A day in my life: Sunday April 18th 2010

Thanks for all the suggestions on my tired legs. As to answer the question of Amy what kind of shoes I’m wearing during the day: always heels but on my running days they are not very high heels. Walking on flat shoes gives me pain in the back (really it’s true). On workdays I eat my lunch and later in the afternoon a piece of fruit usually an apple. I’m never full or hungry before I go running.

I’ve read your comments and going to try some things before I turn to running before work which I don’t prefer except on very hot days.

  • Drink enough water during the day (when I think back on Friday I didn’t drink enough water).
  • Go to bed at 10.30 pm on the day before I have a workout planned.
  • No wine on evenings before workout days (I’ve had a glass of wine the night before my run Friday).
  • As Heidi suggested: I will stick to running after work a little bit longer, maybe my body will adjust to it. If not, I can always go to running in the morning.


Half marathon training week 1:
Wednesday: 30 minute endurance run, pace 7:09-7:24/km with 2 tempo runs of 3 minutes, pace 6:39-6:54/km.
Thursday: Pyramidrun, pace 6:09-6:24/km, 100-200-300-600-300-200-100 m, 3 minute breaks.
Saturday: 20 minute endurance run, pace 7:09-7:24/km. Strenght training upper body.
Sunday:  6 km endurance run, pace 7:24-7:39 /km

Nike Ladies Run 10K Hilversum:
First it was nice to know Marcelle, Syl, Heidi, Amy and Shelley were running together with me or at least at the same day since we have time differences. This definitely helped me at some point of my run.

Secondly let me tell you: it was hot! At least that’s how I experienced it. It was about 20 ˚C/68 degrees with no wind at all and no shadow at most of the track. I have a running jacket where the sleeves can be zipped off so I decided to do that before the run started: good decision!

We started at 12.15 pm, I guess that about a thousand woman ran the 10K. The first 3K I ran too fast, I ran at my 5K pace as I saw after I downloaded my Garmin stats, this was too fast for this weather but I guess I went with the flow. But I had to pay somewhere between 4 and 5K that was the first time I had to walk a little bit and from that point on I walked every now and then for a minute or so.

I brought my water belt but along the track there were people who lived there that handed out water, there were 2 official water points during the route. I was very glad they stood there because I really needed more water.

After 8K the soles of my foot started to hurt, never had that before but I kept on going. At that point I also thought of my blogger friends who would be running with me somewhere during the day and I thought: if they can do it, I can do it too and I kept on going.

I finished at 1:13:49 which wasn’t bad at all considered I walked a bit every now and then. I wanted to finish under 1:11 but the weather wasn’t cooperating today so I’m happy with this result. This time is 6 minutes faster than my last official 10K in September last year so I’m happy about it.

Positive was that the distance didn’t seem that long at all. If I run a 10K for training it seems so much longer than today. And my legs were great today, they never hurt of felt tired during the run.

I have no pictures as I was alone today but I do have a picture of the medal I got:

And after posting this I going to sit in my garden with a well deserved glass of wine and my new book (Breaking dawn by Stephenie Meyer).

Weather: 20 ˚C/68 degrees, sunny, no wind, hot.
Distance: 10 K / 6.2 miles
Time: 01:13:49
Average time: 7:23 /km
Average speed: 8.1 km/hour

Goal total km’s/miles week 15:
22K / 14.2 miles.
Total week 15: 13.3 K /  8.2 miles

Goal total km’s/miles week 16:
22K / 14.2 miles.

Pic of the day:
Saturday: It’s finally here, the Dutch translation of Breaking Dawn (Twilight Saga), I’ve been waiting for this.

Sunday: Running outfit for today.

Daily Quote:
“There will come a point in the race, when you alone will need to decide. You will need to make a choice. Do you really want it? You will need to decide.”
Rolf Arands


23 responses to “A day in my life: Sunday April 18th 2010

  1. Congratulations!!! and you got a PR too! I was thinking about you at noon today – it really was quite warm – we even had our lunch outside on the patio. It feels like summertime, which is not always so great for running especially if you’re not really used to it. I can totally understand how you got swept away by the crowd and started out too fast, that is hard to avoid. But the bonus is the excitement of running in a big group of women, which is a lot of fun. I’ve done three Ladies Run races (in Kortrijk) and I really enjoyed the atmosphere. Good for you – and yes, you do deserve a glass of wine (or 2) – I had mine at lunch – we earned it! Hugs

  2. I was sitting in front of my laptop at 11.55 and thought…Go, Fran is going to start her race soon…I had to drive to where I start my run to the Castle. I also thought of you during my run, I felt so slow I thought that you would be so bored running with me as it felt like I was dragging my feet, the first 6km is all up…coming down I picked up my pace a lot so that I could do intervals…then slowed down a bit as my breathing was very heavy and my HR high…I never walked once….I was so pleased as my mind kept telling me it okay to walk if I want to…but knowing you were there and NOT walking, LOL, had I had known, I pushed myself..
    I love this weather….perfect for running in a strappy top, my arms get some sun kiss on them…
    In CT I ran in 38 degrees weather so not going to complain about this as to me its still cool…CT has 23 degrees today in their Autumn months…I’M AN AFRICAN as i love to remind you.

