A day in my life: Sunday April 25, 2010

So we visited the animal shelter yesterday but have to be honest that there wasn’t a dog that made our heart beat faster. So we have to look further to find a dog that’s meant to be with us.

Thanks for the tips about the shoes. I think I need to replace them somewhere this summer looking at my mileage so I will do that by then.

Diane from Diane’s Training Journal is having a “Blog my run challenge”. So when I went out for a bike ride yesterday I took my camera with me and rode my 6K route. This isn’t much different from my other routes because the landscape around my village is pretty much the same everywhere.

So this is where I start my run.

After less than 1K on this road I turn to the right and follow this road.

Here I leave my village.

After leaving the village it’s all polder, mostly grazings.

Along the way I passed a farm with sheep and lambs.

This is a cycling path, often there are sheep on this path so you’re running through the sheep which is special.

Back to my village.

Last piece of my route, this is very close to my home which is situated somewhere to the right.

Here I met mom and dad goose with their little ones. Mom and dad weren’t to friendly to me as they thought I was going to attack the little ones.

As you can see the landscape around here is pretty much the same. I love forests but unfortunately we don’t have that nearby. We do have a little beach and water I will make pictures of that later this year. Because it’s so open I always have to run with wind. At first that bothered me but now I’m used to it and kinda like it.


Half marathon training week 1 (April 19 – 25)
Wednesday: 30 minute endurance run, pace 7:09-7:24/km with 2 tempo runs of 3 minutes, pace 6:39-6:54/km. -> done, 4.26K
Thursday: Pyramidrun, pace 5:57-6:12/km, 100-200-300-600-300-200-100 m, 3 minute breaks. -> done, but skipped the last 200 and 100 m tempo, was exhausted.
Saturday: 20 minute endurance run, pace 6:57-7:12/km. Strength training upper body. ->replaced the run by biking, no strength training
Sunday:  6 km endurance run, pace 7:12-7:27 /km -> skipped

I replaced my run on Saturday by going on a ride on my bike, this is allowed. You can replace the 20 minute run by biking or swimming. Today I just didn’t feel like running at all. No excuses just didn’t want to go. So I decided to do training 1 again.

Half marathon training week 1 (April 26-May 2):
Tuesday: 30 minute endurance run, pace 6:57-7:12/km with 2 tempo runs of 3 minutes, pace 6:27-6:42/km.
Thursday: Pyramidrun, pace 5:57-6:12/km, 100-200-300-600-300-200-100 m, 3 minute breaks.
Saturday: 20 minute endurance run, pace 6:57-7:12/km. Strength training upper body.
Sunday:  6 km endurance run, pace 7:12-7:27 /km

I cancelled one of the runs I was going to participate in in May. It is a 10K run. I had to go alone again and it’s a run with a big crowd (about 10,000 participants) and I’ve been regretting that I’ve signed in for  a while now. So I cancelled on the last day that was possible and I feel relieved.

Goal total km’s/miles week 16:
22K / 14.2 miles.
Total week 16: 8.5K / 2.6 miles

Goal total km’s/miles week 17:
22K / 14.2 miles.
Total week 17:


17 responses to “A day in my life: Sunday April 25, 2010

  1. looks like a beautiful place to run Fran. No need rushing on the dog, you need to find the perfect one! Can’t wait to see what you have chosen.

  2. Well, I think bike would probably win the confrontation. 🙂

    Nice pics. It added a nice element to your post.

    I’m sorry that you didn’t find a pup to warm your heart. He/she is out there. You’ll find your heart filled again with one.

  3. Hello there.

    I came and read your entry last night as I was logging off and see I had to re register, so left without commenting..
    Am here now, have done what needs to be done so I can comment easily in future.

    I recognize your run, not the spot but what Holland looks like after I’ve been there to visit.
    You lucky you have no hills to run, in Holland the ground is so so flat. I find that very strange, but hey, its what makes Holland so unique.

    Keep training…
    Hubby is home so dont want to sit online….xx

  4. Nice pictures, they make me miss Holland. Cute little goslings.

    Good luck on your doggy search!

  5. Hi Fran,
    Thank you so much for posting these beautiful pictures. I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed looking at them. My entire family looked at them and then we checked Amy’s blog again too. It is fascinating to us to these the architecture, area and beauty of other parts of the world.

    I am going to post eveyone’s entries on one site at the end of the challenge so that we can easily link to each other and see everyone’s runs.

    Thanks again for posting AND best wishes as you continue your search for that special little friend to welcome into your life 🙂

  6. Fran, I love your pictures – they remind me of being in Holland – so pretty in the spring! About 25 years ago I had a Dutch boyfriend (no, not my husband – he’s Belgian!) and he lived close to Den Bosch. Reminds me of biking around there! Lovely! And you guys are so lucky with your great bike paths…

  7. What a lovely place to run. And the lambs and goslings – so cute 😀

    You’ll find the right dog. You never know when it will happen, so just keep your eyes peeled.

  8. What a pretty area you have to run in! I had to look up “polder” on wiki and it described exactly what you showed in the picture, so now I know!

    Re the dog – he/she will find you. Glad you are not rushing into anything.

    And the race in May – if you weren’t feeling it, then canceling was the right thing to do, as evidenced by your relief. There will be plenty more to run that will be right for you…and again, how funny is it that running is such a mental sport?

  9. How pretty it is where you live Fran! I would love running by sheep and pastures. Sounds like you have some good training going on! And if canceling the May race made you feel relieved, then you did the right thing! I think we always know what we can handle and what just won’t be fun. It should always be fun!

  10. good luck finding the perfect one!

  11. Just catching up on your blog – I’ve been a TERRIBLE blogger lately. I think I’m back in the swing though and look forward to reading about your training.

    The pictures are beautiful. I really need to start running in more scenic places.

  12. Your running route looks so much like the one I run when I am in Kempen. It really pulled at my heart strings and made me miss it.

    Don’t worry. The day will come that you will find your new pet. It’ll be that dog’s lucky day too.

  13. It looks like such a great place to run! I am sorry to hear that you did not find a dog. When you do find one, it will be perfect and I can’t wait to see pictures. I hope you have a wonderful week. It looks like you have a lot of training to do 🙂

  14. onelittlejill

    Sheep!! Haha, around here you might run past some cows and usually a horse farm or two but never sheep. That would be cool!

  15. I think when you find the right dog you will know and it will be something special. I love the pictures of your run. The hills here are killing me though where I came from I am used to hills. Just not used to running.

  16. Wow, Fran, I would LOVE to live in a place like that! How awesome. The landscape is just beautiful. I like the idea of blogging your runs!

    ps. Hope you find your new puppy soon xoxo

  17. You are blessed to run there and live there and I especially loved the ducks!

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