A day in my life: Friday April 16th 2010

Thank you for all your great words of encouragement on my plans to train for a half marathon. I’m still very excited about it and will start my training next Wednesday. I know I can do this with your help and with help of R.

But first I have to run my second official 10K run on Sunday. I’m not nervous, I know I can do it, I’m actually looking forward to it. The weather conditions are good, I will go by train as parking in that city is a hugh problem. The only thing that’s a pity is that I have to go alone. R. is going away for the day on his motorcycle so I won’t be able to make pictures.

The pain in my back is gone since yesterday so I’m feeling okay now.

I went for a run this afternoon. In fact I was really looking forward to it, the weather was perfect for running. But like last week when I ran after work it was a disaster run again. I don’t understand this. I never had trouble running after work but lately my legs are tired right from the start and I’m struggling forward. I’m going to see how this goes for a week or 2 and if it doesn’t improve I might try running before work which means I have to get up even earlier so that’s not my first choice.

Question for those of you who run after work or at night: do you have this sometimes too? Or maybe an explanation why this happens? I’m not tired or anything, I had the energy to go but the legs just didn’t do what I wanted them to do. Any suggestions how to handle this are welcome.

Weather: 14 ˚C/57 degrees, sunny and windy.
Distance: 3.37 K / 2 miles
Time: 00:23:28
Average time: 6:58 /km
Average speed: 8.6 km/hour

Goal total km’s/miles week 15:
22K / 14.2 miles.
Total so far: 3.3 K /  2 miles

What’s for dinner:
Yesterday soft taco’s filled with chicken, avocado and sour cream.

Today tortellini with mushrooms in crème fraîche light.

Pic of the day:

Thursday. Movie night: Confessions of a shopaholic

Friday: I found this on my desk at work this morning. Yesterday was Secretary’s day but I had my regular day off. My boss didn’t forget and bought me these beautiful flowers.

Daily Quote:
I tape my list of goals, both large and small, above my bed so I see them when I wake up. This holds me accountable.
Chris Solinsky, Elite runner from Portland, Oregon

My list of goals is not above my bed but next to my computer where I’m blogging right now. I see it every day.


19 responses to “A day in my life: Friday April 16th 2010

  1. Yummy that first meal looks divine….

    I’ve never participated in a fun run, 5kl or 10kl so do admire you and now the half marathon, you will do it…just keep the motivation alive..that to me is the hardest part…keeping motivation alive, I see it in my own life…but you have a drive that will carry you though, you had the set back after losing your baby, now its time to move forward…I know you are little bit by little bit.
    Good luck, I will think of you on Sunday…I hope to run on Sunday as H is away in Munich and the weather is predicted to be 20 degrees…maybe I should attempt a 10 km with you in my mind….sisters doing it together but km away from each other.

    I am a morning trainer, have been training in the afternoon lately and still managing, but not sure about night time, I used to teach at night and coped with that…I think when you been at work all day its so so much tougher to run as the body wants to get home and relax…am sure working ladies will have some advice for you…

    Otherwise…going to look at a house tomorrow….we might buy – hubby has so much he wants to do before he leaves for munich in the afternoon, so I think if I do train it will be skipping in front of the tv…LOL

    Hope you are well…
    Have a good weekend my friend.

  2. Oh..forgot…great boss you have to buy you flowers…I bought myself two bunches of roses today…white and peach…they in the foyer…I love flowers in my house during Spring and Summer time…makes me feel very cheerful.

  3. The flowers are beautiful and what a sweet thing for your boss to do!

    As for the lack of energy with your runs, are you fueling properly? Maybe you need some “energy candy” – i.e. GU or Clif’s Shot Bloks before your run…of course, Lori will tell you to eat a date, but with my way you get Athlete’s Candy! (lol)

    Hope you have a wonderful 10K on Sunday – I’ll be thinking about you as I do my 6K, and we can compare notes on Monday!

  4. Fran seriously girl are you trying to kill me 🙂

    I will definately run this weekend the weather is suppose to be amazing for this time of year so definately on my to do list.
    I will run a 10k with you on sunday – how’s about that ?? 🙂

    Love the flowers, i bet you deserve them!

  5. You’ll do great on Sunday!

    I find I am always more tired for my afternoon/evening runs than my morning runs. I think that is just because I have used up a lot of energy just getting through my day. I never thought much about it, as I never ran in the morning before until the summer came and it got too hot to do afternoon runs.

    That’s when I noticed a big difference. You might try taking in a little bigger snack before running?

  6. Hi Fran,
    I haven’t had time to comment until now. So much to say!

    1) I’m so excited for you and your half marathon. I love your training schedule. Plenty of time to build up. You will be SO ready for this event.

    2) I know you can do it.

    3) Thank you for your comments on my blog this week. You are an excellent example for me and I have been thinking about the goals you set. Such as – I want to run a 5K or 10K in X amount of time. Like you, I am goal oriented and like having something to work toward. So I am thinking along those lines for now….

