    Enjoy your day off and do something nurturing for yourself…hugs!

  8. Hugs to you Fran. Glad Roussy is home now.

    Your goals look great. I wish you much success with achieving them all.

    Here I am off on Good Friday and Easter Monday and I was off today for appointments. So five days off in a row. Nice!!!

    This weekend is going to be 30 degrees here…can’t wait to get out walking!

  9. So sorry again about your sweet doggie Fran.

    Your goals are well thought out and I just know you will reach all of them. When the scale didn’t move as well as I thought it should then, for me, it was usually about my food choices. It was easy to let them slip a bit. You are doing really great!

  10. Sorry you had another hard day but it is good that Roussy is home now. Hope you had a good day off and tomorrow you can have a fresh start. Take care of yourself!

  11. I’m so sorry about Roussy… Take the time you need for yourself…

    I really like how detailed your assessment and your goals are! I think you are doing a great job, and you’ll get to where you want to end up. I have also found that fine-tuning my diet is what helped me lose weight last year. I increased my exercise about a year ago but didn’t lose most of the weight until I really worked on my diet later in the year last year. I had to really look at my portion sizes and at my eating at night. Once I became more mindful, the weight came (finally!!!) off.

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