A day in my life: Monday April 5th 2010

Everybody enjoying the long Easter weekend? I know I am.

But ……. (there’s always a but isn’t it?) I ate too much on Saturday and Sunday.
I’ve been thinking about this for at least a week now. My weight loss stands still right now. Small part of that is because I did train less the past two weeks.

But the bigger part is that I’m slipping back into old habits foodwise. I do fine during weekdays and lose some, then the weekend starts and I eat too much and I gain which I have to lose during the week and then it all starts again. It’s a circle that I have to break. I really need to work on my eating habits otherwise I won’t lose the last 6 to 9 kg’s I want to lose.

So I’ve decided to take this 1 month at a time and try to change 1 or 2 bad habits into healthy ones during the month and if I succeed I will add a new bad habit. This means for April:

  • Drink wine only at special occasions (I love a good glass of wine which basically means I drink one bottle every weekend and we all know alcohol is a calorie bomb).
  • Have only 1 snack moment a week (preferable during the weekend) and 1 piece of dark chocolate a week.
  • Eat fruit or vegetables at every breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I’ll start with this tomorrow for the rest of this month (have to finish my bottle of wine 🙂 )  and will keep track of this for myself and get back on this to you by the end of the month.

I didn’t run yesterday, the weather was really bad here. It rained hard most of the day. But when I got up this morning: a clear blue sky and sunshine. So I put on my running clothes and went for a morning run. And it was great, the run itself went smoothly, sun shined my whole run and there was not much wind. I need more of these days.

Weather: 8 ˚C/46 degrees, sunny, not much wind.
Distance: 9K / 5.5 miles
Time: 1:04:38
Average time: 7:11 /km
Average speed: 8.4 km/hour

Goal total km’s/miles week 13:
20K / 12.4 miles.

Total week 13: 12K / 7.4 miles

Goal total km’s/miles week 14:
22K / 14.2 miles.

So far week 14: 9K / 5.5 miles

What’s for dinner:
Saturday dinner with my friend. Starters: ravioli filled with cheese.

Main: mixed grill with onions and garlic sauce

Dessert: cheesecake with raspberry compote and lemon ice cream.

Yesterday: pork meat with pepper sauce and potatoes from the oven, didn’t want vegetables.


Daily Tip/Quote:
When it comes to eating right and exercising, there is no “I’ll start tomorrow.”  Tomorrow is disease. 
Terri Guillemets


14 responses to “A day in my life: Monday April 5th 2010

  1. Great work on the run Fran! That’s so great when you can get out in the morning and the weather cooperates.

    I had that yesterday, the weather was perfect,my husband was home to watch the kids and I took advantage of it. I am super sore today and will be taking the day off and doing so sort of stretching today instead and maybe a light walk on the treadmill or some upper body exercises.

    weekends can be so tough can’t they….and just so you don’t feel so bad I leave you with one last thought “I run for wine” :0)

  2. Hello there on this holiday….

    Good to hear the weather was good enough for you to run…wish the weather here will improve, the wind is very chilly out…even if temps are 11 degrees..so its been a weekend of training on the treadmill for me…and I loved it. Good to be back and training daily again…

    I noticed something interesting which I wrote about in group today….I ran most days 5 out of 7 days while on holiday, tracked and kept to plan for 3 weeks, last two weeks I still rain most days but didnt track or watch what I ate…I gained 2.6kg’s…so it showed me that the two go hand in hand…one has to eat a certain amount of calories/points only and train…the two go hand in hand. I thought with running as often as I did while on holiday I could eat a little more……NOPE!

    I started drinking wine in South Africa again…the low calories wine but lots of it…which is also not good….have had about 4 glasses of wine and one Radlar this weekend…from now on will have one glass of wine on a Friday night and a Saturday night a Radlar….cant waste my calories there either.

    I am going to aim at burning 3 500 calories working out weekly as it takes that amount of calories burned to lose ONE pound…and keep my calories down to about 1 400 daily…I want to lose the weight I gained…

    Thanks for the comment on my blog…its good to know you will still follow me there.
    I feel happier keeping my diet stories in group and my other stories in my blog, I was writing about my diet and training in both….repeating myself…and sometimes writing about my life in Group…now i have direction and will be more interesting for me as I will not have to repeat.