    4) I still want to come to your house for dinner. Although 1 night this week I made fish tacos and they were so divine I almost took a picture to put up on my blog.

    5) I don’t have any ideas or suggestions for you on the tired legs in the evenings. I almost always run at 5:30 in the morning….

    6) Have a fantastic weekend!!!


  7. I’ve had that feeling of tiredness, though not in relation to a particular time of day. Except a few times on early morning runs in cold weather. Those make me feel like lead. It makes sense that your body could be tired from the day. You can try to change up the time of day you run to the morning … or I think if you stick with it a little longer your body may adapt and it will become easier. If after work running suits your schedule better I think I’d keep trying and see if it improves. It’s worth a shot.

  8. Good luck on Sunday. You’ll do great! And your food in the pictures looks OH SO GOOD!

  9. Good luck on Sunday!

    I have been having a LOT of trouble running in the late afternoon/evening as well. In fact, I had an awful run yesterday. For me, I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I haven’t been getting enough sleep for the past few weeks. I think/hope that with enough sleep, the evening runs will go better… Also, I think what I eat affects me a lot more these days. Yesterday, everything I had been eating (which wasn’t that bad, but maybe I ate too close to the run) was sitting like a huge stone in my stomach…

    Your mushroom tortellini look awesome! I think I’ll borrow the idea! 😉

  10. Good luck on Sunday, you will do great! I have defintely experienced the leg thing – you are full of energy but your legs feel heavy. What I have noticed though, if I sort of run through it – I usually hit a point where I feel light and full energy. It’s like the first couple of miles is sooooo lonng and then all of a sudden I am fine.

  11. Oh, and I’ll be running on Sunday too, so take me along with you as well. 😉

  12. Hi Fran
    I had a terrible run on Thursday. Very slow and my legs just didn’t want to do it. I don’t know exactly why that is, because the runs before that were good ones, nice, felt good, and a good pace. There are some factors that were different though:
    1) I have been biking more regularly, so I biked the same day as running (I wasn’t on the bike every day until Easter Monday)
    2) I don’t think I drank enough water that day (something to do with it??? who knows)
    3) I did run a different route, with a bit higher elevation

    Also my knees hurt pretty badly afterwards – maybe it is just the biking? Have you been biking at all? Doing other exercise that may have been affecting your legs and you haven’t rested enough between exercise days?

    Good Luck Sunday!!

  13. Good luck on Sunday – you are going to do well and the weather is going to be just perfect!

    On the running after work I have a couple of thoughts:
    – are you getting enough water in during the day? i can imagine during a long day at work maybe not drinking a ton of water to avoid having to go to the wc every ten minutes and then ending up slightly dehydrated by the end of the day…
    – the other thing that occured to me is, what kind of shoes do you wear at work, perhaps this makes your legs tired?
    – I know for myself I simply tend to have more energy in the morning anyway, so maybe it is also a question of just accepting that runs after work will feel harder no matter what?

    I can’t wait to hear how you do tomorrow – drink a lot of water today – I find this makes a big difference on my Sunday runs if I get a lot of water in on Saturday. What town are you running in?

    Hugs and cheers!

  14. I did a quick test, opened my blog for a few mins before setting it back on private hoping it would end on feedreaders…see it does thanks to you and syl letting me know, so will do that in future…if I remember…LOL…xx

  15. Good luck on the run tomorrow!!! Marcelle wrote me and told me I should do a 5k tomorrow though I am sure if I do it will be more walking then running bc my legs hurt.

    Do you wear heels at work? Just wondering if that might be the issue.

    Love the flowers!!

  16. Hi-
    I saw your comment on Shelley’s blog and was so with you. I was, what I thought was last, in an 8k last fall. During most of the race I was totally in my head thinking about being last and feeling shame. I couldn’t cry b/c I was running and the breathing doesn’t work to do both. It took so much mental energy to finish, and the physical part was pretty good. What a crazy mind game. I was thinking yesterday on my run, could I do that race again? I loved that you mentioned that in your comment.
    By the way, your time is faster, my 5k’s are about 39:00. So slow. I just ran a 1/2 marathon last month, slow, but finished.
    Good luck on your 10K. You will do great, there were a bunch of great comments on Shelley’s blog about those that are last are still ahead of those NOT running. We keep doing it, so yay for us.

  17. Okay so we will be running “together” again today along with Marcelle and a lot of other blog friends! Although I will go earlier than you, I’ll be thinking of you! Good luck!

  18. Thinking of u with your run today….will go out later as well…am watching F1 now – weighed myself this morning after not for two weeks….and gained 4kg’s – game over for me now, I have to lose at least 2 of them….before i start the cortisone.

    Cant wait to hear all about your run later…
    Will think of you while running my 10kl…xxx

  19. I too have a hard time walking/running in the afternoons. I always assumed it was because I had been busy all day long and was then asking my body to do something strenous. I wonder if you are properly hydrated and maybe you might need one of those energy bars before you go?

    Those flowers are lovely!

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