    I came home and sat out in the sun in my bikini and suntanned today….my face is very red!!! will be brown tomorrow….as my skin had a month of CT sun and now winter white…

    Enjoy your glass of wine.
    I’m so on track to lose the weight i gained…so no wine for me till its gone!!! LOL

  3. Bravo – bravo! I am so proud of you!

    Could you picture yourself doing this a year ago?

  4. Marcelle told me to try and do a 5k today. I get to cut what you amazing women do in half. Well I am going to run tonight to get my total 5 in. I am glad that you beat your time from Sept. That is great news!!

    I do love this weather I am not going to lie. I hope you enjoyed your wine with your book!!

  5. Hey Fran!! I was so happy to read this post. I’m so proud of you and I think 1:13 is a great time! I hope you can work through the running after work issue. My experience has always been that morning is the best time for me to run but I think it’s better to run after work even if it’s not perfect than not to run at all and sometimes that’s what happens because it’s hard to get up in the morning sometimes!!

    Congrats on the 10K!!

  6. congrats Fran, you did amazing!
    I am sorry to say that I will not be able to get out for a run today, because the family wants to go for a bike ride, However the first 10km will be for you while pulling my son in a trailer, that counts right???

    So sorry Fran, I wasn’t expecting this but that’s what the family wants to do, hope you understand!

    I will do a run for you tomorrow..ok?

  7. Great job on the run!!!

  8. You had a great time on your run. I’m glad your legs were not so tired.

  9. Great for you and awesome on your time. Most of the year I am running in hot weather. It takes some time to adjust to the heat but then I don’t mind it. One year Amy was here in July and we ran the Hottest Half 10K. The temperature was around 90 when we started.
    I hope you enjoyed your glass of wine, you deserved it!

  10. Nice medal! You did great – the weather is so hard to figure out what and how many layers to run in, and that really can make a difference in how you feel on your run. I thought of you this morning while I was doing my 6K – it was fun to know you were running, too (although you were probably finished, but you know what I mean).

  11. onelittlejill

    Way to go Fran, you totally deserve that medal!!

    I have to wear heels (not lately because of injury, but typically) to work and I usually keep a pair of flip flops under my desk to wear. And I roll my feet on a tennis ball so to avoid foot problems from long days on heels!

  12. Hooray for 10K PR! I’m running a 10K by the end of May and a half in June so I’ve got lots of training to do too. Plus, I’m hoping I’ll get comfortable enough in my Vibrams to run the 10K in them. I did my first 5K last week and yep, hooked on running that’s for sure. Have you considered switching to barefoot? There’s a lot of studies out there that have shown that barefoot running/walking has improved back support. But, run however you feel most comfortable and keep pushing forward!

  13. Congratulations Fran! 1:13 is awesome!! If I’m not mistaken that’s even a couple minutes faster than what my husband did at Zandvoort!! (And way faster than me) Way to go!!

  14. Great job on the run!

    And I like the things you’ll try to see if they’ll make your evening runs easier. Enough water and no alcohol the night before are things I’ll focus on, too!

    Have a great week!

  15. Hey Fran: I have to be at work at 8:30. In order for me to run in the morning, I have to be up by 6:00am. It’s hard for me sometimes to commit to the morning run because I am such a lousy sleeper but whenever I can do it, it always feels the best. 🙂

  16. Way to go!!! That is awesome about the new PR 😉 I hope you have a wonderful week!

  17. WOOOHOO Fran! Good solid race. I ran 11 miles for you yesterday. It was hot here too. Probably about the same temp as you and very humid. You could almost taste the steam.

    Congrats on the PR. You’ll crush that goal time soon enough.

  18. Fran! My goodness – congratulations to you on such a great time. It’s so hard to run in the heat. You are doing so great – way to go on the half marathon training as well. I’m so impressed.

  19. Wow, great job on your run! Way to shave off a ton of time from last years run. What a great feeling! 🙂

  20. (Thanks for visiting my blog!!)

    Great job on your 10K!!! It’s so tough to run in hotter weather than you’re used to; I know it totally throws me off sometimes!!

    Half-marathon training can be fun – I know, I just used the words “marathon” and “training” and “fun” all in one sentance. 😉 But truthfully, I get a kick of pushing my distance farther and farther and completing it. Brings a smile to my face!

    You’re going to do great – can’t wait to hear more about the training!!

  21. Sounds like you did GREAT on the run. I also walked some on my 1/2….the legs got heavy in miles 8,9…ish.
    I also think about bloggers when I am on a run. How funny is it? Our virtual friends.
    Good luck w/ the training….it is quite the ride!

  22. Fran, congratulations on another outstanding race performance! Congrats also for beating your time from the last one. I know the sense of accomplishment that can bring!

    I loved your quote too!

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