  3. I am bad on the weekends to. I am so on spot during the week but on the weekends we go out & I think I need to try everything that is new. Then I feel like I have t fight the scale to get it to go down. If it would ever get warmer I could walk more outside. This will come together for you. You have the determination.

  4. Ooh, that last dessert looks so pretty!

    Alcohol = calorie bomb…what a great way to put it. Bet you will see a big difference by limiting the wine to special occasions (although I got pretty good at inventing special occasions, lol!).

    I like that you are taking it one month at a time. Your little changes will add up – I’m rooting for you to kick those last few kgs to the curb!

    Glad you had such a great run – there is nothing better, right?

  5. Fran its okay, never feel you have to come to group…what i did last week was put group on private and removed all non users…So you would not be able to access it anymore..
    I will add some of my journey to you when I reply to your blogs and write about my healthy lifestyle as part of my day…I’m really bored with weight loss blogs, I’ve noticed since reading blogs for a year now that *most* lose and gain the same 5kgs over and over…that does not motivate me anymore.
    I enjoy your blog cause we have become friends and we share the same passion _ Running!!!
    When I visit you, and we will…( can we stay with you instead of a hotel?? ) I will take lots of photo’s of you…so start getting photo ready…:)

  6. Okay…you ask him…we have other friends who we can stay with, they live in the boarder of Holland, but then they will expect us to spend a holiday with them…and that means we dont get to see much of you then…

    As I am going home in November again to help my daughter we have to save for my flight back home…so we decided to cancel out trip to Holland this year….I told Heinz I would first speak to you and see if we could stay there before we cancel…

    But NO pressure…I believe all things in life happen for a reason….xxx

  7. LOL@finishing off the bottle first. Great goals and when you keep it to a smaller time frame it is easier to achieve. Good luck.

    Great job on the run. I went for a 2.5 mile walk today with my BF. Woohoo!!!

  8. I can’t help thinking that the more you exercise, for whatever reason, the healthier you want to become with your eating, sleeping and self in general. That’s how I try to stay on task with my eating! I just keep thinking of wanting to be strong for running, no matter what the distance and pace.
    Since I’ve started running more, I eat to fuel. It’s not like it’s not fun; I do enjoy wine and sweets but what goes in, for the most part, needs to be what keeps me going to run farther and or faster.
    You dinners looked wonderful this last weekend and good job on the sunny run!

  9. Seems like we are in a similar pattern! I have a bit more to lose but I have been pretty much the same weight-wise for almost 4 months. I had 3 good weeks where my weight went down finally and then I spent the last two weeks undoing all of that. It’s so easy to slip back into these old habits!

    I love your idea of working on on bad habit at a time.

    Glad you eventually got a good ruin in too!

  10. You have been through a lot emotionally these past couple of weeks. I like the way you are breaking your goals into really manageable and practical pieces!

    You are such a disciplined person and I can see where that really helps you in your journey Fran.

  11. Fran you are too cute! You enjoy that wine and tomorrow you can start again with a new committment. Who knows. Maybe I will join you. 😉

  12. I have one glass of wine a week usually when we go out to dinner on the weekend. Yesterday I splurged and had two at home with my Easter dinner. Today I was up on the scale so am back to clean eating and watching my carbs.

  13. Hi Fran,
    I thought of you yesterday while we were at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. We visited the pet cemetary there and this may sound strange but it was lovely and deeply moving. A beautiful tribute to the animals in our lives and how much joy they bring us. I truly wish you could have been there with me Fran. I know you would have appreciated this special place. I’ve put some pictures up on my family blog (www.downhourfamily.blogspot.com) so that you can see. I was thinking of you when I took them. Although I don’t think my pictures really can do justice to this beautiful and moving experience. Take care and I hope that you are feeling a little bit better as each day passes.

    Love and Hugs,


  14. Oh your dessert looks yummy! What’s in it?

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