A day in my life: Monday June 7, 2010

It’s going to be a great summer. I’m so excited to start my own challenge today. The first 5 months of this year haven’t been that great so I’m determined to make the next three months a success. But I’m also excited for a few of my blogger friends who all have their challenges for this summer. Like:

  • Syl: lose more weight and keep moving
  • Heidi: 30 days of activity challenge
  • Tamara: 4 weeks food plan
  • Amy: follow the new rules of lifting for woman for 12 weeks
  • Shelley: train for her first half marathon in November and participates in the summer challenge.
  • Marcelle: she’s going to be a personal trainer for 3 months for one of her friends.

I wish you all good luck and that we all can say by the end of August: it has been a great summer!

The party Saturday night was fun. I’ve got a huge compliment from one of my best friends. I’ve known her for 17 years now. I was at the weight that’s now my goal weight when we met. She has seen me gain weight and now she’s seeing me lose it and she told me I looked great and had a great body. It meant a lot to me to hear that from her.

This week is kind of busy, I have appointments 4 nights in a row. Tonight I’m going to visit one of my friends for coffee.
But … only 7 days of work and then our 3 week holiday starts. Looking forward to that.

And I have a question for my friends from the US: the news here in Holland is dominated by the arrest of Joran van der Sloot (well after they talked about the injury of one of our national soccer players since the world cup soccer starts next weekend 🙂 ) who is/was suspected of killing Nathalie Holloway. He is suspected to kill a different girl now. Our news stations say the whole time that this is such big news in the US too. So I said to R. “I’m going to ask my blogger friends because I’m curious if that’s really so”.
So is it true? Is there a lot to see/hear about this on your news stations? Just being curious.

I started over my half marathon training (yes again 🙂 ) so a 30 minute run was scheduled for today.

I did plan to run it this morning before work but when I got up the weather wasn’t that nice so I postponed it to after work. Boy did I make a mistake by that.

It was such a struggle. I hadn’t run since last Monday, wore high heels today and had abdominal cramps all day. Lately my stomach is upset a lot. So there I was struggling and after 15 minutes it happened: cramps and I decided to walk for a minute so it would go away and it did but it came back again and again so I had to walk for about 4 times and had to take a sprint when I was almost home ….
But all things considered: I did run so my first day of my summer challenge is a success.

Weather: sunshine, a little bit of wind, 19 ˚C/66 degrees
Distance: 4.05 K / 2.5 miles
Time: 00:30:00
Average time: 7:24 /km
Average speed: 8.1 km/hour

What’s for dinner:
Sunday: pork tenderloin with mushroom sauce, potatoes out of the oven with garlic and shallots, snow peas.

Today a hamburger, potatoes and mixed vegetables.

Quote of the day:
“Accept the challenges so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory”
General George S. Patton


12 responses to “A day in my life: Monday June 7, 2010

  1. Thanks Fran…am excited and ready for this challenge…I am going over with my scale, my tape measure tomorrow and camera…
    WE will take the stats of before and see how we go…I want her to know I am serious!!

    Always good to get a compliment from someone else. I was telling a friend today that its been a year that I have been at this weight and the compliments are far and few now…everyone is used to the new me…not like when I lost the 20kg’s everyone was shocked.
    So enjoy, they motivate one as well….

    I need my running friend to get her mojo back as I feel I am still running and you not…so glad to read you are back…now I won’t feel so alone.
    I did a 5kl walk run today as yesterday I did a 12 and today felt I wanted to move but at a lower pace. or will get burnout.

    Food looks good as always.

  2. I don’t watch a lot of news, but the arrest of Joran van der Sloot was all over the tv this morning while I was working out. Too bad the authorities couldn’t have convicted him of killing Natalie Holloway before another girl was killed.

    Happier topic: Your challenge! I printed out my goals and are on my desk so I can see them and be reminded of what I want to achieve this summer. I like knowing that you and several other bloggers will be working toward their goals as well – makes me feel like we are all in this together!

    What are you doing for your vacation? Going anywhere fun?

    Good job running – even a bad run is a run, so it definitely counts. Hope the next one will be better, though.

  3. Hey Fran: WTG on sticking with that run!

    I do plan to list my food. I’ve never done that on my blog before but I want a record of it. I have no idea if I will lose weight in this first week. So far today, I’m not hungry enough to eat my snacks but I figure that’s okay, I’ll save them for the evening.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Fran, I am excited to see how you do on the challenge!

    That is news here in the US. The Holloway case was big news for a long time, so this development brings the issue back up again.

  5. Hi Nat,
    Wow, your dinner looks so good and I just happen to be hungry right now:) I am so excited that you are going to be starting your half marathon training! That was me in January….please be smarter than me and really train. My first half marathon was ugly:) Live and learn:)

    I am sorry to hear about your stomach issues…I am the queen of GI problems so I can feel for you! You are doing an awesome job…keep it up!

  6. I mean Fran! Yes, I am a dork at times:)

  7. I don’t have cable, so I don’t watch the news and I rarely read the paper. I don’t know either of those names.

    I love all the summer challenges going on! Woohoooo!

    Sorry to hear about your stomach. Have you been to the doc about it?

    The food looks great and congratulations on the compliment. It sure feels nice when someone notices your weight loss.

  8. I am watching right now about him. This is really big news here. I watch a show called Nancy Grace, she is a legal anaylst and looks at high profile legal issues. She was a former prosecuter in Atlanta.

  9. Hey, thanks for the shout-out! I just posted what my goals are for the 12 weeks on my blog (a big step for me as you know!) But I decided not to be specific about the numbers – I am going to do my best and be happy whatever I accomplish. Hopefully taking that pressure off of getting to a certain number will make me better able to follow through. Good for you for getting your run in, despite feeling crappy. Sometimes that is all that is required – just doing it. I am so glad we are going to be able to motivate each other this summer!

  10. You will do fabulous. I think having challenges is a great way to stay motivated.

  11. thank you so much for the card FRan, I included a note in today’s post. I love it!
    I will be back later to comment on your post, just running a little short on time this morning, must be the old age 😉

  12. onelittletrigirl

    Vander Sloot is all the news here. He killed that girl because he got away with killing Natalee. I went to Aruba, not long after she was killed, and I think how horrible it must have been for her. Too bad his Daddy won’t be able to get him off the hook this time! I hope he fries.

    Whew…in not so horrible news…

    YOU DO LOOK GREAT!!! You are going to have an awesome summer!

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