A day in my life: Monday April 12th 2010

The weekend has been very relaxing. Saturday morning I went to get some groceries and went to the gym after that. In the afternoon and evening I relaxed by surfing, watch tv, read and make some puzzles. Sunday was more of the same. In the morning I went for a 10K run but after that it was pretty much the same day as Saturday.

I’m having major pain in my lower back. And I have only myself to blame for this. Yesterday evening I sat on my dinner table, first behind the laptop and later making puzzles, for 4 hours straight in a wrong position. When I got up I already felt my that my lower back was hurt but I thought that a good night’s sleep would make it go away. It didn’t. It bothered me the whole day up till now. I didn’t go to the gym as planned but I did walk during lunch with my friend K. because walking hurts less than sitting. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Saturday I went to the gym for a cardio workout: bicycle, elliptical, rowing and three different runs on the treadmill (normal, hills, 750 metres speed). I try to improve the distances or the time every time I do this training so I have a challenge for myself.

Running stats:
Weather: inside, sweaty .
Distance: 3.44K / 2.1 miles
Time: 00:22:30
Average time: 6:25 /km
Average speed: 9.4 km/hour

Sunday morning I had scheduled a 10K. To be honest, I didn’t feel much like going but 3 things made me do it. First I have a 10K run scheduled next Sunday, it’s a ladies run and I wanted to run 1 long run before that. I know now I’m ready for it and ain’t nervous if I can make because I will finish it. Second, Amy had scheduled a 14K run and she posted that she didn’t feel like it too so I made her a deal that I too would run so she wouldn’t be “alone”. And third it was Heidi’s Springtastic 10K day. It was a good run after all and I was glad I did go.

Weather: 8 ˚C/46 degrees, cloudy with a bit of sunshine at the end of my run, windy.
Distance: 10 K / 6.2 miles
Time: 01:11:35
Average time: 7:10 /km
Average speed: 8.2 km/hour

Today: lunchwalk of 30 minutes.

Goal total km’s/miles week 14:
22K / 14.2 miles.
Total week 14: 26.2K / 16.2 miles

Goal total km’s/miles week 15:
22K / 14.2 miles.

Total week 15: 0 K /  miles

Pic of the day:

Saturday: Spring time, time to get the lounge set out of the storage.

Sunday: 10K!

Monday: my start number for my run next Sunday.

What’s for dinner:

The Sunday smoothie is back: banana, low fat yogurt and pineapple juice.

We had beef stroganoff with rice today.

Daily Tip/Quote:
Blogging is not rocket science, it’s about being yourself, and putting what you have into it.
Author unknown


20 responses to “A day in my life: Monday April 12th 2010

  1. WOOOHOOO – you did great. Thanks for taking part in my run – heeeheee. I so didn’t want to run yesterday either. It was a real struggle to get going. I’ve been too lazy lately and I’m glad I scheduled this run because I easily could have tlaked myself out of it again. Glad it helped you get your run in too.

    Good luck for you run next week. I too like to complete the full distance before a race. It gives me confidence that I can complete the distance, and that’s also the #1 goal.

  2. Great job! You do awesome in the run next week 😀

  3. It is always nice after you finish the run. Way to get out there 🙂 Love the patio furniture.

  4. You will do great next week. I’m glad that you talked yourself into doing your long 10K run. Aren’t friend a great motivator?

  5. So glad you came up with the idea to cheer each other along from a distance! It did make it easier to get it done, knowing you were out there also! Hope your back feels better soon – I sometimes do that to myself, too, if I am sitting at the computer too long, I get it in my right shoulder, and it does hurt.

  6. Sounds like a perfect weekend!!! I love the patio furniture. I wish we had a backyard. I do miss that. I am glad you got out and ran. I always feel better after I exercise even if I go into it not wanting to.

    I hear you on the English. It is just that so many people tell me all the time that they can speak English they just choose to act like they don’t. I really wish I knew German. Sure would make things easier but I am asking all the time at work how to say words considering I am the only American…

  7. Hello there, am going to log off and go to bed now, am feeling a little better, medication is wearing off now.

    Love your ourside patio lounge suite. We have a table and chairs as our patio is too small for the suite, but have always loved them…one day when we get a bigger garden. By the looks of things we will be moving to the East…so have a chance to find something bigger but will never find something as modern as we have hear.

    Good luck with that race, very exciting, I’m meeting a german girl tomorrow and hear its going to rain here so no training for me again…I need to train at least 5x a week or else am in trouble as my eating is not that good at the moment.
    Take care and chat soon

  8. I hope you feel better soon!

    Good luck on your 10K. You’ll do great!

  9. YAY for your 10k! Great time!!

  10. Glad you had such a good run on Sunday – thank you for telling me how you were second-to-last in your first 10K – glad I am not alone in this! You are going to rock your next 10K – I’ll be doing a 6K on Sunday, so we will be running together (sort of)!

  11. Good for you for going out and running despite not wanting to. I find that this happens to me a lot, but I ALWAYS feel good once I’ve completed a workout or run.

    Look forward to hearing about your race re-cap next weekend.

  12. Thanks for posting on my blog. I feel your pain about not wanting to run. I have struggled myself here lately. Somedays I wish I had someone to run with and there other days I am glad that I can go by myself.
    I hope your back gets to feeling better. Good luck on your 10K run.

  13. Too funny. I had almost talked myself out of doing the 10K I just did and one of my friends made a similar deal…I would do the 10K and she’d do the Triathlon that she wanted to do but was nervous about.

    Good luck in your race next week! So proud of you 🙂

  14. Great job on the run!!!

    Love smoothies…I especially love them now that I put coconut oil in them. Really nice with pineapple.

    Sorry your back hurts and I hope it improves quickly.

  15. onelittlejill

    I have been having a lot of lower back pain lately too. I finally made an appointment to get a massage!

    I love the sight of lounge chairs outside 🙂

  16. your patio looks so inviting….I would love a bbq piece of chicken 🙂

    We are rainy here today, its definately made me have many cups of coffee today, I feel like I could fall asleep standing up. my legs are now feeling much better and i think I may get in a little run in the rain tonight…so I get a little wet..oh well :-).

    Awesome work on the 10k Fran you killed it 🙂

  17. I love coming back here after being away and seeing you still totally in the groove and running. Way to go on the 10K. You will do so great next weekend, I just know it!

  18. I had so many thoughts and yet they were all kindasorta vanquished by your tip.

  19. you are a mean mean mean beautiful lady, how long are you gonna make me wait 🙂

  20. Hope your back gets to feeling betters soon!

    Good luck with your race.

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